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Jake the Detective

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System Nintendo 3DS European version. His mystery-reading cousin has ideas, but Jake has questions. Does going undercover mean putting a bedspread over your head? Is putting a tail on someone like Pin the Tail on the Donkey? If you catch a thief red-handed, will he have red hands?

The hardboiled detective, Jake Hunter, returns next year!

Jake's good at following directions. In fact, he does exactly what he is told, which leads to a lot of mix-ups, a whole lot of mistakes, and a hilarious mixture of merriment. Add in Jake's bad hair, his short attention span, and his bossy classmate, and you're in for some laugh-out-loud fun.

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  6. She and her husband now live in Northern Kentucky with a tuxedo cat named Spatz, a border collie named Mattie, and a sheltie named Rylie. Jake the Detective by Susan Troutt. Formats Softcover. Other Books By Author.

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