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Master-Slave Relationships

It may the responsibility of a company ballet master or ballet mistress to set or stage ballets as well. They will usually prepare ahead of time and learn a section of choreography with the goal of teaching it to the group of dancers called to the rehearsal. During rehearsals with a new choreographer and piece, they are often in charge of notating the steps in a notebook as they are demonstrated by the choreographer.

Since a choreographer sometimes only available for a couple days or weeks depending on the size of the piece , it is sometimes left up to the ballet master or mistress to record the step for every count and musical cue. Ballet masters and mistresses are almost always former professional ballet dancers themselves, though their personal accomplishments and accolades from their performing career vary.

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One ballet mistress may have been a principal dancer in a large company, while the next only danced for a few years before deciding to teach full-time at an academy and eventually worked up to the position. It is a very difficult position to obtain in a company because of how few positions there are around the world.

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Make sure staff are aware of fire prevention measures. Take responsibility for lifelong learning and continuous professional development. Engage in learning to support and update professional competence. Identify priority areas for professional development based on reflection about own practice and through contact with peers and stakeholders.

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Prepare and operate stage effects, preset and changeover the props during rehearsals and live performances. Take the necessary precautions while providing temporary power distribution for performance and art facility purposes under supervision.

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Apply the safety rules according to training and instruction and based on a solid understanding of the prevention measures and risks to your own personal health and safety. Make use of protection equipment according to training, instruction and manuals. Inspect the equipment and use it consistently.

Cooperate with the artistic team in order to facilitate the transition from the creative vision and its artistic concepts to a technical design. Correct settings or positions for your working instruments and adjust them before starting operations.

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