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Run a Large Portfolio of Buildings With the Same Ease as You Hail a Ride

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A Look at Riptide’s Technology Stack:

What is a "riptide? Rapid changes in technology are setting the stage for massive disruption. Interested in getting the latest updates on content management and digital transformation? What does a Digital Riptide look like? That means you and your business are facing at least one hundred times the competitive threat.

Digital Disruption accelerates competing ideas even as it facilitates the entry of a previously impossible number and magnitude of ideas.

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It takes a native new digital approach to facilites management. Our team has spent decades in building automation, but are technologists at heart. While we want Riptide user experience to be simple, we engineer complex systems behind it to be reliable, handle interactions of vastly different equipment, and manage massive amounts of sensor data securely.

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Our technology stack creates an end-to-end platform to deliver building optimization regardless of what equipment you have. With the diversity of systems, equipment, devices, and vintages, support for different protocols is a necessity. Our edge software runs on an embedded appliance, and can perform local processing, data logging, control and more.

Riptide - Vance Joy (Ukulele Lesson)

Cloud computing is the dominant platform for growing internet companies because you can programmatically scale up computing power instantly. So instead of using computing power of a single server, you can run across a fleet of servers in a data center. We run our stack on Google Cloud, and can create private clouds for very large customers.

Data is discarded, what you trend is limited, and storage of data requires adding more hardware.

Going Global: The Reverse Riptide Of Tech Talent

We use noSQL Cassandra database as our real-time data management platform. The Innovation Riptide e-book explores innovation and creative contributions played out in the context of the human mind, our connection with nature and our ability to survive and adapt within different environments.

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The Innovation Suite of applications accompanies the Innovation Riptide e-book publication. Each application allows the reader to further explore the new concepts and original techniques revealed within the e-book text.

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  • Inspiration is relative to the reader. If you are taking a business trip, a long journey or you just want to go to a different place in the comfort of your own mind, take Innovation Riptide along with you.

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