Jehovahs true witnesses agree: Jesus is God!

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Ecclesiastes 9: 10 Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest. Basically the dead are unconscious. One Final thing. Thank you for this excellent article. Jehovah's Witnesses are Christians, as you correctly state. They accept Jesus Christ as their savior and as the son of God, whose name Jehovah appears in the original texts of the Holy Scriptures more than times. The more than 8 million Jehovah Witnesses worldwide are praying for their brothers and sisters in Russia and for the countless millions of their honest hearted fellow citizens.

Um yep they are. The are Jehovah's witnesses because God's name is Jehovah or the Father. Even Jesus said "the Father is greater than I am ". Unfortunately centuries of rubbish taught through the churches has been accepted as truth.

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Banning religious organizations is just another page from Russian FSB textbook edited and approved by Putin. Other chapters of the same textbook include: a Banning the anti corruption movement 'Open Russia' after the March 26th demonstrations when thousands of young Russians in some 80 cities responded to a call by the opposition leader Alexei A. Navalny to protest against widespread government corruption. Navalny was jailed for 15 days after the protests but has continued his antigovernment activity.

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In a new video he made new accusations against the prime minister, Dmitri Medvedev accusing him of owning estates, vineyards and yachts through corrupt charities and shell companies. Khodorkovsky's two organizations were included in the Kremlin's recent ban. It's important to remember that extremism doesn't come explicitly through physical acts of violence, but rather it can be found in emotional blackmailing such as the extreme version of shunning JW's practice resulting in the pulling apart of families as sited by the Russian Gov't.

It can come in the rising death toll of JW's due to their ban on blood transfusions and the punishment inflected on ones who do accept life saving blood transfusions Ones that do are disfellowshipped and shunned. JW's fail to report abuse to the authorities, and put the onus on victims to provide witnesses to their rape or molestations in order to so much as be dealt with within the church. Extremism can also be found in the demonizing of secular education, as JW's are strongly discouraged from pursuing higher education and instead devoting themselves to full time free labor.

They are also not allowed to research their own religion using any external sources. If they do so, they risk being shunned for reading "apostate" literature. I could go on. See below:. If a house is condemned because the foundations are rotten and yet people were living in that house who were unaware of its imminent collapse would you not warn them to get out? The teachings in Christendom contradict what is taught in the Bible. However, as I am sure you will have noticed, Jehovah's Witnesses don't come knocking on your door to highlight the errors of Christendom, but rather to promote the almighty God's purpose for mankind.

The restoration of his original plan for the Earth to be a global paradise where all humans, including the billions who are asleep in death can enjoy everlasting life. Having said that, personal salvation is of secondary importance to Jehovah's people. What really motivates us is to do our part in the sanctification of God's name and the vindication of his rulership.

In the garden of Eden, God's name his reputation was slandered and his way of rulership over humans was called into question. Once these issues have been settled for all time, Jehovah can then move ahead with his loving purpose for mankind. The actions of Satan, Adam, and Eve, years ago condemned the human race to short lives and eventual extinction.

It was as if the human race had been kidnapped with no hope of restoration. Jesus, death as a faithful perfect man, the equivalent to the perfect but faithless Adam provided the needed ransom price to buy humans back. His death was a key factor that will lead to the eventual sanctification of Jehovah's name and the vindication of Jehovah's rulership.

When that is established, the benefits of Christ's ransom sacrifice can be applied to all humans, which basically means perfect minds and bodies living forever in the home that God prepared for humans, the Earth. After that, God will reveal the next stage in his purpose for his human creation.

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Glad you clarified. Russian Orthodoxy is a synonym of Russian historic imperialism. It goes back to the times of that Russian monk who persuaded his Tsar that Moscow must be known as the "Third Rome"! And Putin is determined to implement that foolish concept.

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Or is it just your very educated opinion? In its annual report, the U. And Putin's Russia. That includes Vladimir Putin's cult as it clashed with the basic human rights and must be disallowed. Ha, ha Of course, they , - and tens of thousands like them, - did not practice any religion, that would have been in violation of the official atheism.

Orthodox Christian faith does not support a practice of keeping any mummies for up to one hundred years for public display. Why does Russian Orthodox Church continue to tolerate and justify public exhibition right on Moscow's RED Square of the skeleton of a devoted atheist and mass executioner of Christians of any denomination? Will the Russian Patriarchate advocate replacing Len-in with Put-in?

Look up www. What am I going to say to them?

The Atonement and Jehovah’s Witnesses

What shall I do? First, this theory underestimates what was lost by Adam and so it misses the true need for the atonement. Second, it underestimates what was gained by Christ and so confuses the true result of the atonement. Indeed, the ransom motif has, historically, been one way of understanding the atonement. Here we begin to see the first major problem in their view of the atonement.

Instead, they suppose that if men are to be saved from death there must be an even exchange. A frequently appealed to text is Exodus But it is hardly an appropriate text upon which to build a doctrine of atonement. This text teaches how the human perpetrator should be punished. The violated party in Exodus is a finite man. The text, therefore, provides a standard to which a man must appeal when his fellow man has harmed him. He was to mete out an equivalent punishment. Their real emphasis is on the perpetrator and particularly what he has lost.

A basic principle even of human justice is that the price paid should fit the wrong committed. It was only a perfect human, Adam, who sinned in Eden, not God. This is a strictly man-centered view of atonement. It focuses on what man has lost perfection and how it may be regained. It is thus understandable why the principle of equality seems reasonable in this system.

Romans In order to give mankind real life, sin and death must be done away with. Notice their further explanation:.


In the Bible this provision is called the ransom. The first human couple sold themselves and their offspring into slavery to sin and death. They traded life as perfect humans obedient to God for life independent of God, making their own decisions as to what is right and what is wrong. To buy back perfect human life, a price had to be paid that was equivalent to the perfect human life that our first parents forfeited. Having inherited imperfection, humans were not qualified to provide that price Psalm So Jehovah God stepped in to help.

He transferred the perfect life of his only-begotten Son to the womb of a virgin, who gave birth to Jesus…With the existence of a perfect human life, the price to redeem mankind from sin and death became available. In this entire plan no reference is made to the nature of this sin as being committed against an infinite God or to the infinite anger against mankind that resulted. In theory, a perfect man might be able to take the place of another, but he cannot deal with the infinite sin. The life of a strictly human Jesus could only pay the ransom for one person, for Adam himself.

Full atonement for all of the elect can only be made by an infinite being.

This ransom theory demonstrates its bankruptcy not only through its misunderstanding of what was lost in Adam—peace with God; but also of what was gained in Christ—full and eternal salvation. As we have seen, this theory supposes that to gain back what Adam lost would require an identical second Adam. But the Bible reveals the shallowness of this supposition.

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