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His parents' opposition only strengthened his resolve and he became determined to elevate the guitar to the concert stage and promote it as a respectable classical instrument. He made his debut age 15 and gave his first professional performance in in Paris. He was an instant success.

His playing attracted praise from even those who went to his concerts as sceptics. In the space of a few years, he travelled to London, New York, Europe and Asia giving concerts to packed halls.

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Very soon, composers were writing works for Segovia and his guitar. The most famous was Hector Villa-Lobos, his melancholic melodies and cello-like sonorities suited the guitar perfectly. Joachim Rodrigo wrote his very famous Fantasia para un gentilhombre specifically for Andres Segovia.

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A large part of Segovia's success was from his arrangements of Rennaissance, Baroque and Classical works for the guitar. His rendition of Bach's Chaconne from the Partita for solo violin No.

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What Segovia found was that the sound of the guitar had trouble filling an entire concert hall. He experimented with new materials, woods, finishes and building techniques to design the modern classical guitar with a fuller, richer sound. By the 's and 50's, Segovia had established the guitar as a respectable classical instrument. His aim was to do even more.

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He wanted to pass on the legacy to future generations. Segovia established schools of guitar throughout several universities and music schools around the world. He took on students of his own. Andres Segovia continued to perform well into his nineties. He was celebrated by the King of Spain, received honorary degrees from around the world, established the Andres Segovia International Guitar Competition and had the rare privilege of performing at his own 75th anniversary of his debut concert.

This set of 4 CD's was issued to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Segovia's death. It includes a very comprehensive set of Segovia recordings from to Verder gaan of meer informatie. Buy in Austria Gramola www. Buy in Denmark Danacord Butik www.

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Dances abound, and the release also shows how Mertz devoted much of his career to educational studies, many of which are at least as interesting as his non-pedagogical works. With virtuosity never in short supply throughout the compilation, Italian guitarist Graziano Salvoni — who enjoys a busy schedule in his home country both as a soloist and with various chamber orchestras — delivers astute performances of these engaging works.

He plays a Johann Anton Stauffer model — named after and made by one of the most important luthiers in central Europe, a contemporary of Mertz and whose instruments it is highly likely the composer-virtuoso himself regularly performed on. admin