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He took it from its resting place in a silver bucket of rattling ice cubes and began to pour with a less than steady hand into three waiting flutes. Rory drew a deep breath, grateful to have a distraction from those enticing breasts, and nearly sneezed as the Christmas tree scent hit him again. Drink up, drink up. You too Alfie—leave that disgusting beast alone. She ignored the insult with a slow closing of her deep-lagoon eyes.

This time she looked up at Rory. The smoky voice, unfettered breasts and candid eyes made him wonder if she was in on the plan. Did she know she was part of a hellish bargain? Was this her way of showing him she might be worth having? He watched as she straightened and walked across to take her champagne.

It was an easy graceful walk, but she kept her eyes cast down as though trying not to annoy her grandfather further. He sensed very little affection evident between them. So who? Rory nodded at that somewhat defensive comment. The old boy was quite a salesman, and seemed keen that his plotting bore fruit. It had a long birth, this one! I originally wrote the first few pages for a competition. It did well. There are always special early-morning reading sessions there - presided over by visiting international editors or agents.

By then I'd become pretty fed up with the trad publishing system and was doing my own thing. Getting there yet? At about the mid-point I decided to drastically change the plot and add a piece of New Zealand history that both my parents lived through - the catastrophic Hawkes Bay earthquake. It was my mother's first day of work - the shifting paving stones nipped the heel off her only pair of high-heeled shoes.

My grandfather was partly buried under his old brick engineering garage; Dad dug him out. All my family survived, but more than two hundred people didn't. The lasting legacy of this was the huge rebuild of the central area of the city of Napier. The art deco buildings are now world-famous, so this made a nice setting for the story.

Here's the wonderful Masonic Hotel that Rory booked into when he began his quest for Alfie. And where my parents spent their wedding night! You can see what goes on HERE. Wonderful old cars, twenties and thirties costumes and music, an expedition on a restored steam train Find me on Facebook. Copyright - krispearson. Designed by Kris. Skip to main content. Kris Pearson. Home About Blog Email Kris.

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Cowboy Wants Her Heart. Meet Rory and Alfie - the third of three hot couples from my Heartlands Series. Note from Kris: This is fiction, and I have deliberately distorted the geography a little so Glenleighton and nasty Grandpa don't quite exist! He was in no hurry. His boy? Rory burned at her cool rebuff. Angus cattle—the black ones. He studied her, knowing old Alfred Hamlin was studying him in turn. But we always celebrate with champagne at Glenleighton.

Another reserved nod. With the animals. Rory still a teenager in Texas. Younger Alfie and Westwind. The story behind the book It had a long birth, this one! And here are the sorts of buildings they passed on their shopping expedition. Sign up for Kris's news. Oh Kyle, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

You are the definition of a rough and tumble cowboy but, with a sweet side that gives me a toothache. I wanted nothing more than to curl up next to you and have you whisper those hot nasty words in my ear and some of that sweet stuff too. But, alas, you are in love with another and for that I can't fault you. Celia is your perfect match. She is the woman that will round up cattle, help you in the freezing cold until she can't feel her face an Oh Kyle, how do I love thee? She is the woman that will round up cattle, help you in the freezing cold until she can't feel her face and then rock your world until your core is molten.

I could never compete. I am a confessed lover of all things cowboy and boy o' boy this doesn't disapoint. Lorelei James weaves a great plot with plenty of tender moments mixed in with some damn hot sex scenes! I laughed a lot these two can fight like cats and I cried Kyle has a sweet side! Celia does too and I admit I did some squirming too. If you like a hot book with a great plot and plenty of hot cowboys mixed in, well this is your kinda book! Dig in. View all 10 comments. Aug 16, Kathleen rated it it was amazing. Once again Lorelei takes a simple story line and makes it such an interesting read that it just flows and keeps us reader's completely hooked.

The hero Kyle was a very sexy cowboy who had a very romantic streak that made this book sigh worthy. I also loved how the heroine Celia was there for Kyle to help him through a difficult time in his life and also to help him with learning the ropes of running a ranch. We also got to read about many of the other characters from the pervious book's in this series. When an author does that, it's a huge plus for me.

The wait is now on for the next installment of Blacktop series.

I wonder who the next story will be about and I look forwards to finding out what all the other characters in this series are up too. View all 7 comments.

One Night Rodeo

Aug 08, Niki rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star-winners , cowboy-hottie. Well, it's easy to tell you where this one falls. I love all the series by Lorelei James but there is just something about the Blacktop Cowboys that spoke to me on levels I can't explain. I love all the guys in it but Kyle has always been my soft spot in this series so to finally read his story and see sides of him we hadn't seen before was amazing.

Celia and Kyle were meant to be, there is no other way to put it and when Bernice told Celia what she remembered her momma sayin' "They fight because there's more between them than they understand at their age" I think I was as stunned as Celia, it was a really beautiful moment and something I think she needed to hear, even if she didn't realize it.

One Night with a Cowboy

This is by far one of the best stories I've read in a long time. View 2 comments. Shelves: all-time-favorites , alpha-male , can-t-keep-their-hands-off-each-oth , family-dysfunction , emotionally-satisfying , real-world-problems , unrequited-love-becomes-requited , buddy-read , mf , omg-i-loved-it. I'd have given it 5 if we has gotten to see the planned ending. I loved a lot about this book. That Kyle wasn't afraid to be vulnerable with Celia.

It didn't take away from him being an Alpha Male at all. How he apologized without prompting when he was an ass. That Kyle adored and respected Celia in the best possible way. I loved that Celia never made Kyle fell "less than" for not knowing how to be a cattleman. I love that she exploded sexually with him because she trusted him so much 4.

I love that she exploded sexually with him because she trusted him so much. She blossomed in so many ways with Kyle giving her the trust she so desperately seemed. I loved that she wanted the best for him. I'm a sucker for marriage farce blooms into love and this was one of the best ones because the couple knew each other their whole lives. Their love blossomed in a beautiful way. I just adored it. The author wasn't afraid to put the character in a mood or make a mistake, which was refreshing. Recommended read. NSFW pic. Kyle and Celia View all 3 comments. Oct 10, Splage rated it it was amazing Shelves: alpha , cowboys-ranching-farming , read.

This was much sweeter and calmer than some of the past stories I have read from author Lorelei James, yet still spectacular with sex scenes that burn your retinas. The characters just seemed so normal, they worked together to build a future and run a ranch and it was hard work both in physical labor and developing their intense feeling for each other. If you like the series, you won't be disappointed. We are not going to Wyoming. We are marching down to that wedding chapel right now, telling them it was a mistake, and getting an annulment. I had a fucking head injury yesterday! You cannot believe for one second I was in my right mind when I agreed to marry you!

With little hearts by our names, if memory serves. So some part of you wanted to Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads Celia stared at Kyle lounging on the bed, admiring his wedding ring. So some part of you wanted to marry me, Celia. He was wrong. Completely, totally, utterly wrong wrong wrong. One drunken night in Vegas with a wedding chapel — Kyle and Celia start out on a crazy foot getting married in Vegas. These two longtime friends have known each other since they were children, picking fights and terrorizing each other from the start. Kyle has had stronger feelings for Celia for the past few years, but was never able to get up the nerve to act on them.

From the start, I loved this couple. These two clicked from their scenes working on the ranch to the steaminess in the bedroom. They were able to give each other things that no one else had before. For Kyle, he gave Celia the chance to come out of her shell and he gave her a sense of home. Sexy, sexy, sexy, Lorelei James always brings out the sexiness in her characters. Kyle and Celia christen every room inside and outside of their house in hot, crazy ways. A guy who says and does the sweetest things to and for the woman he loves always gets to me. He had me sighing along with Celia after some of the things he told her; a very lovable hero that was easy to like and enjoy.

Celia covers up hurt and her feelings very well. I also enjoyed seeing her expertise when it came to running their farm. She might have been a shy girl, but I liked the woman she was on page, sassy, smart and a great match for Kyle. I overall really enjoyed this story. My only small issue is with the ending. It feels like it ends a bit abruptly and I wanted some more Kyle and Celia goodness to finish their story.

Aside from that, Kyle and Celia have a love story that is completely enjoyable, so sexy and a little dirty and I loved going along for the ride. Aug 15, Carisa rated it liked it Shelves: g-contemp , hero-type-performer , t-modern-cowboy. This was a nice read, well written, but average. It also had one of my pet peeves -when the conflict arises because the hero or heroine assumes the worst before it happens and acts on it instead of communicating. Nov 13, Jenn Scranton rated it liked it. View all 5 comments. Jun 15, Nat rated it it was ok.

I was not not sure what to expect when I picked this book up at a local book store, but this? We've been given glimpse of both Kyle and Celia through out the previous books so high expectation were granted, but none were meet. James didn't take advantage. I wanted angst, emotions and laughter, what I got instead were pages and pages of detailed sex and little to no emotional connection to either I was not not sure what to expect when I picked this book up at a local book store, but this?

I wanted angst, emotions and laughter, what I got instead were pages and pages of detailed sex and little to no emotional connection to either characters. We've given a couple who had a drunken Vegas wedding, who admitted to loving the other early on during the book but refuses to tell the other so and we all know how story like this drag on and on. I became extremely bored way half through this book, why?

Because this story lack a backbone, there was really nothing to this story but two people who refuses to tell the other person "I love you" but jump at the chance to have sex at every corner. I swear there must have been pages of sex between these two people every other chapter. And when we're not reading about them having sex? We're given detailed working of how to run a cattle farm. I forced myself to finish this book with plenty of skipping through the sexin because I wanted to finally see them say "I love you" so it didn't feel like I wasted my time and money on a book about sex and pregnant heifers.

Jun 09, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , hot-and-steamy. I can't wait for Kyle's story. I kind of expected more out of Kyle. I love how sweet and kind he turned out to be. I do like the plot of this one. Kyle and Celia aren't too shabby as well. I could do less of them and more Kyle and Celia.

This review was posted at Under the Covers I have two confessions to make. I guess that had a lot to do with the fact that I saw him as the bad boy in the series. Rough, raw and dirty. And second, I think I may have had a crush on Celia Lawson for almost as long. She's the type of heroine I love to read about! Of course I've wanted them to have a book since the ending of book one and now here they are. I think I may say this every time after I finish a book in this series but, this is my favorite book in the Blacktop Cowboys series so far It wasn't what I expected at all in a way, and it exceeded all my expectations!

I don't really want to ruin the book for you and tell you what happens by doing a recap of the story. I was in for lots of surprises and enjoyed every single one of them. So just let me tell you that I saw a whole new side of Kyle that was sweet and vulnerable and made me want to cuddle up to him and hug him, not just jump his bones until he begged me to stop. Yes, he's still hard ass Kyle, rough and dirty Kyle and very alpha Kyle. But he also showed he can be romantic, a protector, a rock to lean on, understanding, comforting, vulnerable, and hurt.

I had no idea everything he had to go through in his life and for him to be the man he is today after having that in his past, still being positive and a good person The path that he had to take in this book was both easy and hard at the same time. One day he had nothing and the next he had everything he'd ever wanted. And sometimes, that's not easy to deal with either. People will still make mistakes and things can't be perfect. But enough about Kyle Celia was also not what I expected. Yeah she's a tough chick but she's not what she always shows others.

She's had issues with her relationship with her brothers that she never brought up before, she's insecure about her looks although she tries to portray an air of confidence. She can be easily hurt and then she holds it in. I think Kyle was the perfect man to love her from the inside out and the outside in. He loves everything about her and is not afraid to show her. And Celia does the same for him.

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They are truly the perfect complement to each other. That doesn't mean they are perfect as individuals but that makes them so much better. Favorite Quotes: "Oh yes, little wifey mine, we'll be having sex. Lots and lots of sex. Sweet sex, raunchy sex, shower sex, sex on the floor, sex against the wall, sex in bed, sex in the truck, sex in the barn, sex on the tractor, and sex on this table.

Her silver eyes went wide. I like sex. A lot of sex. Morning, noon and night. Aug 07, The BookChick rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , erotic-romance-or-erotic-elements , 4-star-read , cowboys. My Thoughts: This book in three words: Steamy Kyle and Celia were such compelling protagonists. It was a delight reading the interaction between them.

They first had a love-hate relationship The transition between the three stages was humorous and sweet and never failed to keep my attention. Both Kyle and Celia struggled with a bit of people consciousness in that they were constantly aware or thought they were aware of what other people thought about them But Celia, the normal spitfire, was so genuine in her support of Kyle as he learned the ropes as a rancher.

And Kyle was so sweet in loving Celia as a woman should be loved. I loved it story and would definitely recommend it to others and read it again. Reading Time: approximate: 8. Aug 09, P. Lupton rated it it was amazing. Loralei James has done it again. One Night Rodeo was awesome! Kyle is my favorite Blacktop Cowboy so far: Sexy and rugged blended perfectly with sweet and romantic.

He had me almost wishing h Loralei James has done it again. She opened her mouth—no doubt with a retort of her own—but he cut her off. Matt knew it had been tough for Larissa to walk away from the animals, but her mother—a frustrated artist out of her element on a sheep ranch—had wrested a promise from Larissa before she died. Happy-hour antics at a cowboy bar were as raucous as other bars after midnight, given the hours that ranchers were forced to keep.

He wondered if Larissa remembered that. Starting my career over again. He shook his head. For a moment, he let himself remember that night. But Larissa had been special. In the short span of two years, Larissa not only lost her mother, but her home and—in a way—her father, too. Not that he was surprised. Callie peered down at her shirt.

She dumped you, not me. Larissa, at least, looked embarrassed even if Callie had zero shame about revealing his crappy dating history to the world. He worried Callie had rushed to the altar to escape the emptiness of the Briggs Ranch house since their father died in a tractor accident last fall. His sister unwound herself from Larissa and rushed away toward the back room where a few of her friends were gathered in the doorway to wave her back inside. Did you know that Second Chance Cowboy and many titles are available digitally from Tule's own bookstore?

Check it out! Road to Romance , Book 2.