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We also know the standard deviation of men's heights is 20cm. This says the true mean of ALL men if we could measure all their heights is likely to be between Step 1 : find the number of observations n , calculate their mean X , and standard deviation s.

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Note: we should use the standard deviation of the entire population , but in many cases we won't know it. Then find the "Z" value for that Confidence Interval here:.

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We have a Confidence Interval Calculator to make life easier for you. Each apple is a green dot, except our observations which are blue. Our result was not exact Unless we get to measure the whole population like above we simply don't know.

Here is Confidence Interval used in actual research on extra exercise for older people :. It is all based on the idea of the Standard Normal Distribution , where the Z value is the "Z-score". From Also from Calculator Enter Sample Size? Sample Size The number of respondents who answered the question.

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Observed Mean The mean average score for the question you are interested in. Observed Standard Deviation The standard deviation of the mean average score. Confidence Level The degree of confidence in whether or not the true figure for the population lies within the confidence interval for the survey.


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Confidence Interval Calculator for Proportions. Confidence Interval Calculator for Means.

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