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His first single to crack the top 10, it peaked at No. Flack felt this wasn't what the definitive version could be and believed she could add something of her own. The song was written in and recorded by many artists over the decades, including Al Jolson and Jaye P.

Presley's version was a follow-up to another ballad, "It's Now or Never. NEXT: Nos. Songs are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. Due to changes in chart methodology over the Hot 's 55 years i. The single was No. Among No. The song was just a skeleton of an idea and was intended for rapper Rakim when Blige heard it and decided she wanted to write something to it.

Blige didn't usually look at the Billboard charts, but when the song was No. Manager Fachtna O'Ceallaigh suggested O'Connor cover this song, written by Prince and first recorded by the Family, a group formed by ex-members of the Time. To make sure he was pronouncing the old Jamaican chant, "Tom bo li de say di moi ya, yeah jumbo jumbo" correctly, Richie called his wife's Jamaican gynecologist, who replied, "I'm right in the middle of an appointment, can we talk later?

Lead singer and rhythm guitarist Doug Fieger fell in love with a girl named Sharona and wrote a song about teenage sexual frustration that he married to a lick composed by guitarist Berton Averre. Bob Parissi and his band wanted to play rock music but it was the disco era and all their bookings were in dance clubs.

A backstage discussion about how to handle this dilemma led drummer Ron Beitle to tell Parissi, "Play that funky music, white boy," and Parissi grabbed a bar order pad and wrote down those words. Mick Jagger sings backing vocals, but that doesn't mean the song is about him. Simon has ruled out former hubby James Taylor but has never publicly revealed who the subject is. She did tell her brother Peter, "I had three or four different people in mind…but the examples of what they did was a fantasy.

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Recorded in one take, "Billie Jean" was the first of Jackson's two No. Its seven-week reign is Jackson's longest run at the top of the Hot tied with 's "Black or White". Coolio and L. Once he heard it, he thought it was incredible. She was the reigning queen of disco, but Summer wanted to record a rock song. It was the first single from her double-LP "Bad Girls. The sixth of her 18 Hot entries and the first to rise higher than No. Her highest-ranked single at No. Gladys Knight and the Pips took the song to No. Gaye's version hit No. He wasn't the first Motown artist to record "Grapevine.

Billboard's review of the single correctly predicted: "Mars has created a feel-good jam that should establish him as a solo contender in his own right. B's No. Don Kirshner, music supervisor of Filmation's Saturday morning animated "The Archies," asked Jeff Barry to produce songs for the show by a group of studio musicians fronted by vocalist Ron Dante with an assist from Toni Wine. When Ross heard the tracks produced by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, she felt like a guest vocalist on a Chic recording rather than the star of her own album.

She insisted on a remix and the producers made slight changes and said if she still wasn't happy, she should remix the tracks herself.

With Motown's Russ Terrana, she moved her vocals forward. Abdul told her label, "I don't care what songs make it onto the album, I want 'Rush Rush' to be the first single. It became her longest-running No. But it's only through the magic of editing that they appear to be in the video together, performing on the white and black keys of a piano.

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It was Maroon 5's first No. Glenn was a cook and a DJ at Magic City in Atlanta and played the song in the club, creating the initial demand for the single. When group member Billy Davis, Jr, left his wallet in a New York taxi, it was found by one of the producers of the Broadway musical "Hair. They recorded it with their group the Arrows in the U.

She asked Hooker if she could record it, but couldn't get her group the Runaways to cut the song. She finally recorded it as a solo artist, first as a B-side in Holland in and then again in with the Blackhearts. Warren Allen Brooks wrote the song years before he met Stevie B. Lennon took a five-year recording hiatus while he raised his son Sean, then went back into the studio to record songs for the "Double Fantasy" album. This song was No.

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The title had become a grim irony by the time it was a posthumous No. Their first 12 entries failed to crack the top 10 of the Hot but the first single from their "Freeze-Frame" LP changed their chart fortunes when it became their first No. Sweret loved "The Sign" and insisted the quartet record it immediately. Apes, Lies and Ms.

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