Secret Tales of the American Wealthy

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Secret Tales of the American Wealthy. Bill Flynn.

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Secret Tales of the American Wealthy is a fictional story about how an extremely wealthy gentleman finds an author to write a book about the elite society of which he is a member. The explanations, stories and descriptions about the wealthy are supplied to the author in the form of voice tapes, notes and a trusted relative named, Paul.

The elderly gentleman wishes to remain anonymous and directs the author to honor his wishes. His tales include secret societies within the United States, a hidden mountain vault filled with wealth, an underwater city located in the Gulf of Mexico, a adventurous young girl who wants freedom from her parents controlling ways, inside glances of how the wealthy control oil, possible doom of the American Wealthy and many more related themes.

The introduction involves how this man of power and wealth finds his author. Open Q. Solution D. Clear F ; pick up note and Evidence. Move to Dining Room. Move to Corridor. Walk left. Move to Castle Hall. Solution T. Solution V : Speak W ; receive Evidence. Inspect X. Solution I. Open M. Move to Library. Move to Tower. Inspect D. Solution E. Take ROD I. Solution M. Flip O. Solution H. Solution L. Pick up LION.

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