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And they persevere in going there because they have the very best of company on the way; a Presence and a people to get them through the worst of times. It is a way that is scandalously grace-filled, for it is always there for everyone to join, at any point in their journey. It is a way that is contested, opposed and even persecuted because those not on it can easily be persuaded that it is restrictive, laughable or even dangerously misleading.

And there are powers that seek to trip up and disable its followers. But it is the only way that overcomes because it is wise and care-full to avoid potentially treacherous short-cuts or isolated stretches and there is ever present help from Life and his limitless strength and power. And so all those who remain on it to the end reach their long-anticipated destination. They begin to see they are loved more than they could ever love, so they love as much as they can in response.

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But they love wisely too, for they know they are worth more than many sparrows so they flee any attachment that tells them they are not. They learn to tread well to the right of hopeful expectancy but resist straying into entitlement. They become quicker to serve wholeheartedly, give generously and sacrifice astonishingly for others. But they revel too in taking their turn to receive lavish help or gifts. They seek to be so much more than intentional but to stop just short of striving; to be principled but never so ruled by law that they become their own definition of a Pharisee.

They look to build healthy disciplines, but flee from following these whatever comes, rather than adapting to whatever and wherever the one who inspired them needs them to do — or not do — next.

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Miraculously, they grow more stunningly obedient and strangely free at the same time. Less themselves and more themselves all at once. The way of the one who fasted and went to the cross, but who also laughed and feasted with his friends. The way of the one who spoke gently saving grace to the adulteress John and consistently angry judgement to the exclusionary religious elite.

Faithful Workouts: Stretch & Strengthen with the Hymns

The way of the one who gave a hillside full of people with good food, leaving abundant leftovers spare, without means testing their need e. Matthew , but who also told the rich young man he must give everything he had to the poor if he truly wanted to follow this way Matthew The way of the one who healed every one of the sick who came to him in one place Matthew , but left a village where everyone was looking for him to minister to them, because his calling to preach led him elsewhere Mark The way of the one who has walked with us every step of the way so far, and whose Spirit is saying again to us today:.

And that, no not that, I love watching how much joy that brings you — enjoy it with me now.

The Home Stretch pt 5: The Arrest and Trial of Jesus

Here are some questions, one or more of which might be helpful to ask God and yourself as you pray, and in anticipation of your year ahead together:. Where might I need to move a little more to the left, or a little more to the right, in my heart-posture, beliefs or actions? In the abstract, holidays feel like a time when there should be more space to connect with God and the things on his heart.

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  8. Busy festival times of celebration — especially Christmas — can be even more like this…. Even when the reason for all the activity is Jesus, it can end up negatively impacting on our time with him, or lead us to feel like we have two modes of operation — one clearly connected to our devotion, and one that just feels separate, even if its really good. As well as the joy we experienced from doing this with God, we also ended up making a note of some wonderful moments we might otherwise have forgotten, and getting the chance to savour everything more richly together before moving on to the next thing.

    And some of our central collective members will also be taking a well-earned holiday during this time-period too! You can download it as a printable pdf from our articles and poetry page or read it below:.

    Stretched And Strengthened

    Freedom is as freedom does. So God of freedom, crash through all my self-justifying defences; help me see better through this matrix and come to my senses. It was for freedom that you so extravagantly set us free, not for comfort, but for upward and outward relational liberty. For I am not just I — I am in you and I am in your body. So I am less with every threat to — every theft from — our corporately. But I am more — and I am free — when I surrender to you; utterly.

    Tweets by sanctuarycentre. Each one received a personally addressed and signed letter and gift postcard, with the LOVED graphic above on the front, and the following text on the back: What inspired us to do this?

    Home Stretch; Bring Nikiforov/Sabela family home!!

    The first is the relief of freeing perspective. The second is hope.

    The third is courage. This characteristic was our God is our Healer Jehovah Rapha The thing is there are widely different views and emphases held in the church about healing, and our own personal experiences can be so formative that it can be difficult for each of us to see past them to what scripture sets out about how, to what extent, and when, our God heals.

    We found it really helpful, and freeing and — as it plays so centrally into the now and not yet of interceding for situations of brokenness and suffering — thought we would share it with you as a resource for wider worship and prayer too: Thank you God that you are both our HEALER and completely for our healing Thank you that you made us. You can: use it individually, or as a group or family; use it in the garden, or on walks in the countryside; take it out with you on a specific trip or holiday, or keep it close to hand and tick off things as you discover them over a longer period of time; using each one as a gateway to prayer or praise.


    Picture this… The main way people take is so broad it barely feels like a way — it is more like field upon field stretching out in parallel, and all across it people are moving forward towards the horizon. About the Author. Journey to God The Reason. The Environment. Back Cover. Having your support though on this final stretch has been extremely special and is certainly a day I wont be forgetting quickly.

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    Thanks also to those who provided snacks and cheered me on along the way, for the many banners and placards printed out like those outside; "The lantern", Balineen, Supervalu Dunmanway, Crowley's Pharmacy, Collins Centra, and Fairfield Nursing Home, Drimoleague. All your support means an awful lot I find it hard to express it enough! For those who have given generously towards Compassion I thank you myself and also on the behalf of all the children who Compassion work to provide for.

    To the many of you who beseeched God in prayer to pray for my protection during this journey, I also cannot express my thanks enough.

    The 10 Virgins

    I know that there have been times where I have certainly felt that God was with me in times of loneliness Thailand and pain Everywhere! Mum and Dad, I've probably put ye both through a year of untold stress and worry, so I want to say a huge thank you now for sticking with me even though I've traveled to some places I know you rather I wouldn't have gone to.