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They had to give him away to a Christian family to ensure his survival as theirs seemed impossible.

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When the war was over they went back for him. They asked for his body. The family claimed not to "remember" where he had been buried. It seemed obvious, Zenus was still alive and was being kept by them. They searched and searched. But they never found him. His absence was a tangible presence in my house in the only photo that remained.

It's strange to live with the feeling that maybe somewhere, there is someone with my blood who looks like me yet doesn't know who he is. Imagine having to leave your children behind to save their life. What conceivable threat could a two year-old child pose? What were my little brother, Ania, and Hanka accused of? These questions led me to think about EVIL. Not the interpersonal evil, the everyday one, uttered in the midst of an argument or a heated moment.

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No, no. Uppercase EVIL : impersonal, systematic, political. The EVIL perpetrated by someone in the name of a system against others belonging to a group targeted for destruction. The one done by obeying orders, that manufactures wars, massive killings, and genocides, but without any guilt. I believe the answer relies on education. An education where ethics is central. Neither religions nor cultural norms have been able to prevent uppercase EVIL yet humanity depends on this.

It should be part of every curriculum. But if it were to be, how to introduce something like EVIL at school? And also, how can we highlight its importance in order that it not become just another class: 9am: English, 10am: Gym, 11am: Genocide? Those who experienced it being in the classroom is the key.

The one who was there, shaped by history. Their voice and their presence touch us It opens ears and helps us to see the human perspective in every historical event. Buried in the page of some history book. How can we keep alive that motivating force of the live testimony in the classroom?

In Fahrenheit , Bradbury describes a world in which books are forbidden. Each rebel decides to learn a book by heart in order to keep it alive.

This is the solution: like those rebels, let us rebel against tides of forgetfulness to ensure that each story continues to be heard. And this is how the Apprentice Project was born. A very simple idea: bringing two people togetherone who has something to tell, and another who wants to hear it and commits to continue telling it. I transmitted my enthusiasm to the people at Generations of the Shoah , an organization that deals with the Holocaust, and we began to work.

At first, we had no idea how to tackle it, but the project enthralled people, we persisted, and through trial and error we learned, and we are doing it! And they tell stories like the ones I told earlier, human, universal, stories that anyone can understand. The project is spread by word of mouth.

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The candidates are young adults from 20 to 35 years-old. They first complete a training before the long-awaited moment arrives: the Pairing Event. That day each Apprentice meets their Teacher. The matches are made and each pair chooses its own path. They meet wherever they want, whenever they want, and for as long as they need. The only requirement is that the Apprentice must keep a journal, logging the memories of the journeytheir memory for the future.

The pairs meet several times before the final moment arrives at the Closure Event: a rite of passage in front of friends and family of both the Teachers and the Apprentices. Throughout their meetings, each pair has developed a powerful relationship that is formalized that day in front of all those in attendance by signing an ethical commitment: that each story will continue to be told.

To this point, ninety pairs have completed the project. We are how we are because of what happened before. We will be who we will be if we learn from the rowers to gain the power to move forward by looking back.

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Pamela asked Judith if she had ever felt ashamed during the war. Yes, I have,and I had forgotten. It was the day when we first arrived at Auschwitz. Hundreds of women cramped in that horrible place.

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And we were ordered to strip. I was 14 years old. I had never stripped in front of anyone before. I had reached my limit. Blond, light blue eyes, handsome as could be. I wanted to die. That was the worst thing that happened to me in Auschwitz. But it was worse than lice, worse than hunger, worse than thirst. My intimacy was there lying on the ground in front of everyone. At the height of his career the late s until his death in , the Puerto Rican pianist and bandleader Noro Morales released a series of recordings of ballroom rumba pieces arranged for his sextet, without vocals and with an innovation the piano playing both melody and rhythm.

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The Mexican film "El jibarito Rafael", set in Puerto Rico, has a scene where a tuxedo-clad singer Felipe Pirela sings the song as he wanders around the nightclub where the protagonist couple are sitting, to end up facing the girl directly as he begins the phrase "Silencio The order of these lines is reversed in some versions. The third line, Los nardos y las rosas or The tuberoses and the roses , is omitted entirely from some versions.

Further lines of the song talk about a tormented soul: And my soul, very sad and heavy, Wants to hide from the flowers, Its bitter pain. The singer hides their true feelings: I don't want the flowers to know, The torments life sends me, If they knew what I suffer. With my pains, they too would cry. The point is reiterated: Silence; let them sleep, The nards and the lilies. I don't want them to know my sadness.