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Henry P. But whence do most of them derive their inspi ration?

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Certainly not from nature. The toils and privations which are the certain and continuous daily incidents of such a life are usu ally glozed over or ignored altogether, while purely imaginary, or at best very infrequent, cases of good-fortune are grouped together and follow one another as though of every-day occurrence. The impression so produced on the minds of the young is an absolutely false impression.

That it is pernicious as well, the police records of every large city bear witness. Hardly a week passes in which lads, beguiled by such books, are not arrested on their way to kill Ind ians and hunt buffaloes in the far West.

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This book is the outcome of a suggestion that a story truthfully portraying the actual life of the hunter and trapper would be time ly. The author has succeeded or failed in his purpose, in the exact proportion in which he succeeds or fails in impressing on the minds of his readers the truth that a special education is as necessaryto a life in the wilderness as it is to navigate that other wilderness-the boundless ocean.

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New Arrivals. Add to Wishlist. Incredible stories from those who thrived in the Wild West.

They braved the elements in search of the skins of beavers and other wild animals, to sell or barter for goods. The lifestyle of the mountain men could be harsh, existing as they did among animals, and spending most of their days and nights living and camping out in the great unexplored wilds of the Rockies.

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Life outdoors presented many threats, not least among them Native Americans, who were hostile to the mountain men encroaching on the area for their own purposes. And many more! In The Adventures of the Mountain Men , New York Times bestselling author Stephen Brennan has compiled many of the best stories about the mountain men—the most daring exploits, the death-defying chances taken to hunt big game, the clashes with the arrows of Native Americans, and also the moments when the men were struck by the incomparable beauty of the unsullied, majestic Rocky Mountains.

He has worked as a circus clown, teacher, cabaret artist, actor, director, shepherd, and playwright. He lives in New York City.

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