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14 Habits of Green Thumb Growers: Can they be learned?

Check out some of these garden-related events from around the region! Self-Guided Tours at Van Dusen Botanical Garden every month — Numbered self-guided tours are plotted out by volunteers nearly every month for visitors to enjoy at their leisure. Spring is just around the corner and so is the gardening season! The Grow Green guide is a great place to look for garden inspiration and advice. Is there ever enough time to get everything done? Read his eco-friendly tips to save….

Growing Together: Test your green thumb IQ with today's gardening quiz

Not only is this annoying, but it is detrimental. Every time weeds are removed,….

These include many species of bees, butterflies, birds, flies, moths, wasps, beetles and other animals that move pollen between male and female flower parts to create seeds for… Read more. But If you are… Read more. But that beauty… Read more.

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July 13, by Grow Green Guide 1 Invasive. Starter plants will give you faster results so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor a little sooner.

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Prepare The Soil: Using the spades to turn the soil. If you do fertilize wait a week before planting to avoid shocking plant roots. For vegetables, plant the tallest ones in the back or in multiple rows plant rows of smaller vegetables, such as beans and radishes, one to two feet apart. Flowers can be clustered together according to color texture or both.

Some tips on growing a green thumb

A good rule of thumb is long deep watering is far more effective than multiple short showers a soaker hose is ideal for most any garden. One of the only things that dogs are better at than digging is rolling!

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  • Rolling around your flower beds, to be precise. On the bright side, all those flowers that were there are now deadheaded… or just dead. Maybe not the most helpful, but at least you are spending time with your dog!

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    Plus, a shot like this one just makes the dog look so elegant and innocent. This is Lemon.

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    Lemon broke the internet in with his amazing gardening skills. Every gardener wishes they had a dog like Lemon. Start training! More on Lemon here.