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It was also nice to see some continuity from the Season 7 episode ' Bulgy Rides Again '.

In the end is was an unexpected return and it was great that Channel 5 didn't release a picture early on. As of the episode, I was hoping this was an Andrew Brenner episode. He's always good with the Thomas and Bertie dynamic and considering that this was an episode focusing on those two, I had feeling.

It was surprising to see that it was actually Helen Farrall and of course I still love it! She really had captured the Thomas and Bertie dynamic and even laid some continuity from the S17 episode, ' Thomas' Shortcut ', so a nice bit of balance of both era's. It was also very down to earth after the comedic storylines of Lee Pressman.

A nice setback to finish the second week. Plus she has her own comedy that wasn't all to fast paced or slapstick, even though I like that kind of comedy. Her having the Fat Controller investigating did gave me a chuckle.

It was also good to see him being authoritative as well, something that had been missing for a bit but it did bring a nice balance together. However I can see there was a flaw in the episode and that is of course the ending with Thomas not getting his comeuppance. You think with him not following orders would lead him to be punished and with the Fat Controller arranging Bulgy to help Thomas was more as a reward.

Perhaps what could've been better if the Fat Controller arrange Bulgy to take Thomas' passengers and send Thomas to is shed to think about what he had done. You could have a moral saying that you should be following orders. But after thinking about the episode again, it does seem like Thomas was doing a good deed but he was misguided and that's why the Fat Controller got Bulgy. But despite that I have no hate for this episode, it was nice, laid back and down to earth.

That would have been the surprisiest surprise of a lifetime! That Civil Rights memorial is great. What a moving post, about the things we ought to strive to be. Thank you for sharing all of it. I about plotzed. You knew I would. A tear may have rolled this morning. Just want to be there.

I need to believe that you had to make some kind of panic run to the store to get blazers for the boys. We need 3 weeks of lead time for that kind of upgrade here on the Upper West Side.

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For 5th grade graduation there was a very hot market trading blue blazers among moms of different sized boys. Or is it a Buffy joke? I think Maya needs the joke more than Buffy. Ann, as a left-leaning native southerner, living in a large city that still has so much work to do along these lines, and feeling the weight of responsibility daily, your post brought tears to my eyes.

Your post is beautiful on so many different levels. I love the way you tied everything together. Did it strike you how there were so few people out walking around that downtown? That still kind of haunts me. I can just hear you all laughing about that. Yes, Ann to all you say in this post. My dad did this and as a 58 yr old woman, I thank him every day for my life and my attitude toward living. Wonderful post — tolerance, may we see it soon. Thanks for the lovely post you met Elmira! Important stuff. And tolerance. Thank you for writing about this so beautifully!

I think I might need to go on a trip after reading that blog entry. I never would have thought myself to add Montgomery to my travel plans but I have now. By the way, the quotation that you so generously attributed to Martin Luther King Jr. Thank you for that post. Sounds like a trip to Montgomery as well as all those other cool well, hot places might be in order. What a powerful place.

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One of these days I will get down there hopefully in the winter. Thank you for sharing the experience. What a great way to turn a personal loss into positive experience for you and your children. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with us. So reading this was reading about HOME. You spoke so beautifully about the south and living.

I just printed this I want to read this again and again! Thank you for sharing your life with us. I feel like a friend of yours…. Dear Ann: Sometime in the murky past, I remember seeing a PBS documentary about Maya Lin that was shot while this memorial was in the planning, building, and dedication stages. You might be able to find it. I think it was American Masters. What a wonderful post. And it was so nice that you finally met Elmira — I was so touched by the story of the quilt of shirts when you told it so many years ago. Thanks for all you share and write. Also delurking.

What a lovely post. Thank-you for taking us along on your trip. It has informed on my entire day.

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Thank you Ann, for such a beautiful post. That post made me think of my Aunt Flora. She lives in Alabama, is 86 years old and still quilting. Wonderful post — moving and humorous at the same time. He was a stonemason who carved for the fun of it. Hi Ann, G-r-r-eat story about Elmira! She is so talented. Kathy B. A most beautiful and profound post.

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Elmira is so beautiful, so full of life and passion. This is what blogging and the internet should be all about: bringing words and images together in a way that connects people of disparate existences, reminding them of our common humanity. Did I mention that my best friend just moved to Nashville?! I came for light chat and left filled with deep emotion and the conviction that we all must do better.

I grew up in Birmingham just up the street from Gilchrist drug store. Each summer I take my children to Hayneville to walk where Jonathan Daniels walked and to celebrate his life with a very large Episcopal eucharist in the Courthouse there. I am so very sorry for your loss. What a full, rewarding trip you took. Thank you for sharing it. I think your kids will all be tripletolerant, as they have learned to be so from you!! This one got me all weepy. Thank you for reminding my job as a mom — that it is not just about calming tantrums or congratulating potty usage.

You touched a chord, making the sweetest of sounds: a heartsong. Thanks, Ann. I went to the Holocaust Museum in Germany about four years ago.

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It was just so sad and emotional and it really had an impact on me. I wanted to spend hours in there, and I wanted to leave as fast as I could. It was certainly a place I would not have felt the full impact of as a child.

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Well, inasmuch as someone who has never experienced that level of intolerance can internalize it. What a pleasure to connect with your memories, and I will definitely get down to the memorial in Montgomery next time. Strong work, Miz Ann! What a beautiful account of your trip. I love reading about Monteagle lived in Tennessee for 25 years , but reading of your trip to Alabama brought back memories of living in the south during those days remembered in the memorial. As many of the posters before me, I am wiping the tears as I read.

Another lurker delurking. Just had to say how much I loved this post. How brilliant an idea is the Wall of Tolerance?