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Please be aware that this might heavily reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. Changes will take effect once you reload the page. Alex Flatner. My Favourite Robot with remixes by Subb-an and Lopazz Whilst establishing Circle Music, Alex also realised that he also needed an outlet to explore possibilities with more pure house orientated music. Ebooks and Manuals

Presskit Download. Download Presskit. Download zip-file for more high resolution pictures. Booking Request. Send us your details for the booking request. To be honest, the notion of 'grand cinema' has already been used too. This is super deep techno with lots of space, echoes and even dark melody bits.

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What to play at the next after hour when the sun is reaching high noon Joel Mull has the answer! Hells Bells meets a Guy Gerber harmonies with a strong hypnotic appeal. This is a musical journey on the dance floor and the long ending part is an unbelievable mix-outro for all the DJs out there who know how to use this properly. Take all of the rocking techno ingredients that you loved so much over the last decade and you get a melt down of Dustin Zahn, Industrial Strength Soundhack and many more milestones to name Sven played the acetate of this so often that we even had to cut a second one.

Techno-trainspotter worldwide went mad for this one and were killing us with their requests and track-ID inquiries. The wait is over guys! His first single 12 contribution for Cocoon Recordings seems to be endless and gets nicely spiced up with hypnotic vocal elements and discoide space sounds. It actually had such a strong impact that we immediately had to sign it after Einzelkind played it! Cool and trippy, something for the long nighs at the infamous Robert Johnson club or Berlin's Panoramabar. We do not want to start again by mentioning how unbelievable it is that we have reached letter Q already The actual thrilling part of this compilation series is simply the fact that Techno seems to not grow any older in this form - isn't this amazing Here, in the truest sense of the word, we have a compilation of timeless material before us.

The vocal parts and the arrangement of 'All I Can About you ' by Baba Stiltz appear like electronic singer songwriting. The musical approach of Baba Stiltz is slightly similar to big Pepe Bradock productions and their Dada aesthetic. Vinyl Pre Release of exclusive Tracks taken from Cormix to be released Frankfurt based Christian Burkhardt starts the selection of four exclusive and previously unreleased tracks.

His 'Karambolage' breathes spring air and creates an early summer feeling par excellence.

Piktor - Early Afternoon Swing [BBG004]

This tune will even turn gray and rainy april weather into bright sunlight. On spot with playful and positive harmonies and a very subtle 80's synthie-pop flavour. This one here definitely makes us want more! Next in line is Argy, one of our most long standing Cocoon Recordings artists. His 'How Late It Was, How Late' has an undeniable 80s retro charm, too however it follows a completely different direction than Burkhardts 'Karambolage".

This one refers strongly to an early 80s acid sound and reminds us of great productions such as 'On And On' by Jesse Saunders.

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With 'Baroon' by Markus Fix follows another acid track - however, this one has a far more epic flavour full of warm analogue strings and based on a hypnotic arrangement. Fix 'Baroon' is defintely less retro than Argys and Burkhardts contributions - a deep tech house gem made for the first sunrises of the upcoming allnighter open airs. With 'Euphrasia' Jim Jules accelerates slightly but goes also deeper at the same time.


His production follows the cinematic mood of Markus Fix but paints a darker picture. Rico Puestel is in charge for our Cocoon Recordings th release. The enormous amount of productions shaped Rico's knowledge and taste and his new cocoon release 'Neyst' and 'Enokid' seems to be the logical result of his long journey through the techno-universe.

Puestels style is very unique and merges elements of dark and hypnotic mainfloor techno as well as orchestral sounds and even industrial elements. No fast food, no leightweight, this is heavy techno business! We especially fancy the crazy break in the middle with the spaced out room effect part and the melody coming in after the break.

As stompy and musclepacked this track is, it still seems to be very musical and deep at the same time - what a trip! This one demands a good and proper sound system, well what other Cocoon Release doesn't. Product comes with Deluxe hot foil stamping print in a Gatefold Cover! Michael and Luca were the masters of equipment, responsible for the mixing desk and the recording tape we used to make the master tapes. I was the one providing song ideas, grooves and bringing a good mood to the studio.

Midnight Operator, the joint project of the two Jonson brothers, picked Tobars Angora' for their remix and the result appears very fresh and housey. Their bassline programming adds a nice italo-disco vibe to their version of Angora". Together with their strings and melody-parts the Midnight Operator remix is turning into the perfect soundtrack for the upcoming spring nights: We hear flowers, birds, butterflies and feel the warm air Dial mastermind Lawrence contributes the fourth remix to Tobars album: His version of Red Light' explores the emotional side of techno and house.

We dive into deep spaces, spheric melodies and an atmosphere close to the vibe of the great works of Kraftwerk - this is impressive! Lawrence Red Light' version presents the musical side of techno to us - a timeless piece of music with a chill-out flavoured beat and synth programming. The exclusive three tracker starts with - The Concept by Waveshape - an extremely powerful club tune that demands a very good sound system to deliver its full potential. This tune delivers the definition of a fat kick drum par excellence - this track creates a strong vibe and comes with a xxl fat punch! The arrangement is based around a cool organ chord that lightens up the dark techno monster a bit however without cutting of the power and energy.

The Birmingham based producer Subb-an looks back onto an impressive list of releases and excellent references in his discography featuring productions for labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Vision or One Records. In he even remixed pop icon Lana Del Ray!

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Music On My Mind' is a perfect deep tech-house gem, bass loaded and with a decent thrust coming out of the speakers. We especially fancy the hypnotic touch the vocal snipplets give to the tune. Disappear' by Kamran Sadeghi and Julia Govor is slowing down the tempo a little bit and opens the door to the harmonic and experimental area. Clubland beauty Julia Govor left quite some impressions on the floors and behind the decks over the last years. Her vocals for - Disappear create a mysterious flavour.

Her intimate singing and spoken lyrics work very well together with Sadeghi's programming and result in a mesmerizing piece of electronic music for the very early morning sets. Minimal and deep is the basic line but still with an enormous amount of energy and driving beats.

Moving, dancing and listening, you all find it in here. Welcome and welcome back everybody to the second Cocoon Recordings roll out. We wonder what this year will bring if the kick-off is already on such a high level Ricardo Tobar's first remix 12 comes with two stunning re-arrangements by Fairmont and Tech-House grandmaster John Tejada. The canadian minimal techno hero Fairmont remixed Tobars Angora' and gave it such a strong Border Community vibe.

Dark but at the same time pushing and hedonistic. Fairmont starts off with a subtle percussion-beat-acid-combination and turns his remix into a proper and mad electronic masterpiece the longer it runs. Californian tech-house pioneer John Tejada is on remix-duty for Invierno' and he blasts us away with the result. Deeper than deep and kick-ass house with a pushing detroit and KMS vibe. This is ingenious clubfood for all the innercity hipsters and musiclovers and it simply makes us wanna dance!

Let's focus on Ricardo Tobar: Born in Chile and now residing in France, Tobar picked the "creative border crossing" as the common thread for his album "Collection".

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Musical experimentation and crossing musical borders - Tobar refers here directly to the style and sound of the great new-wave-bands of the 80s and 90s. With the help and influence of their new electronic instruments that often met classic rock guitars the post-punk-electronic-movement turned almost everything upside down. No matter if the result was moody and mysterious or romantic and hedonistic, all sounded new and different back then and paved the musical path for a whole generation - the reverberations of that episode are noticeable until today.

Tobar plays with the musical approach of the post-punk-era, he mixes, merges and experiments fearless with styles and moods. He creates a wide range of "own styles" and even dives into abstract sound fields - listening electronic in best form! Ricardo Tobar breathes the air of his own musical universe and is not refering to the typical styles of this genre - you won't find any Detroit, Berlin or Sheffield reference here.

Although produced in France, Tobar's album doesn't have anything of the sweet and lovely french listening touch. It also won't beam you into the north of England and the grey and cold Sheffield winter like so many other electronic albums try to do. Tobar rather creates than produces and is presenting a bigger picture with his collection. Many electronic music artists are trying to do this however Tobar delivers a collection with an impressive range and it seems he did all this in an almost nonchalant way.

He plays and combines his instruments and sounds at the same time very sensitive and harmonic but also brave and dissonant without risking to be inaudible at any point. He creates atmospheres by using electronic sounds and layers. Listening to the sound of "collection" almost appears like reading an acoustic book. This album is full of interesting sounds and ideas and is far from being boring or even too demanding.

We welcome back Len Faki and present an unbelievable hot remix for young Swedish techno activist Fauntleroy and his track Everything' which was originally released on Fauntleroy's own label Anemone". Faki gives the original track a massive Berlin flavoured techno polish. He emphasizes the arid but loud bassline and the manic synthline even more and delivers a sheer techno monster ready to burn the electronic dancefloors around the globe.

A strong kick drum, distorted hi-hats and hedonistic sound-effects are the ingredients here and function perfectly around the long and merciless breaks. We especially fancy the almost oriental styled synth-line in Everything' - this remix will be part of every good techno-sets in the next months! And we wouldn't be surprised if Fauntleroy will feel a little extra hype thanx to Faki's surpreme remix. Join us on Faki's and Fauntleroy's Everything' and Stefanik is a phenomenon!

On the one side he is that crazy-cool party animal with amazing DJ-skills. His DJ-sets feature a wide variation of techno-, house- and minimal tunes all mixed up in a fresh and easy way that almost no one can escape from. On his recent album for Cocoon Recordings Stefanik painted musical pictures of different moods and for different moments.

A soundtrack for people living in the modern club world of cities like Berlin or London. Days of joy and sun vs. However with his new release on Cocoon Recordings Stefanik proofs how versatile he is as a producers by creating a vibe that refers more to his DJ-sets. Stefanik melts down different club music ingredients to one unique mix here. We hear influences from Detroit, Chicago and Berlin mixed up in identical quantities. Deeper house meet masculine basslines "Signs" and pitched-up Inner-City-like-beats merge with driving hi-hats and chopped up vocal-samples before the whole arrangement receives a proper 90s UK-styled synthesizer-polish "Illuminations".

This is big, this is pure and it breathes energy. Thanx Mr. Stefanik for this nice mix-up of 25 years of house and techno however all sounding fresh and modern. This only works with technomusic kids! Alan Fitzpatrick is one of the men of the moment speaking of all things techno! Since his first steps into the arena in he turned into one of the most wanted producers around. His releases on labels like 'Quartz", 'My Favorite Robot' and especially on 'Drumcode' brought him on par with the first line of international techno producers and DJs.

So we are more than happy that the man who rocked xxl will be the featured artist of our next release on Cocoon Recordings. Deep emotional techno full of warm chords and analogue basslines merged with cool beats to get that special Fitzpatrick vibe. Music for dancefloors and living rooms at the same time, charismatic and dynamic! Alan Fitzpatrick is not just another name to be watched.

He found his style and shows this in every track and in every of his DJ-sets that he played over the last months in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. He also started a new residency at London cult club 'Jaded' every sunday morning and we are sure you will soon hear his Cocoon release there, too!

With his next release he proofs that we all have been more than right to focus on that young man with his magic drum sticks! Think of Plastikman, Underworld and Slam jamming together in an intensive studio joint and techno wunderkind Bracht is banging his drums along to it. This is pure energy We take a deep breath here of all the energy we heard before and enjoy the basic beat style of 'Drumatic".

Dark, deep, loud, Julien Bracht has it all for you. A busy year is about to end for Cocoon Recordings. We proudly look back to some of the highlights on Cocoon Recordings such as our th anniversary release compilation or the last Minilogue album. The last one of a string of fine releases will come from London based Tim Green.

Arno Völker | Discography & Songs | Discogs

His new Cocoon production will be his third one for us which almost makes us his new musical homebase. One can feel the funkyness of producers like Adam Port here and the deepness of names like Julien Bracht at the same time. You also have the pushing and energetic vibe of producers like Harvey McKay in here, too. And for everybody who wants it more crazy and spaced-out Tim Green gives you 'Humming Syrup' on the flipside.

Although outfitted with a sweet name this tune is solid freaky business. The perfect track for all the freaks out there! We say good-bye with a nice melt-down of the sound of Cocoon in the year Tim Green serves the right desert to a long and delicious Cocoon Recordings meal and leaves us all with a satisfied smile on our faces. Cocoon latest artist signing Coyu is back on the track with his second Cocoon Recordings release.

And he strikes back louder and heavier than ever before! For quite some time Coyu focused mainly on the deeper sides of house and techno, especially with his own label 'Suara". However his new Cocoon Release 'I Want Your Jack' is a stunning example for kicking and xxl-strong techno at its best and proofs these sounds are not only made in Sweden these days. A must play for the end of this years techno season. This man breathes the word 'jack' and he strongly influenced the techno-movements in cities like Berlin or Frankfurt.

His productions added the right sound to clubs like the 'Tresor' or the 'Omen' in the early 90s and his colab with Coyu strongly refers to these times. The message is clear and pure madness is called out on techno-floors with this one. This is another proper techno-monster and Coyu added some cool house-elements here. Tribal beats and vague vocal samples shimmering in the backround make us want to dance around a tribal bonfire at night.

This one is for the dancers and not for the rubbernecks! Harvey McKay is back on the track, and stronger and harder than ever before! His last release for Cocoon climbed to the top position in the Beatport charts and stayed there for quite some time and it was about time that the drumcode- and soma-recordings producers returns to Cocoon.

And the wait was worth it as he manages it to bang the drums even more with his new release! A massive tech-house-tune with cool oldskool house chords and cool break downs that will put raverhands up in the air. However there is even more here waiting for you as 'Push It' does what the names says and pushes the beat even higher!

This tune is energy loaded and will power your legs to dance, dance and dance. A pumping techno monster that even features a little D-Shake sample for the ones who know. Pure Testosterone and a clear message: Get on the floor and get crazy! One for the big raves! Without any doubt the Rosenheim resident is one of the fastest rising names in Germany. The bavarian tech-house-hero has built up an impressive reputation over the last two years. His driving and testosterone loaded productions and remixes can be found in many top notch dj-sets and charts. Pele is a master of kicking tech-house and his style of incorporating chords and vocals create real peaktime highlights.

There is no escape when the sound of Pele kicks in on your PA system! Michael Jackson's hip, he sings and dances for various chart and show acts, and also working as a choreographer and dancer. Their first 12 for Cocoon Recordings is no exception here. With 'Can't Wait' they deliver the next peaktime highlight just in time for this years summer season start.

Merging house and techno this one should make fans of Harvey McKay, Santos and Guy Gerber happy which makes it a perfect release for us. The Flipside 'Can't Leave' slows down a bit and looks more at the deeper side. While 'Can't Wait' is a proper peaktime monster 'Can't Leave' should work out great on the next afterhour and keeps the party going and going. The right sound to welcome the sun after a hot night However the more you hear it to more it starts to progress into an unique and very hypnotic track.

One of these tunes that don't let you leave the floor and you wish it would go on and on forever. Uner is a child of the digital age. No pseudo retro-analog-attacks here and no looking at the Berlin hipster crowd. And he continues in that direction with his Cocoon Recordings debut. Vocal samples and spacy sound-fragments meet warm and hypnotic arpeggio-synths. There is a lot of room and deepness in here that creates a dreamy atmosphere which is hard to find in techno-productions these days.

The perfect package to make into the summer-open-air-season finally! Sun come out and let us shine, we got the music! Like hardly any other ambassador of modern Rhein Main House music, Christian Burkhardt has experienced a true rocket-like takeoff in the last year. His track 'Thrilla in Manila' first takes its time to build up before it sets a tremendously powerful exclamation mark on the dancefloor with its tropical-hypnotic percussions. With its second track, the ninth edition of Cocoon's series leads us to the land of the midnight sun. Germain, being predestined for warm summer nights. This is how Techno sounds in The Eleven is - numerologically speaking- definitely not a lucky number in the Western culture.

It exceeds perfection just by one and thus represents the number of excess and sin in Christian mythology; that's why apocalyptic events always start in the eleventh hour. With over 30 releases behind and over a decade of running his own label, Jacek Sienkiewicz persistently followed his very own path, creating music that very soon began to be impossible to define. Together with Matthias Tanzmann and the 'Freude am Tanzen' crew, Daniel Stefanik belongs to the most reliable initiators of electronic dance music in East Germany.

After all, Istanbul has been a place to meet and to exchange thoughts, not only regarding the trade between the continents, but especially regarding fine arts. Since , his tracks - and his acclaimed debut 'Kasmir' - are released on the Berlin-based label Vakant and belong to the most exciting music that Techno had to offer over the last few years.

No wonder that musicians like 2Raumwohnung and Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan have been counting on Onur's remix talents. The brilliant opener of his 12 debut on Cocoon Recordings, 'Clavichord", takes a Hammond-like organ sound as the starting point for what becomes a hard-to-catch and multi-rhythmic event, where the bass drum emerges not until the track is running already three minutes, forming a sheer vibrating fantasy of almost 12 minutes out of untamed energy that needn't to be afraid of any comparison with the tracks of Ricardo Villalobos, for instance. The flipside 'Oval' is drawing this bow further to an open reverb room that houses permanent layer sounds, choir and signal-horn sounds, as well as LFO impulses, before after five minutes the bass drum finally takes you by the hand.

Club Guesthouse berkongsi acara. Sab, 22 Jun. Download an exclusive G76 unreleased track - Played by. Bucharest-based producer G76 has steadily carved a niche between the eyes of modern styles, persistently short-circuiting dancefloor conventions. In the run up to the third Guesthouse Night Out edition taking place on 22nd of June at Halele Carol, Gojnea has been kind enough to host a free download Club Guesthouse berkongsi siaran.

See you on the dancefloorr! This saturday at Guesthouse Night Out rhadoo guesthousenightout. Club Guesthouse telah mengemaskini foto kulit mereka. GH Herodot. Club Guesthouse berkongsi video langsung. Playedby telah bersiaran langsung — di black. Ahd, 26 Mei.