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Apply a restorative lens to work with those who have been harmed, those who have harmed, and the community. Experience a simulated interactive restorative justice conference. Explore applications for restorative justice practices at home, work, school, and in the community. RJ has been approved for 6. A space where we can enter into meditation to access our intuitive communication abilities with our plant allies.

Whether you are new to this or have joined us before, everyone is welcome. It is pervasive throughout all cultures and all times. Eventually you have to move from looking and go into feeling, realizing that feeling is a sense, too. Not the touch of the fingers, but the touch of the heart. This kind of touch has another dimension, deeper than that possessed by the fingers. We are meant to feel the touch of the world upon us. Take a deep breath. Look at what is right in front of you.

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Venmo Heather-Sage-3 or paypal. Please contact Aarica. Coleman minneapolismn. This activity is free and children must be accompanied by an adult. Bring mom for art, live music and fun art activities for kids mid-day. Free on street parking. Family friendly. Free event.

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For additional information: herminy yahoo. Complimentary craft beer pairings from Fulton Brewing, cider and a specially curated wine selection from Brassfield Estate Winery. Wild, foraged food presentation by Mike Kempenich and fresh morel mushrooms provided by Forest to Fork! A variety of artistic media will be included in this exhibit, including paintings, drawings, photography, textiles, ceramics, sculptures and installations.

We seek to find solace in the permanence of nature when our world feels uneasy and unsettled.

A tree yields gracefully to all the moving parts that surround it and offers gentleness and healing to tender hearts. Trees call for us to sing a song of beauty. A tree is always a tree and seeks to be no other, as it holds space for each of us to stand tall in our truth, to be who we truly are. Let us learn from trees to breathe in and out and to be peaceful together. The Midtown Farmers Market is an all-local, community-based farmers market, committed to strengthening our local economy, advancing food justice, and uniting neighbors from all backgrounds at the Hi-Lake interchange.

Part of the St. Call You will, too. Totally worth it for ages 13 and up. Join us May 7 in St. Paul or 14th in Minneapolis — whatever works for you. Trevor was born to a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother at a time when such a union was punishable by five years in prison.

blogocentrism: DB's Song of the Day (day ): "ROCK 'N' ROLL GHOST" () The Replacements

Free parking next door. Sponsored by The Loft Literary Center. Structural barriers stopped many people who were not White from buying property and building wealth for most of the last century… Contemporary White residents of Minneapolis like to think their city never had formal segregation. But racial covenants did the work of Jim Crow in northern cities like Minneapolis. And there is still much work to be done. Enjoy food provided by Moon Palace and insightful words from our young authors as they present their art to the world.

Dangerous Productions, under the direction of Tyler Olsen, is a St. Paul based arts organization that as well as creating its own productions, is the production company for the Happy MN project and RawRedMeat Productions. Parental Guidance strongly recommended. Over the past few years, the Zeppelin-channeling quartet has become one of the most reliable live acts in town, bringing their hair-flipping fury to clubs and festival stages like Sasquatch! To this point, Thunderpussy has been defined by its amp-roaring performances, which find singer Molly Sides cavorting and howling on stage while Petty plays fledgling guitar hero, and the rhythm section — Leah Julius bass and Ruby Dunphy drums — hits the throttle.

Until now. Back in fall — a year before signing with Stardog Records, a long dormant imprint under the Universal umbrella initially launched for Mother Love Bone releases — the group holed up in Ashland, Oregon to record with heavyweight producer Sylvia Massy, whose credits include everyone from Tom Petty to Tool.

The text covers the Labor Temple as a venue and magnet for members of the sixties counterculture. Black-and-white photographs of concerts and full-color images of the posters reveal this vital chapter in the long and rich history of rock music in the Twin Cities, 50 years after these ground-breaking extravaganzas.

In this group the only musical instrument that appears is a harp. With the right group of 24 cards, the backs make an image of the group performing. Other backs here include information on individual Monkees and upcoming appearances. This batch includes 2 duplicates. This is a contact sheet from 35mm negatives by Jim Marshall , made on the last day of the festival, Sunday, June 18, Most significantly, the rest of the pictures are of the Who and the Jimi Hendrix Experience in their raucous performances.

To the shock of the peace-loving crowd, the Who trashed some of their equipment at the end of their set, prompting stage hands to rush to rescue festival equipment. These were two of the most memorable moments of the Monterey Pop Festival, captured by a leading photographer on the same roll of film. Issue almost exclusively devoted to the leader of the Seattle grunge band, after his suicide.

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Weir posed his wife, legs spread, out in an idyllic ocean-side landscape. In , the image appeared on the cover of the last issue of the leading street tabloid San Francisco Oracle vol.

Born in , Weir no relation to Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir was a prominent San Francisco photographer during the heyday of hippiedom in the mid to lates. He was most known for his images of nudes, such as this one, and the psychedelic bands, usually printed as highly detailed cyanotypes. Cover article on the new craze for buying, hanging, and collecting posters.

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It covers psychedelic, concert, personality, corporate, political, art, and other forms. An overview of the psychedelic artwork of the San Francisco collaborative team of Stanley Mouse born and Alton Kelley It includes their most accomplished work—that of concert posters primarily for the Avalon Ballroom and Fillmore Auditorium and album covers from the s and seventies, most notably for the Grateful Dead. Also featured are collages and t-shirt designs. Essay by Dominy Hamilton and short biographies. This is a rather elaborate exhibition proposal that the San Diego Museum of Art sent to prospective venues.

It includes a signed cover letter from the director, fact sheet, proposal, addendum sheet, press release, and copies of press coverage of the show in San Diego, along with two tickets, a brochure, invitation, and card, for the original showing. Also included is a copy of the exhibition catalog see entry below , with essays by Atkinson, Sally Tomlinson, and Walter Medeiros.

Undoubtedly produced in a small number and not available to the public. The exhibition catalog, as seen in the above box. Curator Atkinson provides historical antecedents in Japanese woodblock prints and French Art Nouveau posters by the likes of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. This nicely produced publication ends with a fully illustrated catalog of the accompanying exhibition, with commentary by poster expert Walter Medeiros.

Cover article in weekly tabloid on this phenomenal Minneapolis musician. Quicksilver was one of the most beloved San Francisco psychedelic bands during the late s, frequently playing the Avalon Ballroom and Fillmore Auditorium. Their sound was partially distinguished by the intricate and feedback-laden guitar work of John Cipollina, seen here on the far left. Drawn by leading poster artist Rick Griffin , it features a number of clever visual and word references.

In fact, the circular object the figure holds is a screen, which he is using to separate marijuana seeds. Next to him is a bag of wrapped marijuana bricks, the form in which the substance was distributed wholesale. Coincidentally, the location of the Avalon Ballroom was at the corner of Van Ness Avenue and Sutter Street, named after pioneer John Sutter, the proprietor of the nineteenth-century mill. Only printing, in fine condition. But the Replacements reunion shows have so far been overwhelmingly positive.

Thunderpussy keep rock ‘n’ roll alive on major label debut album

The feature article is Hunter S. Color cover picture of Barack Obama and a major interview with him, when he was still the Democratic candidate for president. Early magazine, published only two years after the formation of the group, devoted exclusively to the Rolling Stones. Five 5 magazine and newspaper clippings on the band. This image shows Richards playing a triple pickup, Gibson Firebird guitar at an unknown Stones show.

Though the band had released about five albums by this time, Richards still looks young and somewhat awkward in this picture. Though his guitar is not plugged into it, a Vox amplifier rests on the stage behind him, this being the amp of choice at the time by English bands such as the Stones and the Beatles. The lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones strikes two distinctly different poses, next to an employee of the Los Angeles radio station KHJ, undoubtedly backstage before a concert. In one, Richards benignly smiles, while in the other he defiantly tilts back his head and purses his lips.

The latter image was reproduced in the April issue of Teenset magazine, where the radio personality was unceremoniously cropped out. Marshall captured Jones here strolling in a public space, elaborately dressed and beaming with pleasure likely, chemically enhanced. This image appeared in the October issue of Teenset , which was heavily devoted to the pop festival. Accompanied by a vintage contact sheet, with 16 frames of Jones.

It is heavily illustrated, with photographs, record covers, tickets, tour itineraries, and other ephemera, and draws from the personal diaries of the author, bassist Wyman. Watched in concert by more people than any band in history, they are an inspiration and an institution. With biographies of ten photographers who were working there at the time, among them Jim Marshall and Bob Seidemann. Many of the photographs reproduced appeared on period posters and album covers.

This image shows Scaggs singing and playing a Gibson hollow-body guitar, with two horn players standing behind him, waiting for their parts in the song. The photograph is by Earl Leaf , a photojournalist and celebrity photographer, based in Hollywood. This is the ticket stub for a performance by the folk group, likly in Chicago.

The cover features a self-portrait by Smith with a Polaroid SX camera. Article on Smith, illustrated with photographs by her that were on view at the Wadsworth Athenaeum, in Hartford, Connecticut. This copy inscribed by Byrne. They, nonetheless, garnered a devoted local and national audience, especially in college towns. Trip Shakespeare released four albums of original material and one EP of covers, between and This is the second issue, on the Clean record label.

Shrink wrapped. A dense issue on the subject. Magazine and newspaper articles, most from the New York Times. Shot outside of their hotel, against a brick wall, John Entwistle, Pete Townsend, Roger Daltrey, and Keith Moon left to right are seen on their first American tour, after releasing two albums. While Entwistle and Moon wear rather plain clothes, guitarist Townsend and vocalist Daltrey are more elaborately decked out.

Since he is wearing the same garb, this must have been shot at the same time as the above group picture. And it also appeared in the same issue of Teenset , which featured an interview with the band. As is frequently the case with such Asian bootlegs, the cover is made of paper not cardboard and features poor reproductions. However, these types of items are entertaining precisely for their bastardized artwork and frequent typographical errors. Six 6 issues of the quarterly fanzine, issued by the Neil Young Appreciation Society. Includes feature articles, concert reviews, news, photographs, and more.

With an introduction by Holly George Warren, it includes all of the coverage of Young in the magazine, from Buffalo Springfield on. Features record and concert reviews, opinion pieces, and feature articles. Biography of the leading musician, from his childhood in Canada, through Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and many solo albums.

There are books on the subject, original photographs, plus posters, records, magazines, and pieces of ephemera like buttons and newspaper clippings. Note that most of the photographs are vintage prints, meaning they were printed at or near the time of the negative. This is an important distinction, accepted in the fine-art photography market.