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COM Smashing Theme is created by: www. The draftees who returned from Vietnam turned that image on its head, and now, it seems the Iraq and Afghanistan wars of the past decade are creating yet another iteration of the veteran. I am grateful to the three veterans who sat down with Staff Writer Jason Dehart and shared stories of their deployments overseas and the challenges they faced when they returned home. Although grieving, they were inspired to help those who did return by creating a company that provides good jobs — and sympathetic support — to returning veterans.

There are 1. Unfortunately, many of those stories start with multiple deployments and end with pain, sadness and struggle. In a gloomy job market, veterans have a higher unemployment rate than the rest of the population, and it spikes considerably higher for minority vets and those aged 18— Fully 45 percent of returning veterans have applied for disability compensation. I hope the holiday season brings you peace and happiness in abundance.

Once the word got around that it would be occupying the TJ Maxx space at Carriage Gate Shopping Center, my friends were horrified — but that was just an unfounded rumor. In my job, I get around and meet lots of people, so my acquaintance is huge. I feel like I know just about everybody. So why is it that when they pan the stands during a Seminole football home game, I never see a face I recognize?

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All other marks are property of their respective owners. A native Tallahasseean and graduate of Florida State University, Roberts is a dabbler in all things creative. Her current unfinished projects include countless short stories, a novel or two, an indie rock album, a paper clay sculpture and a knitted wool throw pillow. Before all that, Roberts sharpened her X-Acto knife skills and hot wax paste-up techniques in the newspaper industry. Senate races. For four years in a row, has earned awards from the Florida Magazine Association for its writing quality and overall excellence.

Kleindienst is vice president of the board for Triple R Horse Rescue, working tirelessly on behalf of abused and neglected horses as an advocate and foster. His portfolio at scottholsteinphoto. An avid outdoorsman from Central Florida, Holstein enjoys getting to know Northwest Florida through his lens on assignments as staff photographer for EC, Tallahassee and magazines. The Chamber provides me with the resources to grow my business, so I can help more customers find the perfect ensemble.

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You have seen the results of many of their successful rehabilitations while looking out your window or on one of your many walks as we have released numerous waterfowl, woodpeckers, turtles, etc. My mother has been one of their active volunteers for years and often recruits her family members to help out as well. My brother helped rescue a cormorant who had gotten entangled in fishing line at Waverly pond last week.

It was a beautiful sight to see him circling Lake Bradford to survey the lay of the land. Maybe he will decide to stay awhile now that there is some water in the lake! Thanks again for featuring such a wonderful group of hardworking volunteers. Educating people about GCWS saves lives! More people realize there is a place to go with injured wildlife.

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The pictures are great. Thank you! Susan May. Keep up the great work! Yes, that deserved an exclamation point. Betsy Couch. It was fun celebrating such a milestone, great food as always in his places and great drink. We well remember each one of his creative restaurants. Glad you recognized him and were happy to be included in the party. Mary Margaret Rogers. Lose weight in a safe, healthy way. The professional, trusted weight loss choice in Tallahassee.

Bert Morales, M. The event and its coverage by Tallahassee Magazine not only helped a deserving couple get the wedding of their dreams, but it also showcased some great local wedding vendors and venues. Do you plan to do another wedding next year, or perhaps in the spring? If so, I would be happy to donate my DJ services for the reception, wedding rehearsal dinner or any other event related to the wedding that could use the perfect touch of music. Nate Long, Amplify Entertainment. As I walk into an open warehouse, three teenagers are hanging around — literally — clinging to a vertical wall.

With the blast of cool air from fans, Kayla and Aren Hendrickson are climbing too far away for formal introductions, but Brian Huang peers down to say hello before he continues to contort his body into a position that allows him to hang from the wall above, just one foot and hand balancing his entire body. These three climbers are regulars at the Rock Gym, but for very different reasons. Brian is a member of Team Tally, a youth rock climbing team that competes throughout the Southeast.

The sisters have grown up with the sport and enjoy it as a family. While the gym is their social hangout, they also have been members of ClimbFun, a recreational team for youngsters ages 8— Climbing has given each the opportunity to experience indoor courses as well as the most beautiful mountains throughout the United States.

All eagerly agree climbing has given them a social outlet to belong to a community of climbers that reaches far beyond their friends and family in Tallahassee. While most might consider reaching the top of a vertical wall as merely a physical challenge, the teens see an additional benefit.

Climbing, they say, teaches them how to, when faced with a problem, look at it as a puzzle to solve, and then figure out the best solution to solve it while achieving their goal. Memberships and group classes are also available. For complete information about teams, operating hours and prices, visit tallyrockgym. Energized Entrepreneur Karen B. Moore, founder and CEO of Moore Communications Group, understands what it takes to pursue your passions in business and in life.

Along the way, she achieved many of her professional goals including serving on the Board of Trustees of 11 different organizations. She has served as a speaker to more than organizations and addressed the White House Summit on Women Entrepreneurs in the 21st Century. Moore has provided media training for Fortune companies and even the British Olympic Team. A Florida native, Moore grew up in Orlando. The firm has been recognized as one of the best businesses to work for in Florida three years in a row, an accomplishment that she is particularly proud of.

Always eager for an adventure, Moore is a world traveler having visited more than 55 countries, including Ecuador, Turkey, Thailand, China and Iceland. Despite having a Starbucks gold card, she does all this while drinking only decaffeinated coffee. First job? Camp counselor for the Girl Scouts at Camp Ticochee. During those camp counselor years, she was nicknamed Cottontail.

I also taught swimming lessons to seniors at the YMCA. In fact, I was 15 years old and one of my students was 84 years old! What did you want to be? A teacher for students with disabilities. I collect antique prayer books. I have more than books, some dating from the early s.

Last book you read? I am a voracious reader. I try to read two to three books a week. I really enjoy nonfiction. I try and incorporate something of value, an inspirational point, from each book into my life. What I will take from this book is that committing to a corporate culture of innovation is a game changer. Favorite food: Anything my husband cooks. I love his jambalaya. My son Jarrod is also an awesome cook. Last vacation? Last month I went to Hong Kong. Each person having made a significant difference in history — can you imagine the conversation!

Biggest challenge? The same as every other working professional, balancing work and family life. Karen Moore displays an illuminated prayer book, one of hundreds she has collected that are showcased in the office of Moore Communications Group. I am actually very shy. I would be very comfortable sitting in a chair and reading a book, with a glass of wine and Baxter the cat on my lap. Hidden talent? I have traveled to more than 55 countries and love to take pictures. Best advice you ever received? Favorite pet: Rusty, our year-old golden retriever mix.

But I did have a pet boa constrictor named Pinky who would be a close second. Most prized possession: The engagement ring my husband gave me. We have been married 34 years. Fun adventure: My husband, son and I rode camels in the desert once. If you could do anything: I would create a foundation to assist young entrepreneurs help make their dreams come true. Or, I could be a world traveler and find unique destinations and write about them for travel magazines.

There is plenty of time to do both someday. The consumption of turkeys has doubled over the past 25 years, winning their way into our shopping carts — and our stomachs — as people increasingly consume it as a healthy food choice year round. Here are some facts and stats showing what makes this bird different than the rest. Turkeys can see in color and have a degree field of vision, which makes it hard to sneak up on them.

Mature turkeys have around 3, feathers. Males spread their tail feathers like a peacock to attract females during mating season. An adult of both genders has a snood, an appendage on its face that dangles. They have wings, but domestic turkeys are unable to fly. Wild turkeys fly for short distances up to 55 miles per hour. Wild turkeys can run up to 20 miles per hour. Including the bone, drumsticks can weigh up to a pound and a half.

An adult gobbler what a male is called has sharp spurs on his legs for fighting. Rumor has it that tryptophan — found in turkey — causes post-prandial lethargy. However, recent studies have shown turkey is not the culprit for fatigue. In other words, blame all of the bread, potatoes and stuffing in your stomach. White meat vS. Dark meat White meat is preferred in the United States, while dark meat is preferred in other countries. White meat contains fewer calories and less fat than its dark counterpart. However, the bald eagle was chosen over the turkey as a symbol of strength, freedom and courage.

After the ceremony, the live turkey goes back home to live out the remainder of his life. Rysa Ruth has always taken after her mom in the fashion department. Wanda Brown is a retired professor of fashion design at Florida State University. In need of a creative outlet for their designs, they took their hobby to Etsy. The two formed a mother-daughter team and started making.

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Are your feet hurting at the prospect of such a massive mall? Launched in , Etsy has virtual storeowners from around the globe selling everything from handmade jewelry to furniture. More than three quarters of them are women working from home. The site may be just what the economy ordered.

No worries. You can narrow your search down to a more manageable number by typing in one of several categories such as This fall, Wanda jewelry, apparel, art or vintage. Brown and Rysa Ruth Some local vendors will waive the were knee-deep in shipping fee and let you pick up or school spirit, creating personally deliver a purchase. Etsy crafters and their businesses:. RSVP by November 22 online at www. A portion of the open house proceeds from all sales will be given to. Ben J.

Kirbo, M. Rosenberg, M. The peacock dress above , which appeared in the Flaunt fashion show, was trimmed with recycled aluminum pop-tops. Business picks up during fall football season, and the two have filled dress orders to sororities that want to show school spirit. Cathy Corredor is a master at upcycling. The artist takes everyday items and repurposes them into wearable works of art. The dresses will be on tour for a year. Creativity was always in the cards for Corredor.

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The niece by marriage of late, great cooking virtuoso Julia Child, she has been playing with her own creative conscience for many years. Tana McLane and Sharri Moroshok were business partners for four-and-a-half years before becoming Etsians, attracting a strong following at their full-scale art gallery in Market Street, Humidity Gallery. The shop featured mixed media from more than different artists. When the economy went south, the duo packed up their crafts and parted ways in January , taking their artistic endeavors to separate storefronts on the Web.

Moroshok and McLane are known for mastering different media and frequenting national shows. After pioneering the site, the two say even if they never get successful internationally on Etsy, it still does facilitate being a local business owner. It certainly keeps me busy. I wrote a thank you note to Santa Claus once. I think I was about 8 years old. I did it without being told, though.

I think my mom was proud. And that goes for text and email as well. I think that it makes them much more thankful for what they receive and recognize that somebody took the time to do that for them. Even the youngest of her students, at age four, get a lesson on the importance of notes. I tell all grandparents to feel free to stop sending gifts if not thanked properly.

And to everyone. And for birthday presents, too. Designing thank yous on the computer is fun, too. With a signature. And then they can grow up to be adults who also write handwritten notes — for example, after an interview. I had my kids call and say their thank you. My parents much preferred a phone call. If someone goes to the trouble to ship a gift, you should take the five minutes to write a note and put it in the mail. Texting is fine also A handwritten thank you means the world to people. It is important.

Children need to learn that a text, email and tweet are impersonal. For office and retail leasing information call James G. Bettinger, Licensed Real Estate Broker at Located on Thomasville Road. Eight are Hanukkah candles. The ninth is used to light the others. President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the fourth Thursday of November as a national holiday and day of Thanksgiving. Americans buy between 25 and 30 million live Christmas trees each year. There are close to million live Christmas trees currently growing on 15, U. It takes up to 10 years for a Christmas tree to grow to 7 feet.

And remember, Capital Regional has the shortest ER wait times in the area. The best time of your life starts now! Guarantee your future at Westminster Oaks, home of active, maintenance-free living in acres of majestic oaks! Call for a tour: Merry Christmas They were here. They had the priests. Ever since , when the late Calvin Jones and a team of volunteers discovered artifacts dating to the 16th century near the historic Gov.

John W. However, the actual history is cloudy at best. Calvin Jones Center for Archaeology. All we have is conjecture and supposition. Based on what was known at that time, she envisioned the event occurring near Lake Jackson. On the record, de Soto and his men spent their Christmas which, according to archaeologists, would have fallen on Dec. The Spaniards would have treated it like any other religious observance. When springtime came, the Spaniards provisioned themselves with confiscated Apalachee corn and headed north.

Their decision was based on native stories of gold smelting in Yupaha, a settlement north of Apalachee. To commemorate the mass likely said at the camp, the Trust for Public Land sponsored a Christmas service at the site on December 20, Another de Soto Site? An intriguing development in the de Soto saga recently occurred in Central Florida, where some compelling new artifacts have been found on private property in northern Marion County.

Copper Spanish. Glowacki said the finds are tantalizing, but she wants to see better data. However, several red flags pop up in her mind when she considers the artifacts in question. Pigs are an important indicator because de Soto brought a herd with him on the expedition. These are said to be the first pigs in North America. Calvin Jones was a digger with a talent for reading the landscape. If there was a lot being cleared somewhere in Tallahassee, the developer could expect Jones to drive up in a pickup with shovels in the back and start asking questions.

In , Jones, an archaeologist with the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research, was driving along Lafayette Street when he noticed some land being cleared for an office development near the historic Gov. Martin House. The rest is history. Discoveries made there of ancient Spanish artifacts and the significance of the site led the developers, the Tallahassee Development Corporation and Mad Dog Construction, to sell the property to the state, according to Mary Glowacki, state archaeologist and bureau chief of the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research.

Jones died from cancer in February after some 30 years of service but remains a legendary figure with an impressive record of discovery. Not many archaeologists can do that really well. He also did extensive work at Wakulla Springs Lodge and found an early Paleoindian presence there as well. And, one of his duties while working for the BAR was to locate and identify Spanish mission sites that had been known only from the historical record. His reputation and discoveries were significant enough that when the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research moved into the Governor Martin House in , the residence was co-named the B.

Calvin Jones Center for Archaeology in his honor. But he was barely known outside his central Florida district and the opposition would be formidable. He would be one of four candidates, including former Gov. Farris Bryant, vying for the Democratic nomination — and the others would have access to the kind of campaign money Chiles could only dream about. The first major challenge was to convince friends and longtime supporters he could win the seat being vacated by his longtime political hero, Spessard Holland.

Unable to raise the funds needed to hire a big staff and launch a statewide advertising campaign, he employed a strategy that had served him well in his legislative races, opting to walk across Florida and hope that free press and word-of-mouth would get him the support he needed. Chiles died 14 years ago on Dec. At his funeral, former Georgia U. Sam Nunn reflected, 28 years later, on how Chiles spent his first day in Washington, wandering the city in awe.

Research included reading reams of newspaper articles about the former senator and governor and reaching out to more than friends, family and staff. In this excerpt from the book, Coggin tells how Chiles shared his plan to walk the state with his campaign brain trust: Chiles called together his inner circle to his Lakeland home on Lake Hollingsworth.

A recent poll showed that only 12 percent of Florida voters had heard of him. How could the campaign vault its candidate into the imagination of 2. The group kicked around ideas all afternoon. Then Rhea returned to an idea proposed in when Lawton had contemplated running for governor. He could canvass the state on foot, county by county, town by town.

He would walk for economy and face-to-face conversation; to introduce himself to Florida one person at time, and leave the million-dollar chase to the competition. Outside shacks and in back alleys, he would give the penniless as long a hearing as the Rotary Club. Each day would teach him solutions to agricultural policy, the Vietnam War, and pollution — all transmitted directly from farmers, soldiers, and student advocates.

The media events earned walking, whether watching cattle cross the road or finding a stash of snakeskins, would enchant reporters more than the champagne-and-caviar circuit. The Park Avenue Chain of Parks, a leafy and green source of pride for many residents, was recently celebrated as a prestigious work of landscape architecture by the American Society of Landscape Architects. Algoe has been appointed associate vice president for administration at Florida State University.

He will assist with the development and implementation of programs that have a university-wide impact. A certified public accountant, he has more than 15 years of experience working with workforce and economic development budgets and policy as well as governmental audits. MedAffinity is a Tallahassee-based start-up company providing doctors and other health-care practitioners with next-generation software for Layman creating electronic health records. Layman most recently served as executive director of communications at the Florida Board of Governors for the State University System.

Desloge has served on the Leon County Board of County Commissioners for six years and was chairman from — The Army veteran served two tours of duty in Iraq. Case has 15 years of experience in state government, most recently serving as legislative affairs director and policy advisor for Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and former Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum. Vecchioli represents clients in the areas of insurance regulation, lobbying and financial services matters.

She was a senior level manager and regulator. Getz, 29, previously served as director of strategic communications for the agency. Brand spent 28 years with the Tallahassee Police Department, where he retired as the Internal Affairs. Park Ave. Delegal, Peter M. Dunbar and Cynthia S. Tunnicliff are among the attorneys profiled in the Florida Super Lawyers publication. Delegal is being recognized for his practice in the area of governmental and legislative representation, Dunbar for real estate law and Tunnicliff for administrative law.

Moor, formerly the president of Capital City Banc Investments, now serves as president of both areas and unites the two divisions under common leadership. The first credit union to open on a college campus in , it now has more than 65, members in 12 Florida counties, including Jefferson, Gadsden, Leon and Wakulla. The university has committed to matching private donations raised for the new facility. Catalyst will have a five-story parking structure and an adjacent four-story residence building with apartments with a mix of one- to fourbedroom units.

The office is devoted to connecting men and women who served in the military with employment opportunities, education benefits, counseling and on-site job training in partnership with Workforce Plus. Platinum and silver have had their day. Dresses are embellished, sequined, beaded, lacy, embroidered and feathered — some even include all of the above! Make sure you add the Midas touch to your eye shadow and nail polish, too.

All fashion and accessories are from Narcissus. All fashion and accessories courtesy of Narcissus. There are many triedand-not-so-true methods of hangover avoidance. David Clayton. Not sure which fraternity brother came up with the idea of consuming more alcohol the morning after a night of partying, but his efforts to produce an effective hangover cure have failed.

According to WebMD, a hangover begins when the blood-alcohol level starts to fall, with the hangover reaching its most painful levels at a blood alcohol content of 0. Therefore, drinking a beer or mimosa, for the ladies in the morning only prolongs the hangover you will inevitably feel later in the day. It seems logical to take a painkiller before turning in to ensure the impending pain will be gone by morning. Drinking on an empty stomach allows the alcohol to travel straight to your bloodstream, speeding up the drunk-to-hungover process.

The more you struggle, the more exhausted you become. Suddenly you snap out of it and gasp for air like a drowning swimmer breaking the surface. You quickly flip on a light; nothing is there. Everything is OK. The main features of narcolepsy are excessive daytime sleepiness and cataplexy sudden collapse without loss of consciousness. The disease is also often associated with sudden sleep attacks, insomnia, dream-like hallucinations and sleep paralysis. Huang said you can cut down on the episodes of sleep paralysis by simply getting into a regular sleep pattern, and sleeping between seven and eight hours a night.

The best sports car in the world Just got better. The all new Porsche Boxster is better than its predecessor in every way.

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It's completely redesigned from the ground up. It's faster, lighter, more comfortable and more fuel efficient than before. The 3. The chassis and suspension have been honed for sharper handling and better cornering. While his signature development project, Hotel Duval, oozes urban sophistication, JT is a country guy at heart. He started his entrepreneurial career raising chickens for profit when he was 15 and had his own construction company by the time he was JT has great style and taste, which tends toward the masculine.

His home is decorated in a manly style, with vintage-style leather, turn-of-the-century industrial antiques and an abundance of style and quality. After decorating his home, he then asked me to decorate it for the holidays, carrying on with the same inspirational style we focused on with his furniture.

Natural materials — including pine cones, evergreen branches and antlers — are highlighted in the living room decorations left. The tree sits in a vintage urn and the bottom is wrapped with bright red burlap. While the glass bubble light fixture just like those found in Hotel Duval steals the show, the staircase left is dressed with a simple garland. Two red balls and an antique crate filled with greenery, mercury glass and starry lights dress the hallway below.

Fur throws hang on antique hooks for guests to snuggle up with. Throughout the year, the glass domes on the dining room table opposite page are filled with seasonal decorations. To accomplish this, we used spectacular large-scale holiday products handmade by an international roster of artisans. The red and silver holiday color palette runs throughout all the decorations.

Starry lights added a festive glow to mantles, centerpieces, trees and wreaths. Using Mercury glass, antlers and natural materials, we were able to keep the flow cohesive but very manly and festive! Smaller specialty shops can see 30 to 50 percent of their sales during the two-month period, says John Fleming, com-. In January , with the backing of local businesses and chambers of commerce, Mayor John Marks declared the second Saturday of.

The website localbusinesssaturday. If you want an honest opinion about how the shoe looks on you, ask Jane Marks right or Aysha Jaber. This is the merits of a purse with Harriet Williams interesting. I think a lot of people would left and Judy Sheridan enjoy it. The second month, below trying on a comfy the group mushroomed to about 18 platform shoe. Now, her shopping crew ranges between 15 and 45 people. Low participation can usually be attributed to game days or rotten weather.

Unfortunately, in September, it was both. Now the monthly shopping trips that start at 11 a. When I started out, we were going to do it for a year, to see if businesses would pick up 72 November—December Mon—Sat 10 a. During a visit to Market Street, Lila Jaber, owner of Heels and Handbags, provided an exceptional welcome to the group.

Happy shopping! Utrecht Art Supplies Avant Garb. COM tallahasseeMagazine. Fall in Love withNarcissus narcissustallahassee. All of it purchased locally. I kind of learned how to put things together. You do not have to go to New York to get that look. I get frustrated when I go to big cities because things are so high end and basically unaffordable.

Here in Tallahassee things are accessible. And they have the looks here — you just need to know where to find them. Lisa Hermann, lisahermann yahoo. Wendell August gifts are truly a one-ofa-kind gift, hand-crafted and made in the USA. Beautiful, unique and highly functional — perfect for everyday use. Food safe and easy to clean.

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Eskenazi has been professionally crafting ceramics for more than 25 years. Gift certificates are valid toward any service or product. The chocolate brown nylon lining features an ID pocket and room for essentials. The rainbow of colors make them a perfect complement to any outfit. Handcrafted and fairly traded by artisans in Guatemala. Featuring trained, licensed aestheticians, who combine spa luxury with best-in-class technology.

Treat yourself or someone you care about. Give the gift of beauty with a SPA gift card. We offer a perfect blend of vintage and trendsetting items. Like us on Facebook … we have it all! Apportion an amount to people on your list. It will help reduce some holiday stress next December. Matching the rounded pistol grip is the nicely rounded forearm.

Complete with a crisp feather trigger with no take-up or creep, a center-fed rotary magazine, X-Lock System and a soft Inflex recoil pad. Every feature combines to make the X-Bolt rifle idea for hunting everything from deer and elk to varmints. With a trim forearm and a close radius pistol grip, the Browning Maxus provides more comfort and control with great feel to the hands.

The drop and cast are adjustable, and the ability to fit the Maxus to your own measurements and dimensions is extremely valuable. This limited edition deer knife designed by Russ Kommer only produced features a olive wood handle and a razor-sharp, Spanishmade stainless steel C blade. It will run for 3. It weighs 18 ounces and requires 3 C batteries. The high-impact poly carbonate housing is drop tested, waterproof, submersible and it floats. Surprise me. To see a full selection, visit capitalcityknives. Better yet, spend an entertaining afternoon at the world famous, locally owned museum and shop our knife collection.

Other selections are available online and in the store. Decorate your home this holiday season with our hand-crafted in Oregon line of Noble Fir Wreaths, Garlands and other holiday decorative items designed by P. Opening November 19 at Thomasville Rd. Gift shipping available. I can still remember the adventure like it was yesterday — my first hunting trip. I was only seven years old and my grandfather allowed me to tag along to a seemingly faraway place. No big game was taken on that outing, though a lifelong fire and appreciation for the outdoors and the sport of hunting was fueled, which still burns strong today.

Hunting is a time-honored Southern tradition, and every fall Tallahassee area residents take to the woods in search of some wild, elusive quarry; although any avid outdoors sportsperson will tell you a chilly early morning sunrise, strong coffee, campfires and the camaraderie of friends far outweighs a bulging game bag or a big buck. Over the last several decades the sport of hunting has grown in popularity among those living in suburban areas and in cities like Tallahassee.

And, due to urban sprawl and population growth, the amount of land open to the public for hunting has decreased. Fortunately, Tallahassee is located in a region rich with public land — resources that are hunter friendly and provide great opportunities to pursue a variety of wild game animals and migratory waterfowl. Marks National Wildlife Refuge St.

Marks NWR. Established in , the St. Marks NWR is one of national wildlife refuges and part of the national refuge system. The Refuge is presently comprised of 70, acres and spans three coastal counties: Wakulla, Jefferson and Taylor. Covering approximately 43 miles of coastline that borders Apalachee Bay, the Refuge is part of a diverse ecosystem. While its primary purpose is to provide conservation and protection of all species of wildlife, hunting is a tool used to maintain sustainable wildlife populations compatible with the habitat on the Refuge. Marks NWR provides outdoors enthusiasts with a unique landscape to enjoy.

With the proper permits, hunting is permitted on nearly half of the St. Hunting is permitted on instructions and become familiar a few days in December and approximately 32, acres that with the regulations. If you have limited permits are issued. The staff Hunt Area and Aucilla. Each is very knowledgeable and more year, during specified times, hunters have the than willing to help. Deer equipment. For the most part these hunts are timeframe to be included in the drawing. Quota used as management tools and do not provide hunts are unit specific and held only on specified total unrestricted access to the hunter.

If you are lucky enough to draw one of St. Marks NWR goes through lengths the coveted quota hunt permits, you will have to explain the regulations and the processes the opportunity to enjoy hunting in a pristine involved in being eligible to hunt through both environment that offers a distinctive experience.

Marks NWR also offers a quota hunt for. Spending time in the woods with a child is the perfect time to talk about conservation and how we should respect wildlife and the environment. Also, how we should preserve special places for future generations so everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

Vincent Island Permits quota Archery Nov. Vincent Island Permits avail. Jackson St. Whitetail deer and the Eastern Wild Turkey are not the only species of upland game animals available to hunters on this Refuge. Each year a small game season is opened for a short period. There are no quotas, but hunters must possess a nonquota hunt permit that can be obtained for the small game season free of charge by visiting, writing or calling the Refuge office.

This permit contains all of the current rules and regulations pertaining to small game season and hunting on the St. The upcoming non-quota hunt for small game this hunting season will run from Dec. A signed non-quota hunt permit must be on your person during all times while participating in the small game hunt. In my opinion the small game season on the St.

As an adult, I try not to forget how I was introduced to hunting when I was a young person. I spent many hours roaming the fields and woods hunting small game. A small game hunt presents the perfect opportunity to introduce a young person to the sport. Small game hunting is not as restrictive as hunting whitetail deer or turkey.

Sitting still in one place for long periods of time is not necessarily required for success, and it can be much more interactive for younger children with shorter attention spans. Gray squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and hogs can all be taken during the refuge small game hunt.

And, as for table fare, wild game is a delicacy — especially when recounting an outing with others. If you enjoy the sound of whistling wings and watching waterfowl pitch into a decoy spread, Piney Island Waterfowl Hunt Area may be for you. Located in the western reaches of Apalachee Bay and within the Refuge boundaries, the bay waters surrounding Piney Island play host to a number of different species of migrating waterfowl each winter, especially diving ducks.

State and federal regulations apply. However, you are best served to do your homework before embarking upon a hunt, or hunt with someone who is familiar with the area. This portion of the bay is Even if the quarry proves elusive, the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge offers a great opportunity to enjoy a pristine natural environment very close to home. Navigation and access are largely affected by the tides and weather.

The St. Marks NWR offers outdoor persons many ways to enjoy outdoor sports. The freshwater impoundments in the Refuge hold several species of freshwater fish, which can be caught from land or by boat during certain times of year. Not to mention the multiple boat launches and access points that lead to the shallow flats of Apalachee Bay, which is teeming with saltwater species like redfish, trout and flounder.

Beyond the hook and trigger, spending time in one of the most pristine coastal ecosystems left in the state can afford the outdoors person an educational experience like nowhere else, an opportunity to view wildlife and gain a better understanding and appreciation of how wild things live in an almost unrivaled setting.

Marks NWR is home to 44 species of mammals, 38 species of amphibians, 69 species of reptiles and there have been more than species of birds recorded on the Refuge. With 17, acres designated as a National Wilderness Area by Congress, where else can you find such a pristine place so close to home to take to the woods?

Wear a good pair of boots that will keep your feet comfortable, dry and offer protection — preferably to the knee. I always include a small whistle as well. I know several people who spent more time than they initially intended in the St. Marks NWR, and not by choice. A sharp knife is always a must.

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