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The affair with my boyfriend is just a continuation of what we started when we were kids.

Man Gets Awful Confession Tattoo To Win His Wife Back After Cheating On Her

I can just say we are fond of each other. He gets excited only when things are going smoothly. When problems arise, he blocks me out, denies me sex and fails to support me emotionally. He is present physically but absent emotionally. At such times, I turn to my boyfriend, who is also married, for emotional support. We meet, have sex, talk and discuss issues before I go back home. We just talk, and share stories. He gives me a shoulder to cry on. She reveals that on average, she has sex with her husband twice a month but can meet her lover up to four times in a month.

"I cheated on my husband for the first time and what’s worse, I enjoyed it."

Subcribe to Eve Digital Newsletter The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Evewoman. What I hadn't realized is that over time I grieved the end of my marriage while I was still in it. I lay awake in bed at night crying, wondering how it was ever going to get better.

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He was next to me in bed, never a word to me, never wrapped his arms around me, never asked what was wrong. Our sex life was rote and obligatory and from a standpoint of true intimacy, completely unfulfilling. I was incredibly lonely.

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I talked to him, asked him why, told him what I needed. I tried speaking in a number of different ways, quietly, lovingly, matter-of-fact and angrily. I asked about couples therapy, but he refused. Sometimes he would make an effort and that helped restore my hope that we would be okay. But more often he was defensive and said I imagined all this, said I was overreacting. So I threw myself into my children and work and ignored my own needs. I did this for a very long time and continued to put myself last on my own priority list.

When I cheated on my husband, it wasn't something I planned. I know that's what they all say but it's true. I certainly wasn't looking for it. A friendship with another man grew into something that was not tawdry sex, but a renewed sense of happiness and hope. It evolved over time and wasn't based in lust, but conversation, appreciation and understanding.

Things I hadn't really ever had from my husband.

Confessions of a cheating wife: My experience with two lovers - Evewoman

As I told my best friend to help explain it, sometimes you don't realize you're in an abyss until you begin to see daylight. For those who say I didn't try -- I did, for the better part of a decade and a half. For those who will judge me, I understand and that's your right.

Again, I don't condone cheating.

If I had known what would happen, and was aware of myself enough to understand what it all meant, I would go back and end my marriage before any infidelity took place. But I didn't realize much of anything at the time, even as I was going through it. For me and my situation, I truly believe it was inevitable and the only way things could have happened. More from DivorcedMoms. Keep in touch! Sign up for our newsletter here. Real Life. Real News.

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Wife confess of cheating on her husband in their bed - Moment of truth gave. Omg a must watch video

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