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Instead of conventional zodiac disembarkation on the side of the ship, the G Expedition sports a purpose built, heated mudroom in the back of the ship. When you board the ship, you are assigned a number that corresponds with your spot in the mudroom. It is in this place that you store your mud boots, parkas, lifejackets and any wet outer clothing that you use while ashore. No need to track mud through the boat or to fill your room up with wet, dirty outdoor gear.

The rinse sinks, hoses and bristle brushes aid in clearing the mud from things while the heated environment dries your outerwear while keeping the humidity out of the air system of the ship. One of the things that really stood out to me was the team of people that are responsible for the running of the G Expedition. Unlike other ships we have sailed on, the crew on this ship has been with the ship for a very long time. They know the ins and outs of not only the ship, but the destinations that it sails to as well.

From Antarctica to the Arctic, this crew stays with the ship.

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The expedition leaders have decades of combined experience and are a huge resource of knowledge during any of the trips. They are not only dedicated expedition leaders, but several of them are also highly trained scientists, offering an in depth look at everything that surrounds you on a Norway fjords cruise. We found ourselves having deep discussions and learning way more about the destination than we had expected nor imagined prior to our trip.

That alone is something that took this experience to the next level for us. It is a whole other to actively involve the people that travel with your company and the G Expedition staff do a fabulous job at getting everyone involved. With environmental consciousness as the undertone of the trip, the crew not only teaches people about the importance of acknowledging the issues our planet faces, but incentivizes the guests to help do their part.

Particularly with plastic, the crew never leaves a port without collecting large amounts of plastic to be recycled.

Oslo and the Oslofjord - Rough Guides | Rough Guides

As a guest, assisting in plastic clean up while you are out adventuring earns you drink tickets and nothing says a job well done like sipping a glass of wine and watching the beauty of Norway cruise by. We certainly will never forget our time spent cruising in Norway.

If you want to book with Allianz Travel Insurance, simply use this link to get their travel insurance! As always. This post contains affiliate links, meaning we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. First of all, I have already shared this on Pinterest! Great blog post! I have to say this was such a surprise reading. Not because of the tourists, but what it does with the environment in the fjords.

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I was very happy to read about: No Single Use Plastic Onboard and the responsibility they take with cleaning plastic when they can. This was great, thank you! Love to hear this! Yes, small expedition ships are the way to go. G Adventures does a great job of helping to reduce impact and clean up in the areas that they visit.

We loved Norway btw!

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Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, and things are priced there accordingly. While the value of the krone fluctuates, in general, most visitors find that they pay more for services including hotels, dining out, and nightlife than they do in other parts of Europe. Plan your expenses and travel budget ahead of time to make sure you can reasonably afford your intended trip.

Camping and staying in hostels or home shares can reduce hotel costs. Visiting local markets, bakeries, and cafes can help keep dining costs down, too. Pack for the climates you plan to visit. Since Norway is such a long country, climates between cities can vary greatly. Look into the forecast for the places you plan to visit and pack accordingly. Be prepared to bring more if you plan on visiting multiple destinations in different climate regions. The southwest coast has a milder climate that has similar weather to London or Amsterdam.

In general, areas above the Arctic Circle will be colder. Weather in Norway will also vary greatly between seasons. Warm clothes will be necessary for the winter, but t-shirts, dresses, and skirts may be appropriate for certain areas in the summer. Exchange your cash for Norwegian krone. Before you get to Norway or immediately upon your arrival, you want to make sure you have at least some money in the local currency. You can exchange your own cash for krone at currency exchanges in most airports, train stations, and ferry terminals. It is advisable to have at least NOK with you when you get to Norway.

Use your bank card to withdraw krone from an ATM. If you don't want to exchange cash directly, you can also use your bank card to get krone from an ATM. Check with your bank in advance, though, as some may charge a nominal fee for international transactions.

CRAZY Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway + FAIRYTALE Alesund City!

Look at Norwegian banks online, too, to make sure they will accept your brand of bank card. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Edit Related wikiHows.

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