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It is really difficult to say how many this makes because it depends on what size and shape and thickness you make them. You even call them the same!! Christina, you made me so happy. I watched my mom make them but never got her recipe. Also, your recipe for crispelle at Christmas.

My dad was from Cassino and my mom from Abruzzo.

The L.A. River Reimagined: A Demolished Rail Yard Brings New Life to the Bowtie Parcel

I was born and live in Canada. Mille grazie per questi ricette speciali. Tanti saluti da Canada. This little fried and sugared delicacy, I learned, are also served at Christmas. Follow the link to learn all about this little custom. Eventually got her recipe but, nobody can make them like her. How neat! So many different names!

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Correct spelling is guanti for gloves in Italian :. Hi, so glad I found you! They used to always add grated lemon peel. Absolutely, Rita! Either one would be a great substitution.

Ties and Bow Ties Handmade in Britain

I have lots more authentic Italian recipes you may enjoy, too! Let me know how they turn out for you! By the way I never saw these cookie names I never saw either the Recipe names printed so these are my best guess at spelling. But no matter what, they are the best! I think you are correct! Glad you know about them! We only got them at christmas time when the roasting pan full of them would come out! Could you use lemonchello in this recipe i make my own and looking to add to my cooking as well as drinking lots.

Limoncello would add a nice lemony touch! Check out my creamy limoncello recipe if you like to make it. Shelly, I am half Italian and half Lithuanian. It is my Lithuanian side that makes them. Why I am replying to you is because you are the only one besides my family that call them pig ears. My Lithuanian FB friends never heard of them called that before.

You are right they make a big toaster pan just full. Your pictures are lovely and I especially like the one your mum made.

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Hi Anna, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I know what you mean about them being addictive; they are just so good! Happy to hear from a fellow Italian Scot! My great aunt from Calabria used the basic recipe for making honey balls, twists, and biscotti. She called them nacotola. Saying the c like a g. Her recipe used two cups of sugar for 5 to 6 cups of flour.

She told me that there was a central oven in town and they were assigned days to use it. They had no ovens at home so most sweets were fried. Hi Saundra, SO sorry for the delay in responding. Love to hear the traditions from Italy. I took a batch to work once for a potluck and one woman said they were just like the cookies her Hungarian grandmother made, and another woman remembered she had these in her neighborhood growing up in the mid west. Maybe thin dough that is fried is a universal idea.

I think you are correct, Victoria. My mother made these every Christmas and Easter as well. So good! My sister and I have her original recipe. Must make these one day for my grandchildren…. Love that you grew up with them, too, Sylvana! I grew up eating these every Christmas.

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My grandmothers used to make then but they were Lithuanian, not Italian. They are delicious!! I think most European countries have their own version. Other people have told me the same thing. My mom used to make them but very rarely. After she passed away, I picked up some at a local, well regarded, Italian bakery. They were stale. I was devastated.

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I may make them one day. Oh dear, that is really disappointing, though. I do hope you give them a try. This is great Christina! My grandmother and my Mom made these all the time but no recipe can be found! We call them Cristoli and they covered them with honey! Sooooo addictive!!!! Thank you for posting this recipe! I can share with my sisters! I printed this recipe but I also love the step by step pictures!

Both sides of my family came from Calabria. It may be why we know them as Cristoli. Grazie, Joanne. You are so welcome, Joanne! Very happy to help and that you found the recipe. Yes, many names for these beauties, but all the same great treat! Let me know how you and your sisters like them. I bet they will bring back memories! Your frappe look positively perfect. They bring back memories of my mom, who baked them too.

They go down too easily. But yes, it is so hard to have them and not eat them all! Thanks Linda! I love all the different names for these and must try them soon. My latest scheme is to get a magnetic induction hotplate and hope that gets the oil hot enough! It would probably be safer than a pot of oil on a hotplate. As long as there are no children or pets around, a small pot on the hotplate should be totally fine. Whatever you call them, they look absolutely delicious!

Too funny. Thanks so much, I bet you love those tea cups and the Scotch addition! Those bring back memories, my Aunts used to make those! They look delicious, light and airy. We firm them like your second method and everyone tried to have the thinnest, lightest possible storch. I have really connected with this post…. Hi Marcellina, thank you so much! Which part of Italy is your family from?

Thanks again! Christina :. Hello, Can you tell me the type of oil that would yield the best results? Also the temperature? Thank you! Hi Barbara, I used to use canola oil, but with all the bad news about it, I switched to sunflower and grapeseed. If it does nothing or barely starts to fry, turn up the heat and check again in a minute or two. I hope this helps! This is really ironic! They passed it down verbally and no one still alive could remember it or who made it for the Holidays.

I consider this a find of great pleasure. Welcome to my site, Mitch! Especially the Scottish and Italian ones! Hi…my girlfriends aunt used to make these weeks in advance with honey glaze and store them in big old fashioned pickle tins…we stopped by her home everyday after school and polished off our fair share!

Awww, how cool is that! You have the recipe, now! You can make them and have a taste of your childhood. Any substitute to wiskey or liquor? So please suggest me any good substitute for it.

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Sure Manisha! You can try the 7up or just use water. Let me know how they turn out! I fell in love with them and I think ate most of them I was a teenager. I have been looking for a recipe ever since. I bet these are what you ate at the shower as they are extremely addictive! Good luck, Charlie! Hi Christina. About how many does this recipe make? Good luck. OMG are they good.

Thanks for sharing this…. Was it soft brown sugar? So glad you liked them! I really wanted to get Legos like this so I can sell it to companies, sell the pieces international[ly] to people. Let me get back to the Vikings [bow tie]. A: My goal is to be an NBA player and accomplish this and do other dreams and stuff. Q: You want to be an NBA player. So are you a good basketball player now? Home All Sections Search. Log In Welcome, User. Minneapolis St. G summit eclipsed by Trump-China talks, tweets. Pilot, nurse killed in North Memorial helicopter crash.

Roaming Minnesota bear with accidental collar has neighbors pitted against each other. With retirement, UnitedHealth Group shuffles top executives. Shooting leaves one dead in St.

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Paul's Dayton's Bluff neighborhood. Twins end sweet first half of season on a sour note in loss to White Sox. First impressions of the Democratic presidential candidates. Reusse: Coverage of women's sports calls for candor, not coddling. Paul boy makes bow ties with Legos. November 3, — pm. Star Tribune Recommends. Variety The Monday outlook: Get the picture on computer animation August 13, Celebrities C. North Metro Home host program helps homeless teens in the suburbs September 9, More From C.

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