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Now his coaches want him to learn the safety position, too-a position that opened up when Bobby, Rocky's best friend, broke his leg. Even though he believes he is to blame for Bobby's injury, Rocky eagerly takes on the challenge of becoming a two-way player. After all, the only other player available is Jared, a sullen boy who switched from soccer to football this season.

Yet as time goes on, it's Jared who excels at the position because, thanks to Bobby, Rocky keeps missing practices! What's going on between Rocky and Bobby-and why is Jared on the team when he clearly dislikes football so much? Football Double Threat combines the action and excitement of football with relatable issues about envy, loyalty, and friendship. Paperback , pages. Add a Rating. When he and his best friend Bobby were horsing around in the locker room, Bobby slipped and broke his leg, ending his season. Rocky was embarrassed and guilty. Bobby makes Rocky sell his candy bars for the team and he also has a test coming up so rocky has no time to sell sixty candy bars and study for his test.

Rocky knew Bobby was manipulating him but didn't know how to fix it. So he is such a good friend and his guilt took him over of breaking his leg, so he made a promise to sell Bobbies candy bars for him. At practice the next week the coaches called him over to play. He found out that now he has to replace Bobbies position. This makes Rocky go back on his word and he should have never said yes to sell Bobies candy bars and sell his on top of it, and study for his test. This stories lesson is to think before you say something, because if Rocky had say no to Bobby he wouldn't have gone through all this stress.

The genre of this book is realistic fiction.

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This book is stated realistic fiction because this story is not real or it did not happen but it could happen. My opinion of this book is good because while I was reading it, it felt like I was in Rockies shoes. Because the whole book he was stressed out and I really know what it feels like to be stressed. It is not a comfortable feeling. And I also know how it feels to play both ways on football because I actually do play both ways, and it is very tiring.

I think people who play a lot of sports will love this book because it is really exciting and you kind of feel sorry for Rocky because he is under a lot of stress throughout the book. Once viral infection is established, the introduction of bNAbs that target Env can suppress the virus to undetectable levels in the bloodstream, as long as the antibodies persist there 18 , The role of these antibodies in tissues is not fully understood.

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When the antibody levels decay, viral rebound occurs and immune defences are mediated mainly by T cells Given the results in primates, is there any evidence that bNAbs can tackle the viral reservoir in human HIV infection? Mendoza and colleagues used an in vitro quantitative virus-outgrowth test to assess the viral-reservoir size. They found no significant differences in reservoir size before and after bNAb treatment.

However, longer and more-effective bNAb treatment and larger study groups might be needed to establish definitively whether bNAbs affect the viral reservoir.

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As strategies are sought to target the reservoir, it is encouraging to know that bNAbs might provide a useful weapon in the arsenal of viral-control tools. Paula, A. AIDS Res. Mendoza, P.

Nature , — Bar-On, Y. Nature Med. Sengupta, S. Immunity 48 , — Boritz, E. Cell , — Pegu, A.

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Caskey, M. Bar, K. Scheid, J. Ledgerwood, J. Mayer, K. PLoS Med. Science , — Zhou, T. Rothenberger, M.

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Natl Acad. USA , E—E Kearney, M. PLoS Pathog. Hessell, A. Liu, J. Shingai, M. Barouch, D. Nishimura, Y.

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Download references. Sign up for the daily Nature Briefing email newsletter. Stay up to date with what matters in science and why, handpicked from Nature and other publications worldwide. Sign Up. Advanced search. Nancy L. Haigwood Nancy L. Search for this author in: Pub Med Nature. PDF version. References 1. PubMed Article Google Scholar 2. Article Google Scholar 3. Article Google Scholar 4. PubMed Article Google Scholar 5. PubMed Article Google Scholar 6.

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