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Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include previous owner inscriptions. Bookseller Inventory GI3N Synopsis: If you follow only a third of Jean's advice, you'll have a successful book. Tarcher, Inc. Now, in the first guide to writing self-help and how-to books, Jean Stine offers an insider's view of this growing genre. Her easy-to-follow program takes you step-by-step through the complete writing process.

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Among the many editorial positions Stine has held in her 15 years as an editor and sometimes ghostwriter of self-help and how-to books is editor in chief at the esteemed self-help publisher Jeremy P. If an author's qualifications, as Stine says in her book, are of utmost importance for a book's credibility, she is supremely qualified to write such a book. Since "publishers," as Stine says here, "buy 90 percent of their books based on proposals," she addresses in detail every element of the book proposal, from overview "mak[e] your book sound like a must-have" and analysis of the competition to sample chapter and annotated table of contents.

Her insider information on everything from title creation--"the right title alone," she confides, "can make your book a success"--to the importance of including interactive elements such as checklists, quizzes, and exercises is invaluable. Still, for the beginning writer--and Stine seems to assume that the reader of this book is an expert in a field other than writing--there is surprising little, given the book's title, about the writing process itself. Book Description Wiley, Condition: Very Good.

Seller Inventory ZZ2. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Add to Basket. Condition: Good. A slight tan to page edges Good condition is defined as: a copy that has been read but remains in clean condition. All of the pages are intact and the cover is intact and the spine may show signs of wear. The book may have minor markings which are not specifically mentioned. Most items will be dispatched the same or the next working day.

Seller Inventory mon Book Description Paperback. The book has been read, but is in excellent condition. Pages are intact and not marred by notes or highlighting. The spine remains undamaged. Seller Inventory GOR The book has been read but remains in clean condition.

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All pages are intact and the cover is intact. Some minor wear to the spine. No names have been changed, no characters invented, no events fabricated. This book is memoir. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated. As he thanks those who read drafts of the book, he says:.

I have been corrected on some points, mostly of chronology. Also my mother claims that a dog I describe as ugly was actually quite handsome. But I have done my best to make it tell a truthful story. I know, I know…we would rather write books, rake in the cash, and sign autographs than worry about technical legal jargon. I get it. Here are some legal terms to keep you informed on your rights as a self-publisher and protect your works:. You can also check out this handy guideline for authors from Wiley on what needs permission vs.

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When in doubt, consult with legal counsel or take the time to research the material you are either protecting or planning to borrow from another source. The time invested could save you an embarrassing or costly situation down the road. Like this post? Sign up below for a FREE video course and learn how to go from blank page to bestseller in 90 days! Nowadays, with the massive expansion of self-publishing , it is more important than ever for authors, artists, and creatives putting their work out there to ensure that it is fully protected. Here is the golden rule when it comes to copyright laws: Never assume that anything is free!

Everything out there, including on the internet, has been created by someone. Here are common questions authors have about protecting themselves, their works, and others they may have quoted in their books:.

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Your book is legally copyrighted as soon as it is written. But, to scale up your legal rights and protect your material to the fullest extent, register your book with the Federal Copyright Office. On the chance someone does attempt to pirate your book or portions of it, registering with the US Copyright Office will give you greater leverage if it comes to action being taken.

What is fair use? A legal concept that allows the reproduction of copyrighted material for certain purposes without obtaining permission and without paying a fee or royalty. Purposes permitting the application of fair use generally include review, news reporting, teaching, or scholarly research. Stick to the facts and write about what is true based on your research. Stephen King often used song lyrics for his books including Christine and The Stand. He obtained permission for these works.

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This may offend the purist who feels that a song lyric belongs more to the writer than the singer. Basically, song lyrics fall under strict copyright even if it is just a single line used. Try to get permission if you use a song. Once you find the rights owner, you have to ask for permission through writing. Once the copyright on a book or material has expired, or the author has been dead for seventy years, the work enters into the public domain and you can use it without permission or licensing.

BUT this does vary from country to country. You can check the copyright office in the US here.

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Even with traditional publishing houses, the author is still responsible for the content written and used in the book. In fact, traditionally published authors usually have to sign a waiver that removes the publisher from any liability pertaining to the material the author used if the writer included that material without proper permission. But you can register your work with the US copyright office.

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This would preferably be at the top where it is easy to see, although many writers and bloggers include this at the bottom of every page. Most stock photos are copyrighted , even if they appear in search engines and we can easily download or copy them. If you grab a photo off the net and think you can slap it on a book cover or use it for free in your book, think again.

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