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Comprehension Questions for Discussion:. What happens on several occasions during the night that puzzles Ranofer? He hears noises of footsteps, a door creaking, and the gate rattling and creaking. He can't explain why Gebu, or someone else, would be sneaking around in the middle of the night. Ranofer begins taking walks during his midday break and one day wanders near the gold house. Whom does he meet, and what do they agree to do? He meets Heqet and they agree to meet at the fish dock that evening. That night they agree to meet every day at midday so that Heqet can share what he is learning with Ranofer.

The following day at lunch, Heqet offers Ranofer some of his food. What happens next? Ranofer is about to take it, when he realizes that Heqet is only being nice, "showing pity" so he refuses to take it and they begin arguing. Who breaks up their argument and how does he do it? The Ancient One breaks it up by making them look silly — two good friends arguing over such a foolish thing.

What do the boys end up doing? They invite the Ancient One to stay for lunch and decide to tell him all about the stolen gold. All three agree to meet daily during the midday break. Bible Continue working on memorizing the Bible passage - Psalm Heqet knows that Ranofer is hungry and offers to share his food with him.

What does the Bible say about what we should do for those in need? Read Matthew These verses speak about our actions. Although we are not saved by the things we do, our actions show where our heart is. We should follow Christ's example of giving unselfishly and with mercy, for our heavenly rewards are not based on selfish motives, but on serving and ministering without any thought of reward. Language Arts Figurative Language. Two types of figurative language used in chapters six and seven are simile and metaphor. They are both clever ways of comparing two things.

Watch for similes and metaphors in your reading and try to use them in your writing to make it more exciting and colorful! That is easy — but for some words that system doesn't work. Words that end in —sh , -ch , -x , -s , and —z need a different ending to make them plural. These words need an —es to make them plural and you can even hear that when you say it — glass-es , fox-es.

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But there are some other tricky endings that we have to use to make words plural. One of them is for words that end in —y. One morning, Ranofer finds a dish of stewed lentils on the storeroom shelf. Lentils are grown in Egypt and are among the most nutritious legumes, rich in protein and carbohydrates.

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They contain calcium, phosphorous, iron, thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin A and vitamin C. Remember the story of Jacob and Esau? Well, Esau sold Jacob his birthright for a pottage of lentils. They grow well in poor soil and are raised all over the Holy Land. You can find lentils in the dry beans and dry peas section in your grocery store. They look a bit like split peas. Melt butter in large pan. Add lentils, ham bone and water. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes. Add tomatoes, thyme, cumin, salt, and pepper. Simmer for about 45 minutes longer, until lentils are tender.

Serve with a salad and warm bread. Science At the beginning of chapter seven of The Golden Goblet , there is a description of life on the Nile, as the annual spring flooding takes place and farmers begin their work in the fields. Each year in June, Central African rains caused the Nile to rise, overflow, and flood the valley called the Inundation. After peaking in September, it receded, leaving a 10, square-mile-layer of rich mud on the fields. Farmers could raise two crops per year if their fields were irrigated well. Pharaoh owned all the land, decided on types and quantities of crops that would be grown, and rented it to the farmers.

The farmers then paid taxes in grain or cattle, and received food and necessities as wages. Beans, vegetables, barley, wheat, flax, sesame, flowers, pomegranates, olives, figs, and date palms were some of the things that were grown in Egypt. Farmers also kept donkeys, oxen, goats, pigs, sheep, ducks, geese, and bees on their farms.

To work their fields, they used wooden plows, tools, and bronze sickles.

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At harvest time, grain was placed in mud storage silos to be ground later for bread. Farms were along the Nile River; in fact, most Egyptians lived within a few miles of the Nile. The Egyptians saw the Nile as a friend and adapted their life style to its cycles, looking forward to its "gifts. The fertile soil made Egypt, "Land of the Kemi" the ancient name for the river-borne silt on which their lives depended , the breadbasket for the ancient world.

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The Nile was also the " Highway of Egypt" and was used for transportation , trade and communication. Sailing up the Nile heading south was easier than sailing downstream heading north , because boats were helped along by a strong wind. Going north meant going against the wind, but they were also going downstream and were able to move with the current.

The first boats were simple papyrus stalk rafts, with stronger, flat-bottomed boats carrying crew and cargo. The Nile River provided an abundance of materials for ancient Egyptian life : papyrus used to make boats, baskets, boxes, mats, sandals, furniture, and paper , mud along riverbanks used for bricks, pots, and jars , and a variety of animals living in marshes along the Nile used for food. With the natural barriers of deserts to the east, west, and south, along with the Nile and its cataracts, invaders could only hope to come in through the north — which was easily defended.

Mining operations sometimes leave large amounts of pyrite in tailings. This causes environmental damage because it reacts with oxygen and water to form sulfuric acid. Utah, Colorado Buy Pyrite Here. Rock Gallery. Gem and Mineral Clubs. Search Home What is a Mineral? I am at least 16 years of age. I have read and accept the privacy policy. I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter. Rock and Mineral Collection with Curriculun 60 matched pairs of rocks and minerals with ebook curriculum, lesson plans, activeities, and ready to use materials for the study of earth science.

Girl : slightly louder, trying to express enthusiasm This is a commercial for people who are really shy. Girl : angrily No! You forget it! I was asked to do this commercial about shyness, and I'm gonna finish it! Girl : looking directly into camera You don't have to be shy. Everybody deserves to be heard, to speak up for yourself. Thank you. T : addressing a group of kids under a tree in a park You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you're from. See this tree here? It's tall, big, beautiful and strong.

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But it wouldn't be here if it didn't have any roots. Brad vo : Yeah, sounds like a good lesson, but he actually thinks that tree is powered by VHS copies of the movie Roots. Quick, distract us from the analogies with another song! Kids : singing If you want to make it, you've got to know who you are Brad vo : You know, so far in this special called Be Somebody , I'm seeing a lot of people failing.


First, it's singing, in a scene on frustration, Mr. T comes wearing a tux and holding a cello then it's sitting in a chair. T holds up his cello as he starts to sit in the chair, but he is holding it awkwardly and the chair and him both fall on the floor. Brad vo : Next up, T teaches about anger, which normally is the result of sticking your fist in potato salad and swatting at a fly. During the scene in question, involving him with young people at a picnic, Mr.

T angrily tries to swat a fly with a mound of potato salad and swinging a paddle around; the kids stare in surprise. Brad : Actually, that's not true.

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