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Luis Royo was born in in Olalla, a small village in Teruel, Spain. As a child, he moved to Zaragoza where he studied technical design, painting, and interior design. By he began painting, exposing his art to new forum. In he became a comic artist and soon triumphed internationally. Samples of his work appeared in some of the most important magazines of the time and were later compiled into the following books: Luis Royo Rambla, and Desfase Ikusager, In he moved onto illustrations, were he produced his greatest achievements. He achieves this success with the help of Norma, his publisher and editor that distributes his work to the entire world.

Along with these titles, six collectors cards series were released, five collectors portfolios, posters, and a tarot card set called The Black Tarot. With such a wide range of products, Royo has become an authentic cultural phenomenon. His books have gone through numerous editions and have been translated into French, English, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese.

Magazines like Stampa, Airbrush-Action, and Penthouse have dedicated entire articles to him. Festivals, art galleries, and specialty stores continuously organize expositions honoring his work.

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The success of Royo is due largely to the originality of his work, which has broken through traditional barriers and revolutionized the world of illustration. He has a keen interest in fantasy themes, though he experiments with other themes like the western, historic epics, and romance. Setting aside his themes, his innovative style breathes power while radiating a fragile, almost mystic transparency. His use of color, from the most saturated gamma to the most despoiled gray is contrasted with an intense touch of chrome, creating an aura of fascination that invites us to enter his world.

When reviewing his work chronologically, one can see a refinement in his style and the reinforcement of his theme, as each composition becomes even more poetic and graceful. The apparent simplicity of his drawings is deceptive, allowing for a complex plot and a range of artistic options. His permanence on the front lines in the world of illustration and his increasing success is the result of his constant, subtle, and effective experimentation. Whatever the theme, his characters waltz effortlessly between epic and erotic. As Royo knows all too well, when the dark ghost of death looms over the hero, the suggestion of sex becomes more intense.

When studying his characters, one notices that he places the subject on the border of tragedy, where they can shine more brilliantly. Their frozen position anticipates a destiny as attractive as it is cruel. Clutching their weapon, they await the next attack. Their intensity and the tautness of their muscles make them even more beautiful and dramatic. In the blink of an eye they can disappear, having been devoured by the danger that encircles them. He portrays that penultimate moment, when the inner soul of the hero is revealed.

A retrospective look at my work is a good place to try and explain the why and how behind my images. If someone has taken on the challenge of depicting dreams and fantasies, they should be able to shed some light on the subject. Elt was a gray and gloomy country with long winters, sad faces, empty stomachs and weather-beaten coats, all the disheartening signs of a post war period. A small boy and his family were living on the ground floor of an old house in the heart of the city.

It was hot and humid, with just one window that overlooked a small courtyard. A place which now, as an adult, he can barely recall a single image of. On his seventh birthday, his family moved to a new neighborhood. It was a tiny place, barely more than cubic feet, but there was one hidden gem, a window with a panoramic view of the entire city.

At that moment, his eyes were lost in the horizon and he became conscious of his own existence. It was a wonderful day, but the night punished him with memories that struck him like arrows, of the windows that overlooked the schoolyard he left behind. For the boy in the window she was a goddess. He spent hour after hour with his friends, their faces pressed against the glass tracing out images. Never had he felt so happy. Each time his fingers moved across the blank page, he watched his pencil give birth to figure after figure.

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He remembered that every morning before he went to school his mother would give him candy to stop him from crying, which he would then secretly give to his teacher. If he could, he would give the whole world to the goddess who could make him happy.

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Years passed with his eyes transfixed on the urban horizon. His eyes fluttered over thousands of darkened city windows, inspiring him to create people and imaginary worlds for each point of darkness. Soon came adolescence when all the teenagers would get together on Saturday nights, listening to music until their heads exploded.

On one of those nights, as the old nightclub began to empty, he sat in the corner, his eyes bloodshot from alcohol. The walls and multicolored lights of the dance floor framed a new window that awakened his dormant desires. In the center of that window was a girl, no more than sixteen, dancing to the rhythm of the music.

With each movement her very short dress revealed a trace of her white panties. Once again, his world was crushed by the opening of a new window, framed by a dazzling array of psychedelic lights. After many months of persistence, there came the glorious day when he finally won over the girl with the white panties. Together they moved in and out of tiny windowless lofts, but through it all there remained the constant desire to fill blank paper and canvas with hundreds of drawings and paintings.

In time a little baby came and they had to move into a small apartment on the outskirts of the city. The window in the new apartment brought back the gray, bleak world of his youth. The horizon was cluttered with the silhouettes of factories and plumes of smoke rising from chimneys. In his new home, he placed a large canvas and drew guidelines on the glass, just like when he was a child, tracing and painting the sad city in gray.

The two of them spent many years in the room with three windows: that of the real which overlooked the smoke stacks and the factories, that of fantasy which he found on a blank page, and that which appeared on the dark surface of the chalkboard, where the powerful imagination of a young boy could emerge. The drawings and paintings began to fill all the drawers and the piles of canvas grew so tall, there was less and less space left in that apartment. One day, those drawings and paintings began to bring money to the family and allowed them to move to a new place. It was close to the beach and allowed him to see the sky kiss the sea, but his eyes lost their ability to comprehend the vast distance.

I'll cherish it on my tablet and look forward for more Nov 03, Tony Laplume rated it really liked it. Breathtaking in strides, an evocative version of the heroic journey steeped in tragedy. May 15, Pablo Padilla rated it it was amazing. I've been following their work for some time now, for they deliver an awesome, epic-scope adventure in both English and in Spanish.

In this particular piece, you will find Charro's amazing ability to draw and transmit emotions through art; whereas Vilches exposes a beautiful story. Enjoy it in your Kindle Fire, iPad, or wherever you might find it comforting. Jul 20, Devon rated it really liked it Shelves: comixology. This is a beautifully illustrated heroic fantasy story. The art is absolutely stunning, and I spent a long time flipping through, examining the illustrations, after I finished reading.

The story itself is in the vein of Conan the Barbarian and other heroic fantasy, and while it is beholden to that genre in many ways, there are important ways it departs, especially in the world-building. I felt the art really meshed with the storytelling, and the world-building was interesting. The addition of th This is a beautifully illustrated heroic fantasy story. The addition of the artbook, which had sketches and some process work from the artists, was amazing, too.

Vilches or just Vilches, as he is known. He also sign as Hatter too. In early literary vocation, he is the author of several books of poetry published in different media in a fragmented way. He begins Drama studies, flirts with theater and radio before being carried away by his vocation as an historian and teacher, he finally graduates in History. Although he has won some awards and published some tales, his literary efforts have focused for over a decade in building the world of the Flower of Jade, an epic pentalogy with his first two volumes in the national market with great success of critique.

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A year later "The Circle Opens" appears as the second volume of the Saga. During this process he moves to Madrid, where he is now linving. There, he met Javier Charro, the illustrator who makes the covers of his first two books, and they become great friends. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Tabletop Simulator. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins.

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Fantasy Setups. Each player controls one or more heroes — legendary characters brought back to life by powerful sorcery. Weakened by the resurrection, they grow stronger during their story-driven quests. By acquiring soul points during battles, the heroes' souls regenerate, restoring their legendary status with multiple powers, magic and soul weapons, and powerful artifacts.