Adelgazar y para Siempre (Spanish Edition)

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In addition, the recipes are truly easy and tasty to the very sensitive palate of those who want to lose weight. The message of the book is that you can enjoy food even while losing weight. The book offers us a method to lose weight with very appetizing dishes that are easy to prepare; not your usual lettuce with chicken breast or boiled Swiss chard that not only makes you drop your diet very quickly, but also often produces an imbalance in our diet due to a nutritional disproportion.

Cuerpazo para siempre (Spanish Original)

What is essential to understand is that there are no miracles and when you want to lose weight, the most important thing is to learn how to eat well. It is a change of habits that has to be maintained for life if we do not want to regain the weight. This method emphasizes planning and proposes a diet lasting approximately one and a half months. Maybe I see it a little too full of protein at the beginning, but it holds true that if you lose some weight in the first few weeks, psychologically speaking one is encouraged to keep on going and lose more; once the desired weight has been reached, we can set some nutritional guidelines to keep our weight steady.

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This last stage of maintenance is the most complicated to keep alive over time; if we rebound to our previous eating habits, we literally throw all our efforts overboard. In the end, it introduces all food groups, but always bear in mind that this is a lifelong change. Depending on the food group, we can consume it more or less often every week. The diet is planned in a way that it includes many different food groups, although in moderation. It might be a little complicated if you have little knowledge of nutrition to organize these recipes, but as there are several examples categorized by color, solving the problem.

For those who do not want to meticulously plan what to eat, just follow the example and be ready to start losing pounds. Very educational, with the colors organized according to the stage of the diet we are currently in. In the book we find numerous tricks to improve the recipes, as well as educational content presented in a very didactic way, ensuring that it can be understood by anyone without any need of technical nutritional knowledge. The recipe that we present to you today is an alternative to cold cuts, that burden us with calories and fat. It is prepared with salt in the oven, similar to gilthead so that the addition of fats and carbohydrates is zero.

The salt lets the turkey breast, or in our case the chicken, preserve the liquids making it very juicy. It is ideal for a snack between meals or even as a main course with yogurt sauce, which the author proposes and which will be our next recipe.

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A very simple recipe and surprisingly pleasant to the palate. The only thing that I would change about this recipe is the amount of chicken breasts needed. It calls for chicken breasts, which is obviously excessive for 4 people.

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