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Activities are intended for whole family participation, and Manjushri KMC is unable to provide child care facilities.

Family break weekend - Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre

If you would like more information, or to discuss further, please contact our reception team info manjushri. Practical Info The programme of activities is ideally suited for children aged 6 — 12 years, priority for this popular event will be given to families with children within this age group.

Onsite accommodation options are only available for those booking for the whole weekend. Booking details coming soon. Cashing in final salary pensions is generally viewed as extremely unwise or, at best, a decision to be taken only after considerable thought and advice. They would need to be over age 55 to make withdrawals, although the transfer could take place at an earlier age. Helping family members, or moving home to be nearer them, are just two reasons where it might suit someone to sacrifice the certainty of a future income for life for the benefit of cash upfront.

Beware of the tax implications of drawing large sums out of your pension. After your 25pc tax-free element, withdrawals are taxed as income. Alan Higham, a pensions expert and founder of pensionschamp. Final salary-type pensions often have generous benefits for spouses — such as a half-pension for your surviving wife or husband — and life insurance. If you have no dependants your final salary arrangements are arguably less valuable.

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If you are very ill, like Mr Michie see main story , you could qualify to take the entire transfer value tax free. This is a hard one. If your promised pension is far higher than this, you may want to consider a transfer.

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Work out how much income you may receive from your personal pensions with our handy retirement calculator. For more information about your retirement options or to request a free guide call The spiritual gurus of Hinduism play many roles in society and serve many purposes. They act as spiritual advisers, counselors, teachers, astrologers, therapists, leaders, protectors, guardians, exorcists, messengers, healers, reformers and upholders of Dharma. Hindu gurus come from both genders and all classes of society. Some may be even illiterate but possess the knowledge of the Self.

Through their teachings and character, Hindu gurus exert a lot of influence upon society, serving as role models, experts in secret doctrines and esoteric knowledge.

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They are looked upon with respect and faith as the final authority on virtuous conduct and on the finer aspects of liberation theology. In spiritual matters, they provide their followers with knowledge as well guidance and inspiration for liberation. Apart from parents, in the past the gurus had been the main source of spiritual knowledge to people since only they possessed the secret knowledge of the Vedas and other scriptures. Students used to spend decades in their homes gurukulas to acquire the basic knowledge of the scriptures and spiritual wisdom.

Today, much of that knowledge is in public domain, and one can get it from many sources.

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Therefore, as far as basic knowledge is concerned, our reliance upon gurus has become redundant. Another important recent development is that many gurus are public figures. In the past, they used to live in remote places, and even forests. Now, they live in society and their lives are as open for public scrutiny as those of celebrities, politicians and popular figures. Their teachings are also publicly available through many sources and mediums. Hence, without visiting them or following them, one can know a lot about them, their personalities, private conduct, teachings, scandals, controversies and other activities.

The question is, when you have so much information freely available about the religion and spirituality, whether you still need a spiritual guru. The answer to it depends upon your personal choice and temperament.

If you are self-reliant and disciplined and think for yourself and if you are still in exploratory phase, you may not require a guru, but if you cannot practice discipline on your own or cannot rely upon your own judgment and discretion, you may need one to guide you, goad you or approve you.

A guru is not a mere substitute for books or scriptural knowledge, just as having little knowledge of few diseases does not preclude the need for a doctor. A guru is an adept, who imparts skillful knowledge, which is different from the one you find in the books. It has the power to cleanse you and transform you. It is like the waters of the River Ganga, which flows upon earth from the head of Lord Shiva, the universal Teacher, and purifies, enlightens and liberates.

Books may increase your interest and curiosity in spiritual matters, but spiritual practice needs a lot of motivation, genuine effort and sincerity. Sometimes a guru can push you into that mode and force you to open your eyes. He can also help you minimize your mistakes and dangers on the path. He may help you know where you are on the path, and whether you are progressing in the right direction. Every spiritual aspirant who is striving for liberation needs a guru as his or her charioteer in the battlefield of spiritual life. A guru is comparable to the sun.

He spreads the light of liberation.

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Anyone who comes into his presence can benefit from it. Wordily people and lay followers can also benefit from him by seeking his company, even if their intentions are impure. Just as in a satsang meeting of the truthful , they can spend time in his presence to recharge their minds and bodies, regain their balance, gain confidence or feel reassured and good about themselves. People approach a spiritual guru for various reasons. They may do so out of curiosity, depression or boredom. They may also seek them to learn, find a mentor, seek guidance and blessings, fulfill worldly desires, cure some disease, feel important, find a purpose, practice spirituality, gain knowledge or achieve liberation.

Some may do it just because their friends, neighbors or a large number of people are following a popular guru and want to join the crowd to feel inspired, accepted or approved. If you are seeking a guru for any of these reasons, except liberation, your need for a Guru may not be that serious.

The Dalai Lama: The Spiritual CEO Of Happiness Says He Might be Back As A Woman

If you are serious about it, you must let a guru manifest in your life rather than forcing yourself upon him. One of the popular beliefs of Hinduism is that a guru and his disciples are made for each other. If you are genuinely driven by an aspiration to achieve liberation, one of the following two will happen.

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