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Each stage — Substitution, Augmentation, Modification and Redefinition — is indicative of higher levels of learner engagement. Use of technology at the Modification or Redefinition level is viewed as a transformation in practice.

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At the Substitution and Augmentation levels technology use represents an enhancement but with little or no function change in practice. There are of course limitations in these frameworks and indeed in many other educational taxonomies.

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They represent however useful tools to conceptualise new activities or reconceptualise existing approaches. They prompt us to think about the impact of technology adoption, our own digital capabilities and those of our learners, and the nature of the engagement that the use of technology might facilitate.

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There is growing body of research in this area. What is different about online interaction? In the planning of online activities consideration of the nature of the interaction you seek is key. It is:. Technology Enhanced Learning offers specialist guidance and consultancy to colleagues at the University of Sussex on how to effectively integrate technology into teaching.

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We can help with the design of individual activities at the modular level or offer input into the development of curricula for new courses. Practice translation tasks into English and into French.

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