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This page was started with material shared by Sue Gibbs from Vicarage Park Primary School, Kendal, who hopes it will promote German language songs in schools. If anyone has more songs they would like to add, including new compositions or arrangements, please get in touch.

Lyric sheet with English translation. Traditional childrens song. Just look at the little bug! How it can dance!

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A lovely funny song about an argument between a cuckoo and a donkey as to who is the better singer! A funny song about monkeys and coconuts - really popular with children in Germany.

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It is a very cold winter if one wolf eats up another. This is a song which can be sung as a 2 or 4 part round.

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It means: To be happy requires little, and he who is happy is king! German version of the English traditional Hey ho, nobody home. A round in three parts KS 2,3.

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Cuckoo, cuckoo, calling from the woods - an Austrian folksong tells how the cuckoo heralds the arrival of Spring. KS 2,3. Song associated with the traditions of St Martin's day 11th November : Translation: Lantern, lantern, Sun, moon and stars, Burn brightly, my light, Burn brightly, my light, But don't burn my lovely lantern.

Useful reading book for the recorder player who is already familiar with treble or descant recorders. Content: Notation Holding the BAss fingering the wider span of holes Bass recorder with piano. Pastorale J. Bass Recorder method. This highly practical guide to the bass recorder, by one of the leading specialists in the field, is both clear and succinct.

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Exploring a wide range of possible fingerings, it lays the foundation for a versatile technique and is well illustrated with charts and examples. Learn to play Bass Recorder in ensemble, the Bass Recorder Workshop is a "hands-on" tutor, which helps players acquire the bass recorder skills necessary for refined ensemble playing step by step. The Bass Recorder is incorporated into the ensemble from the beginning, titles are Bass recorder and piano or organ.

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