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Urban Dictionary: fickle finger of fate

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My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. When I restarted two years ago I make an effort from day one to rectify this, and had several months to work it out. Now, with the help of this work and some very swift gains in the last few months thanks to Nathan Cole's rolled up tissue ball finger exercises, I have complete fourth finger independence and can even curl my pinky without curling my third finger, as the article discusses.

So, I wonder how right that article actually is. I think testing beginners and if they have weak fingers beginning them on strengthening exercises immediately would be a good idea, though. The Atlantic study does not distinguish between cause and effect. Is it because of hours of practice that most violinists achieve independence or the other way around? While I'm not going to argue with a surgeon on what can and can't be done anatomically, what the study should have done with any foresight is to test how much -right- hand 4th finger independence these same players had.

I have a feeling that right hand 4th finger independence would be less prevalent.

Planetary Aspects: Yod

This is assuming left and right hand are mirrored which can be a big jump in assumption since most people have only one hand dominance. So don't even try? Finally it's the journey that matters. How many blind piano players have overcome their disability or actors who have overcome their stuttering or pro basketball players because of their shortness?

And lets not talk about overcoming negative stereotypes. I might even argue that it's adversity that makes us stronger - how many stories have you read where this person is successful due to overcoming childhood tragedies and the like? Anyway to answer your question, do you know of Simon Fischer's small book Warming Up?


The first section is about the left hand where there are specific warm up exercises which talks about widening at the base joints and trills. After doing these exercises my left hand fingers feel really strong and ready to tackle the hardest of double stops! This discussion has been archived and is no longer accepting responses. Shar Music. Yamaha Violin Finder.

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