The Search for Justice

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The Search for Truth, Justice and Reconciliation

JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Law International, Foreign and Comparative Law. Provides a comprehensive and unparalleled human rights-based legal analysis of the statutory regime and practice of Gacaca Courts Provides an in-depth analysis as to how international law can provide guidance regarding transitional justice processes in post-genocide contexts Complements the rich legal analysis with field work based on the observation of Gacaca hearings and interviews with key actors of the transitional justice process in Rwanda to assess the contribution of Gacaca Courts to truth recovery, justice and reconciliation see more benefits.

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Buy eBook. Buy Hardcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Combining both legal and empirical research, this book explores the statutory aspects and practice of Gacaca Courts inkiko gacaca , the centrepiece of Rwanda's post-genocide transitional justice system, assessing their contribution to truth, justice and reconciliation.

Searching for Justice and Health

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PAGE 1. Promoting justice to society is part of the great mission of a lawyer. It acts to defend the rights and interests in or out of court. But the large volume of large law firms makes case management painful. Lawyers, who are considered the links between the citizen, his rights and the fulfillment of duties of the community from the point of view of the Judiciary, need solutions that facilitate their work.

JonBenet: Lou Smit’s Family Searches for Justice

Caring for the public patrimony, guaranteeing actions consistent with the laws are some of the missions of lawyers who work in municipal, state, federal and other public departments. Public advocacy still plays a key role in increasing the revenues of municipalities and states, ensuring that effective tax collection is transformed into projects that make a difference in the communities life. Process decisions can directly affect business directions and the financial health of organizations.

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Public prosecutors and defenders of the society, the Public Ministries are fundamental for a greater effectiveness in the exercise of citizenship. As in the courts of justice, the technology directed to the Public Ministries becomes a great ally in the execution of the daily tasks, bringing the citizen closer and contemplating the activities developed by the institution.


We are proud to support with technology those who guarantee the rights of society! To distribute justice. This is the increasingly challenging mission of the Courts, since we currently have more than 80 million lawsuits in Brazil.