Addicted To Cruising - Memoirs of my life and times on cruise ships

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We take you to see amazing wildlife including whale sharks, Komodo dragons, manta rays, and thousands of species of fish and coral. It really is an experience like no other. Also try: Intrepid , G Adventures. Life on-board is friendly and relaxed, and activities are graded to suit all fitness levels, from easy strolls to active hikes, with kayaking, paddle-boarding and skiff rides provided.

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One of the few cargo-cruise experiences in the world, Aranui Cruises delivers cargo to the remote island communities of the Marquesas, while guests enjoy excursions including hikes and four-wheel drive tours. My next adventure cruise is to South America with Ponant Cruises , a company that offers an itinerary that covers the world, from the Amazon to the Arctic, and while I was attracted by the French cuisine, bilingual crew, and having my own balcony, the clincher was having the best stabilisers at sea. Assam Bengal Navigation is another great river cruise option, offering cruises along the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers and the Sundarbans, a habitat for tigers.

My most recent adventure cruise involved four airlines, eight flights, and enough time zone changes to put my head in a spin. So, if getting there is complicated, contact an adventure cruise specialist, such as Cruise Traveller , to organise your flights, transfers and accommodation, so the trip happens without a glitch. Adventure cruises vary enormously, ranging from relaxed to physically challenging, offering different comfort levels — from barefoot basic to luxurious — and staying in one region or travelling the world. Read our privacy policy here. Yes, I would like to receive marketing and communications from Escape.

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People love to cruise and many say it’s the best vacation ever, but why?

I was always reluctant to move up because I was afraid that more stripes would equate to less friends. I guess everything has it's pros and cons. All the best with your career and those stripes! Thank you so much for this Sharon. Lirerally every single word i could relate to.

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Its like i was hearing myself talking. You have it spot on I've been on land for a year now, and have managed to settled in Liverpool. But it was so so tough It's amazing how long it takes to adapt to life on land again. I guess we'll always miss the ships.

All the best with your "rehabilitation". I can relate to this, even though my situation is a bit different. I work abroad as an entertainer - on land, so that part is easier for me. But long days, not a lot of free time, trying to have energy left to make friends, stupid guests and everything: I know. Now it's my second winter at home, after two 8 months seasons as an entertainer. And I want to thank you for putting what I feel into words. My place is gone, and I am struggeling with it at the moment - waiting patiently for it to get better.

Reading your words made me feel better, so thanks for that!

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I'm sure there are a people in different careers you have similar experiences. Glad I could make you feel a bit better. It helps to know you're not alone. I loved reading this article. Happened to come across it on a friends facebook post. And working in the film industry at 75 to 90 hours a week for months at a time, I can relate. Sure there's more likely hood in film that you are working in the same city as you work in Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I have done a little bit of work in the film industry nothing close to your level , and I do see a lot of similarities between "crew life", whether it be ship crew or film crew.

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  4. My way out to was my baby girl. If you still have left something of being a human and not brinwashed zombei you still can get back on land. BUT the sea will call you always. Once you been get addicted you will never be the same. You just try to tell your brain what should be norma llife. This was fun to read! It took me almost 6. I've been off for almost six years now and the wandering life still calls me - I now dream of taking my small family abroad for a year or two, somehow. Thanks so much for your comment. I love it when ship relationships translate into something more permanent.

    That's rare. Congratulations to you and all the best with your family travel plans. As a very recent ex-ship crew member, your article "One More Contract and I'm Done" literally was my emotions and feelings put into words. Thank you for the validation! Finally got chance to read Amazing stuff. After long time. Thank you so much for describing this uncanny and unexplainable ship life. Post a Comment. November 20, An attempt to explain cruise ship employment addiction. The rest of us cruise ship veterans just smile at each other and shake our heads.

    We remember when we were young, naive, and new to ships, and we told ourselves the same lies. Being a crew member on a cruise ship is incredibly addictive. Well, some people hate it and never do a second contract.

    The Clothing

    For the rest of us, quitting ships is like trying to kick a drug habit. The first step towards recovery is admitting you have a problem. So, I will attempt to explain the addiction that has controlled my life since I first got hooked five years ago. Your first hit. You arrive on board all bright eyed and excited. Some recruiter lured you there with some really beautiful instagrams of good-looking crew members on a beach, but for the first few weeks all you ever seem to do is work and go to safety trainings.

    Then it starts to take hold. After a while though, you find your feet. The new, unusual and daunting parts of the job start to become more routine and mundane. You make friends. Somehow, despite yourself, you really start to enjoy yourself …while simultaneously still hating certain aspects of the job. The problem with vices like drugs and cruise ships is that they completely take over your life.

    There are no such things as weekends. Working close to 70 hours a week is just not sustainable, except somehow it is. All your working hours have to be recorded on a time sheet so you know just how tired you are. The guests are often under a misperception that you have time between cruises to recuperate. They're so cute like that! There is literally not enough time for you to get enough sleep, have friends, leave the ship occasionally, and do your job well or even two of the above and yet somehow we do. Yes, you get to see the world, but even though you look really happy in those pics, you never get to fully relax without watching the clock.

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    I know I am not alone in feeling this way. For people who have spouses or children back home probably the majority of cruise ship crew members , the feeling of being torn between these two worlds, land and sea, is so much harsher. It starts to take a toll. Your temper gets significantly shorter, being polite to rude guests becomes harder, and you start counting down the days to vacation.

    If you extend your contract or if your contracts are longer than six months, after this point it is not pretty. You start snapping at your friends. Any unexpected hiccups or extra duties require more energy than you have left. You hit the level of exhaustion that when you eventually climb into bed at night and you realise that you are drifting to sleep, you become so excited by this, that it actually wakes you up a little. Then, your sign-off date arrives, you hug your friends and colleagues-turned-family good-bye and you leave a piece of your heart behind. You find yourself simultaneously desperate and reluctant to see the end.

    Once you have woken up from your semi-coma you take a few days to sleep , you reconnect with your friends and family and eat all of the food you missed on the ship. You cherish the memories that you made, but you cannot fathom putting yourself through that ever again. You resolve that you will not return. You try to go cold turkey.