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I have tried to find the courage to travel to america all my life, or going anywhere that might involve heights. I am frightened of flying and of high bridges which I know are silly irrational fears but they have ruined my life as I have held myself back from traveling, always fearing whats around the next corner, if its a bridge or high motorway, if someone can help me in overcoming these crippling silly fears I would be truly thankful as I am of an age now when I cant wait to long in fulfilling my dream of visiting america, thanking you James.

Before I got married 8 years ago, I told my wife about this "crippling silly fear" she was not to impressed, but she has been very supportive - to a point. If I have been somewhere before, then I know what to expect - I usually am fine to drive and travel, however, bridges and very high over-passes on highways I am very scared and have panic attacks. It is very difficult to deal with. I have tried unsuccessfully to get help with this and I feel it will ruin my life and my marriage. I would give anything to conquer this and wish you the best of luck!

I have never really been comfortable with heights. The older I get, the worse it becomes. Bridges and mountain highways with overlooking views are absolutely the worst. My heart is racing now just reading the previous posts. For me it's about a loss of control. I feel that if I am in a car, I am just as helpless as on a runaway horse. What if I have a blowout, the truck behind me hits me, or my driving is compromised due to a panic attack.

AND, it's not irrational, I have accumulated enough stories, even ones from close friends, over my lifetime to justify my fears. I won't dare share any of them and add to yours. I work out in the field and am on the road quite a bit. There are a few bridges I can handle short distance, high and safe sides, visibility of height not so obvious, flat grade, etc. There are some I won't even attempt, for fear of a panic attack, and will do whatever is necessary to detour around them.

I will even become paniced days in advance I'm afraid I'll miss my planned detour turnoff and wind up being forced over the damn thing. I found this page because I really would love to need to do something about it and was doing some web-surfing. I understand that therapy using virtual reality is offering some success. I am going to look into it. I suggest the same for all of you. Deb, Reading your comments hit home with me. It's not only bridges, but also high elevation driving with signs for scenic views just makes my heart pound.

This started for me in my early 40's, before that I had no fears when driving on bridges, tunnels, mountains, nothing. When it first started I was going over a bridge on the way to Ocean City MD, I felt dizzy was sweating and shaking so much. By the time I got over the bridge I had to get off the first exit, I wasn't sure I'd be able to drive. I am now almost 50 yrs old and want to conquer this phobia. My job requires me to drive all over central, north east Pa and NJ. I have mapped out routes to avoid certain roads and bridges. If anyone has any answers please let me know.

Good Luck to you all! I feel the same way about driving over bridges and even an overpass, severe panic and terror. I feel as if I might lose control of the car somehow and go over the side or something. Reading these posts, my hands are sweaty, my heart is racing. I don't know how to get over this fear.

I always take the longest way to get to places to avoid any bridges or overpasses. I was thinking of trying hypnosis, has anyone on here tried it? I have traveled the bay bridge for many years and have enjoyed it. The old eastbound bridge does not feel as open on the sides and does not have the appearance of a drop off as the westbound newer bridge does.

The westbound has open sides and you can't see the whole bridge almost as if you are walking a gangplank. I no longer go to the beach. It's too terrifying, the bridge. For me it is not a fear of height, water, falling, crashing, but just a visual effect that my brain has problems dealing with.

I think the westbound definitely needs to feel more closed in on the sides and should have had a curve put in it so you can see the other side of the bridge. I have tried three times to cross and after making it to the top and seeing the other side, I start calming down but the terrifying trip before I get to that point is too much to bear.

I did try pulling a snout cap down over my head and putting the visors down over the side windows to cut my view as much as possible. It helped a little but not enough to do it again. Anyone know how to get to the beach from southern pa without taking this bridge? The bridges and tunnels there are easy to cross. I have not been able to cross the Bay Bridge since I became a mom. I worry about accidents occuring while up that high and so unprotected.

The last two fatal accidents on the Bay Bridge are keeping me off that bridge for good but you can get to OC driving up north and over into Delaware. I too suffer from fear of driving over the MD bay bridge. I go from D. C up 95, around Baltimore or through it and just before the Delaware Mem. I fish under the bay bridge all the time and I say to myself 'I can do that', but the last time I freaked out and have never been over it since. Didn't start this stuff until my fifties. I really bugs me. I tried Paxil once and no effect whatsoever. Stopped taking it.

I wish they would bring back the car ferries.

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I feel like such a wimp. I was airborne infantry and fear very little but high narrow bridges. I live in Baltimore and am deathly afraid of bridges. Yesterday I drove over the Bay Bridge Maryland. I never really new there were that many people with a fear of driving over bridges until I googled up images of the bridge to show some family and landed upon this sight. I've always had a problem but it has gotten worse as I get older. Not only did I have to go over this bridge, I ended up on the single lane going on the opposite side of the bridge westbound side. My daughter 17 offered to drive over,but that wasn't until we were already on the bridge and I was hyperventilating.

I didn't really think it was a good idea to stop at that point!?! Being an extreme claustrophic it was interesting to read that that is possibly part of the problem. I'm not afraid of heights at all just driving on bridges. I'm certain the view was beautiful, but it was hard to see through the narrowing tunnel vision I was getting from hyperventilating?!?!

I've driven the George Washington a millions times but always on the lower level and it doesn't bother me that much. It definitely has something to do with wide open space around me on other bridges. Good thing I don't have to drive that bridge often.

Ihaven't really gotten scared of crossing bridges but the 35w crash really freaked me out a little bit because that day i was going to go to Wisconsin and we had to cross the bridge to get to our destination. But our plans changed a few hours before we were going to leave. Our guardians decided they didn't wnt to drive through the night because they had a long day and were probably going to get tired so we decided to go the next day.

I think if my parents hadn't thought of that I wouldn't be here right now. After reading through all of these post. I find that I too and the victim of the notorious Bay Bridge. I am 39 years old and have traveled all over the United States but, a recent transplant to Maryland. As I started moving onto the bridge I was able to see nothing but an high arch. I could see the other side to land due to the slight mist.

I found it extremely difficult to keep focused on my driving. I tried focusing on the centerline and using my peripheral vision to navigate the 4 mile span. I made one trip across, and one trip back. I grew up in the Pittsburgh area where there are bridges everywhere. I have no problem crossing the bridge is going to the tunnels or anything like that in my own familiar area.

But when I hit the open highways I remain stressed out wondering if I'll come across a large bridge. I have never had this before in my life but over the last six months it is nearly incapacitated me, and make me hate driving. If anyone is currently on any kind of medication that seems to help please advise us via this post. Any help on this end would be greatly appreciated. Gary, I know exactly what you mean I feel your pain. I have had about 3 panic attacks on highways in my life, but they were a while back.

Suddenly, about two weeks ago, I traveled to Mt. Pleasant, near Charleston, S. C and had an experience that I now know indicates a major problem. I rounded a corner and was faced with that Ravenel Bridge. My heart raced into my throat, I had tunnel vision from the terror, my hands were paralyzed onto the wheel and I felt like I was coming out of my body. I was on the verge of passing out. I had several meetings that required me to drive over that bridge and others in the area. So drastic was my fear that I had to hire a taxi to drive me back and forth. I just turned 60 so it's a surprise that these things are starting to happen.

I've always loved adventure and even went sky diving in the late 80's. Now I plan every trip around whether or not a bridge is there. The part that gets me the most is the arch in a bridge. If I look up and see sky, I'm a gonner. There's no way to stop the escalation of the terror at that point. As for medicine, I bought some Rescue Remedy that is made of herbs. You just spray twice on your tongue and it does help in about 10 minutes. I used it after I was a crumpled mess on the other side of that Ravenel. I haven't tried it before I actually have to drive over another bridge. The next time I get stuck going over a bridge, I'll keep a look out for another car driving 20 mph and I'll keep my distance.

It's devastating. Thank you for sharing your story. I live on the north side of the Ravenel Bridge and have to visit a physician on the south side. There is no way to go around -- if you don't go over the bridge, you don't make it to Charleston. Have to get someone to drive me. I have the same symptoms as so many other posters here. Fear of the fear itself. My foot starts shaking so hard when trying to drive across one of those arcing bridges that I am unable to put pressure on the gas pedal.

It is a paralyzing feeling that didn't start with me until my late 30's. I have no explanation as to the reason it began. I wish I could find a remedy also as I cannot drive somewhere I have never been because I am afraid of running into a high, narrow, arching bridge also.. I really want this job.. I too have this problem. I could not wait until I was back on solid ground.

At first I thought I was getting sea sick, but without being on a boat. I don't have a problem with most bridges, just the larger ones that span long distances. I don't like stopping in traffic on bridges either because I can feel the bridge vibrating when cars are coming from the other direction. I also have problems with tunnels now. Any tunnel that goes underwater or the longer ones that go under the mountain ranges like the ones along the Pennsylvania Turnpike heading west. I'm getting ready to drive back across the PA Turnpike next week and am not looking forward to that part of the ride.

We've been stopped before for bridge work and I dread it. Last time I was driving and we were at the very top that thing Rick talked about in his comments, when you can not see over the top and it took deep breathing and lots of talking to myself to keep me from getting out of control. Today, same thing except - stopped high on the bridge - my husband was driving and after one quick look affirming I could not see over the bridge and one quick look over the side confirming if the bridge collapsed that would be the end of us, a deep breath and I opened a book to read while we waited.

Not looking and keeping my eyes glued to a book is much better. I've known for a long time I have a mild case of bridge phobia but until today I did not bother to look up the name - gephyrophobia. I told my husband it's not so much the fear of heights but not being in control and expecting something terrible to happen and no way to deal with it. Deb said the same thing in her posting and described well the feeling of no control. I wondered what causes this fear and was interested in all the comments.

I have had asthma all my adult life and I am quite claustrophobic and not crazy about heights but don't mind being on the high floor of a building or crossing high bridges as long as I can see ahead. Crossing the bay bridge is a little frightening but as long as I look nowhere except straight ahead I can manage. Last year we were in Chianti country in Tuscany where the roads are steep, hairpin curves and no guard rails - I could not get behind the driver's wheel.

Fortunately, my husband was a good sport and did all the driving. Good to have folks to learn from and share with. I've only got a mild case but I can certainly sympathize with others. Good luck!! I have the biggest fear of bridges and I feel it is really keeping from doing things that I would love to do but it really is a sickness, If anyone has any clues on how to get over this I would love it, my daughter and I was suppose to go away for the weekend to another state, but I cant because what if there is a bridge?

Now I have disappointed her because of this fear I would love to conquer. This is directed at all the people who have a problem with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge the high one not the long one. Just go up and around. I also have a problem with the bridge. For a while I used to get directly behind a tractor-trailer till it filled my vision not a safe thing to do to make it over the bridge. Now I just go up north on I then take Delaware Route 1 south and by-pass the bridge all together.

With our families, my brother and I go to the Rehoboth Beach each year in separate cars. We stay together traveling east on I until Fredrick MD. My route is only 20 miles longer but half the time I get to the beach before he does due to the traffic jams at the Bay Bridge. Here's another hint. The I toll booth is on the other side of the Susquehanna River and it will cause traffic to back up all the way across the river. So you'll be stuck on the I bridge for a long time. Use the Havre De Grace bridge to bypass the whole mess.

Been there, Done that. I am 41 and have recently become very irrational whilst driving across high bridges that have open sides. My hands become sweaty, I cannot breathe properly, my speed slows down to a crawl and I have the bizarre desire to drive off the side!! The German bridges are much better having wind deflectors that are not see through I was thinking the same thing about the age thing. I have driven over a bridge near my home in Maryland for 8 years now with absolutely no problem. One day everything changed and now I can't drive the bridge. As a passenger i'm fine, just the driving i can't do.

I'm very intrigued to know if age has something to do with it I was 45 when it all started to go bad. I normally go down there once a month to the Fellowship lunch that is hosted by Trinity Methodist Church on the last Saturday of each month. The last time I attempted to go to lunch there was August 30, at approximately AM.

It was at about that moment that I met the bridge and was filled with inexplicable feelings of fear and dread, like there was going to be a terrible disaster at the bridge. I fought my feelings, driving over the bridge while sweating profusely, needless to say, I was very happy to come off the other end of the bridge safely. I went to the lunch at the church but, was still so shaken by my experience and weak in the knees, I did not stay for the lunch. Instead, I asked the host if there were any way I could return to Elkton without crossing the bridge again.

She told me I could go back through Delaware, which is what I did, although it was a much longer route. Upon returning home, my roommate, Jack, looked in the Cecil Soil magazine and found an article about the Chesapeake City Bridge collapse that happened on August 30, , which was 70 years to the day and probably the minute that this psychic experience occurred, I wonder if the victims of the collapse were not still there and reaching out to warn me about the bridge. I was shocked to hear from a person at another church lunch that it had recently collapsed again a year or so ago claiming more victims.

I, for one will never go on that bridge again. Psychic warnings are given for a reason and I believe we should all heed them, and rather be safe than be sorry. Joanne, I'm very confused by your comment. Which bridge are you talking about? The actual Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a much larger structure that crosses the bay and connects rural Maryland on the east with urban Maryland on the west.

But in any case, in your comment you mention a bridge collapse that took place on August 30, The problem with that date is that none of the three above structures existed at that time. I could find no evidence of any collapse at any time. No mention of collapses. The Chesapeake CITY Bridge which I think must be the one to which you're referring was built in , replacing a vertical lift bridge that had been there since the s. This earlier lift bridge did collapse when it was rammed by a tanker.

But that accident took place on July 28, , practically four years after the date you mention. Could you clarify your comment? Also, which issue of Cecil Soil are you referring to? I went to their website and found that past issues can be downloaded but knowing the exact one would save time. Hi I am Scottish so not having to over all these bridges, but at the age of 35 I developed a strange fear, irrational as it may seem, to tunnels, bridges, and motorways, and especially when there is a drop off to the side, and I am driving up an incline.

I don't know how this came about, none of these things used to bother me at all. It seemed to start all of a sudden, I literally have been so panicked I would have done anything to stop my car right there and then, but generally if these panic attacks happen it is inevitably in a situation where I cannot stop my car or pull over, a tunnel for example.

I only drive to local places now on roads I know and tend to drive at mph any faster seems to make my problems worse. I absolutely hate being like this, and even more weird is that this is happening to my brother also who lives in Australia, who knew nothing of my problem. Hello, I have just read your comment, this has just started happening to me and is becoming ridiculous as it involves more and more any slight bend with an incline downwards.

I am driving more and more slowly and when I see the exasperated drivers behind me I become more and more panicked. As everyone here says, it is worse since turning Have you managed to get any help for it? I am glad I've found this website too! We are planning a trip to Disney next month and my fear of flying prevents plane travel so we'll be driving. Well for the past two months I have been driving myself insane with fears of all the bridges I have to cross to get to FL from NY.

I've always been "nervous" about bridges but enjoyed crossing them. I find my fear wratched up when I had kids. I have this horrendous fear of whatever I'm crossing collapsing into the water and having to save my babies. I'm almost to the point of wanting to cancel this trip.

I'm already dreading the Del-Mem bridge. I think just sort of talking to all of you about it helps a bit too. When I hold that fear in it makes it worse - talking about it helps a bit. I don't feel so alone Hopefully you've already taken your trip to Florida by the time you get this, but no, you don't have to cross the Chesapeake Bay Bridge on 95 from Ny to FL. I have to go to Florida soon too and will be taking the train It's so hard to live well in today's world with these problems.

But in a vehicle or on foot, anything other than the center of a low, wide bridge freaks me out. The slower-speed Hennepin Avenue Bridge, a short distance upriver, has substantial rails and is not troublesome. I was eyeballing a road Atlas the entire trip, looking for ways to minimize river crossings, which is impossible. I white-knuckled it down there and back, and once asked her to take the wheel to cross a modest bridge over the Ohio River outside of Paducah, Kentucky.

Gephyrophobia: Fear of crossing bridges is now in the spotlight | Science Buzz

The new 35W bridge opened a couple weeks ago, about 80 feet wider than the previous bridge. As I suspected they would be, the guardrails are puny. I have lived in Gloucester Va for 14 years and have traveled many bridges along the eastern part of the country. I can pass any tunnel and cross the hampton roads and Gloucester bridges but the White Stone Bridge gives me a sense of panic. I feel hot and as if I may pass out. I know that I have traveled on this bridge before and that there is no rational reason for my feelings but am unable to control them.

This bridge is only about a half mile long but very narrow and arched. I couldn't imagine going on a really long bridge. My God! I read all of these posts, and must say that although I surely sympathize with you all, I'm glad to see that I ain't nuts! The nightmare started for me about 10 years ago. I was driving a truck out of a rock quarry, fully loaded 25 tons with 2-B asphalt stone.

It started raining as I was heading up the steep incline out of the quarry. Suddenly, the wheels were spinning I pulled the brakes, but the struck continued sliding backwards. The loaders and folks below saw what was happening, and started running. They, and I, were convinced I was comming down the hill out of control. To my right was a ft. To my left was the side of the mountain. As I opened the door and was ready to jump out of the truck, I luckily spun the steering wheel, and the truck crashed into the side of the mountain.

The giant loader pulled me and the truck to the top of the quarry, and that was that. No problem. Two years go by, and not a problem with driving into the quarries, or over the many bridges between Jersey, and PA and DE. I live in South Jersey. I changed jobs, and took an over-the-road job with a company here. I couldn't move. I couldn't breath.

My hands were soaked and I was so dizzy I couldn't see straight. I remember praying, God, please don't let me kill any kids when I pass out. That was the day the nightmare began. Now, I am down to being able to cross two bridges over the Delaware River into Philly. The Tacony-Palmyra, and the Burlington Bristol. I can drive all the way up and around I and cross the Scudder Falls bridge, and go 1 hour out of my way, too, if I want.

It's ridiculous. I have quit so many good jobs because of this. Just the thought of having to cross the Del-Mem Br. Forget it! I fear bridges because I fear I will freak out on the bridge, stop the car and in a panic to get off the bridge, I jump. This is how I feel on planes and boats too.

On planes, I fear I will run to the door and open it up midflight. On boats, I fear I will panic and jump off. What is my fear about? The following message serves two purposes. I want to thank all posters by constributing with my personal observations. Bridges will be challenges. We will have to find our way to overcome the insanely intimidating consequences of this My observations are Alcohol helps being However, alcohol, the day after, multiplies the anxiety attack by factor , passenger or not.

Heavy fog helps, darkness too, but daytime fog is better highly irrational. Eating a lot, preferably sugar chocolate bars can - sometimes - take the peak. Valium helps - to some, drousy degree. Plants, all kinds of "caging" and complex structures help as opposed to slick surfaces and abstract, visually streamlined structures. Great personal succes emotionally immediately before passing, helps to some extent. Sorrow too. Being totally strapped up, escorted by military authorities may help I think, no experience;-. Music helps a little. Observing strict geometry too eg squares, circles.

Smalltalk although staged and instrumental works a little. The observations goes for both heights and bridges where the "what if I get stuck" is equivalent to "what if the elevator goes up instead of down". As far as flying is concerned, alcohol is the cure, as I am not the pilot, but in the hands of Still, decisions can be made only on location. I could not understand what was happening to me. I am an ironworker who works daily with dangerous hieghts. Now the thought of crossing a bridge causes me to lose sleep. Some days are worse than others.

The fear of passing out while driving on the bridge consumes me. It does start to disapate when I reach the crest of the bridge and I can see the "finish line". Has anyone had any success with supplements at all? I know when it starts happening, it's the worst feeling ever. I have had if so many times myself You start to feel dizzy as soon as you see the bridge, weird electric feeling inside your body, bad taste in the throat, weird feeling in lungs, sweaty all over, heart going crazy, reality seems to escape gradually and everything seems distant and in slow motion, vision gets weird and everyting gets progressively darker and cloudy I have firts taken ativan which helped a lot, but makes you sleepy all day and if you forget it, good luck on the bridge my friend I am now on effexor XR mg 2 years already , not for depression but for anxiety treatment.

When you look forward to crossing a bridge, you know you are cured My husband, age 53, has developed a serious fear of bridges in the last 18 months. No event brought this on, it simply began with progressive fear and recurring nightmares about bridges with low, or no, sides. We live in New Orleans, surrounded by water. He is a salesman in the oil and gas industry, and this fear is beginning to affect his ability to call on good customers.

He hid it from me for a long time, until he blacked out from a panic attick on the Causeway 36 mile bridge to the North Shore of New Orleans. No one was hurt, he pulled over, and I drove to get him. We went to a psychiatrist, who simply gave him a strong dose of xanax.

That doesn't work - it's as bad as drunk driving. I have tried to get him to go to a counselor to do some cognitive therapy look at pics of bridges, work through the fear in a controlled, safe environment, then work up to walking a bridge, then work up to driving a bridge. He insists on conquering this himself.

It isn't working - he has tried that for a year now, and he is no better. The stress of the nightmares, wondering daily if a customer will call and he will have to cross a bridge to fix their emergency, etc. He comes home completely depleted, so wound up from his nerves he needs a drink, or two, or more. I am 44 years old and had the exact same change with respect to driving over bridges.

I remember driving over the Burlington Bay skyway in Ontario, Canada and laughing at my then girlfriend as I got too close to the outside lane. I never had any fear of driving over bridges until one day it just hit me, for no known reason. I drive to Forida every year and I am okay with the Pittsburgh bridge, it seems the ones with some type of structure on the sides, and with a little height to the sides are okay. When I travel through Summersville WV, the really high Gauley bridge with the low cement sides seems to bother me.

Normally by the time I get by the crest and am on my way down I get a sense of relief, but knowing the bridge is coming brings on anxiety. If you have any information that helps please send it to me. Hope things are getting better for your husband. What is happening to me. I am 39 years old. I have a fear of driving over bridges. The past few times driving over a bridge my panic has gotten worse.

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  4. Yesterday driving over the bridge to long beach island, nj I just froze up. I wanted to stop in the middle of the bridge and get out of my car. I am afraid that I am going to cause an accident. I believe from what I have read that my brain has learned that there is danger associated with bridges. Even though I tell myself that it is okay to cross, there is nothing to be afraid of.

    The "fight or flight" kicks in and my brain takes over and tells my body to react to the fear. I need to stop this. It will ruin my life if I let it. I am stonger then this fear. I have to retrain my brain in some way. I am going to look into some program called "the driving fear program". I hope something helps. If anyone has any suggestions please post a response on this website. Signed Trying to get to the other side. Try looking down at the floor inside the vehicle if you really start getting dizzy. This helps me focus for awhile, but be careful not to hit anyone in front of you.

    You have to look at the road and the floor about every 4 seconds. Caffeine and fatigue seem to trigger it quicker. Also try singing that also helps. This all sounds crazy but if you have to make a living than, this is what you have to do. Roll all the windows down to get fresh air, that seems to help.

    I live in Dallas and the best suggestion would be to displace your thoughts. In other words, have and intense thought about something else such as work, bills, or other basic life issues. Before you know it, your done. So many people focus on the bridge that it magnifies the irrational thought. Just imo.. This is both reassuring and oddly extremely comforting. I never realised that there was name for this condition other than panic attack!

    I live in London and there are a couple of overpasses which give me real "panic" problems. I also go to St Pete's area in Tampa area in Florida quite alot and although the Sunshine Skyway Bridge used to be OK for me, lately it has been a real struggle now my wife drives while I keep my eyes shut! Once I cross the apex I instamtly feel better which seems totally illogical.

    There have some valuable potential solutions to this challenge which I will think about. Thanks for all of this I feel I'm in good company! I just happened upon this site and am amazed to read how many people everywhere suffer from the same problems I have. The memory of my first real panic attack while driving is as clear as day to me. I was 35, pregnant for the first time, and was waiting as usual in heavy traffic to merge onto the 14th Street Bridge into Washington, DC.

    It was a rainy, dark day and the traffic came to a dead stop on the bridge. The panic attack would be the first of so many while driving. I avoided the 14th ST Bridge still do, on rainy days and suffered through panic on the Memorial Bridge often. I think my problem is primarily claustrophobia -- not being able to exit or go onto a shoulder if I need to. My son was about 7. I made it over the Delaware Memorial Bridge I think because it's so wide but then we came to a long narrow bridge Severn River?? It was down to one lane in each direction with jersey barriers lining each side.

    I went into complete panic, my speed got slower and slower, and my little boy was urging me on, "Mommy, keep going, keep going". Bless his heart, he has grown into a strong and brave young man! I would feel like such a failure to use the drive-over service. This disorder really limits and ruins your life. I'm braver than I used to be but still suffer with this.

    I empathize with everyone out there, and it is somehow to comforting to know I'm not alone!! I don't think it's all in our minds; I think there are hormonal or other medical things going on at certain ages that play a part! Just reading the descriptions give me anxiety.

    The arch is a big fear for me and I have a fear of heights also. We are on vacation and my family wants to go out to the islands. I am studing the bridges on google streets and wiki, it allows me to see before I go. I take dramamine to fly here do I need to take it to cross the bridge? At this point I am not promising them anything. Is this weired never ad a problem with a bridge gone over same 1 4 over 20 years I can't do it now I can't explain how it how it feels it's an over whelming rush panic attack all in 1 my sister think it's realted 2 the death of my mum last year I don't think it is I av a 5 yr old neice I i wanna do stuff with cudnt even take her on Pier at coast I don't wanna keep missing out on things this isn't me never ad problem b4,any advice is truly welcomed.

    I also study up on if there'll be bridges on my route when I travel. I'm not at the point where I avoid them and I swore to myself I never would get to that point , but it's not a pleasant experience, and I feel like I've really conquered something when I go over a bridge. The weird thing is, though, I feel more comfortable as the driver than as the passenger in those situations. I'd rather have control over my car than cede it to someone else.

    Weird, I know, especially because some highway commissions have put money into escort programs for people who are not good with bridges. Here's what I do to prepare to scale a bridge, maybe it'll help: At the closest exit to the bridge, get a hot cup of coffee decaf! CRANK the music in your car. Roll down the windows. In my experience, the volume of the music, the heat from the coffee and the air blowing past me stoked my senses and transcended the vertigo-like feeling i normally get.

    I even told my therapist who I go to for general anxiety and she said that was a good proactive way to cope and deal with the uneasiness. Anyway, good luck to everyone -- we can get through this stuff! Yesterday, was the first time I experienced anxiety while crossing the Bay Bridge span. My palms got sweaty which made me anxious.

    But once I got closer to the top I felt better. On the way back today, the same thing happened only it felt even worse. The next time on the westbound trip I will ride in the center lane. Maybe this will help. It was a very uncomfortable feeling. I think it's the high arch, because I don't have a problem driving across other bridge spans. I even glance over the others because the scenery is so beautiful. Does anyone have any tips to help me on my next trip over Bay Bridge.

    My only advice would be, as my son said to me when he was little, "Keep going! I'm trying to follow my own advice and get up the nerve to drive over the Bay Bridge. Remember to breathe, bring a nice cup of coffee or a snack and turn up the music loud. That's what I'm going to do! Well it is quite comforting to know that I'm not the only one out there and there's actually a name for the way I've been feeling.

    The whole thing is rather strange considering that I spent most of my life on the road. I wasn't always afraid of bridges and can't quite think of anything outstanding that makes me feel the way I do. I used to live in the city and could drive over bridges just fine. It's fairly recently I went across a bridge in Shreveport and I was by myself when I started almost hyperventilating, feeling light headed, could feel my heartbeat almost pump right out of my chest, sweating and almost completely bringing myself to tears especially when i realized there was no where i could pull over.

    I took a trip to New Orleans this weekend and of course I was driving something I love to do and we came to cross a suspension bridge, I'm assuming there was water under it as well I couldn't bare to even look at it, I pulled over on the side of the highway before I even got to it and let my fiance drive while I wasn't looking at any of my surroundings I seemed just fine. Thank you.

    Thank god for this page I thought I was going nuts. I work in an office building with an large atrium that opens up to all the floors in a big oval. About five years ago I was working on the fifth floor and noticed that I couldn't go too close to the railing anymore because I felt instantly dizzy and anxious. The strangest part was I felt like my body was going to lift up and fly over the edge. It was very scary but I would try daily to see how close I could come to the edge and get over my fear. It never happened. However I know how close I can go without being freaked out and now stay in that area.

    I never experienced any problems driving though. Well that was it until I decided to take a road trip a couple of summers ago. I planned to drive all over the east coast to see old friends and family. Everything was fine until I got to large arch bridges. I experienced the same feeling as the railing at work only now I was driving. I had to stay in the middle lanes and look straight ahead while my hands sweat and shook and I felt a fear I had never known before.

    As I proceeded from place to place it got worse, to the point where I canceled seeing some friends after I looked at the map and realized I'd have to go over two long bridges. This totally sucks! Now I negotiate even smaller bridges and feel like I'm starting to lose the ability to freely go wherever I want. I never had a problem with heights until I reached Its been 5 years now. No known past issues that brought it on either. Heck I used to work construction and jump around on ladders and open floor joists looking to the floors below.

    I remember dragging my frightened sister over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and laughing at her. Now I can't even think of going across. I don't know what brought this on but I think it is all related to panic attacks and not wanting to lose control. I will continue to fight it and will conquer this irrational fear soon. I hope. Good luck to everyone else! I thought I was loosing my mind!!!!! I live in Louisiana and just passed through Baton Rouge and while crossing over the Mississippi river I had something happen to me, my whole body tensed up and I had a frightening feeling I was going to fall off the bridge.

    I wanted to stop my truck, get out and lie on the road. Once I was off i pulled over to relax and wonder what just happend to me. It was like a switch went off in me and I can't explain it, what was even stranger I knew I should not feel this way and I kept asking myself what are you doing??? I was not my first time across that bridge. I am not sure how I will proceed from now on.

    I think that I have Gephyrophobia thanks for the website without you I wouldn't have known the word! As many others have posted, my first panic attack came on suddenly and complete unexpectedly. I was 24 and in the middle of a tunnel in Baltimore. Since then, I have struggled terribly with high bridges and tunnels.

    HGTV TV shows: canceled or renewed?

    I also think it has to do with claustrophobia, and also possibly with optical effects. The first time I hyperventilated; since then I try hard to control my breathing, but everything else is out of my control--racing heart, dry mouth, sweaty palms, tingling in my hands on the wheel. I absolutely feel that I don't have control of the wheel, and it's terrifying.

    I've tried singing, counting, rolling down the windows, turning down the visor to limit the view from a bridge or the glaring lights in a tunnel, having someone talk to me to distract me, thinking about other things The problem is that there is no escape--you're trapped. It's not like being afraid of spiders or heights or going into a shopping mall. If you have a panic attack on a bridge or in a tunnel and you freeze, you are endangering your life, the life of your passengers, and others in cars around you.

    I think it's serious stuff and I wish therapists would focus on this particular fear rather than classifying it with a lot of other non-life threatening fears. Most of us are not afraid of low bridges and there is not a way to "work up gradually" to something like the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It's just a terrifying monster. Maybe those of us who are afraid of it are really the sane ones! I too welcome any suggestions, but it seems like this fear may be too tough, and legitimate, to overcome. I've known that I'm Gephyrophobic for about 20 years now, but after reading this article, it makes perfect sense to me.

    I have always been claustrophobic and it took me a bit longer, maybe my 20s to discover that I'm also acrophobic. If too many people get into an elevator, I'll run out and wait for the next elevator, which can cause problems. My fear of heights is more surrounded with fear of falling, although I can just look at a photograph or watch a movie with a steep drop and I'll get a queasy stomach and a tingling behind my knees.

    My fear of bridges does not extend to all bridges, but alas, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel is one that gets to me. I'm fine until you get to the steep rise to the suspension area. Once I'm actually in the suspension area, I'm fine. So long as there is a high side on the bridge, I'm alright, my fear is the looking down. I have more problem crossing the Tappan Zee bridge going eastbound than westbound because while driving eastbound the bridge curves to the right and you can look down and see how high you are, westbound doesn't have that effect.

    While driving over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, I use the rest stop to help alleviate my anxiety while crossing the suspension part. The worst attack I ever suffered was in August I had to attend a wedding in Leesburg, Virginia and on the way home, I had to drop my children off in Wildwood Crest for vacation with their father. After going through the toll plaza, I thought I was going to die.

    It was, without a doubt, the worst case scenario I'd ever experienced! Not only did the bridge go straight up, but there were 2 lanes going eastbound and two lanes going westbound and you not only could see over the right side of the bridge into the water, but you can see over the left side, in between the middle of the bridge into the water. For the first time in my life, I truly understood a Panic Attack. There was no shoulder on either side of this bridge and all I could do was drive. My knuckles were white and I think I held my breath the entire time. I'm so grateful it wasn't a windy day because I was driving a minivan, which get hard to handle on bridges also.

    Once is more than enough for me. If the bridges are low or have high sides, such as the Delaware Memorial Bridge, I'm fine, the height and more the fear of going off the bridge that frightens me. Sometimes I think Hollywood is partially to blame. We watch these wonderful movies and they show terrifying events, like cars going over suspension bridges, which makes us all aware of the possibility and then life goes ahead to mimics the movies and now we all know it's possible!

    You are not emotionally equipped to handle the stress of driving. However you people are serving as poor examples to your children! Happy people do not live their life in fear! Yeah, that's a little harsh. The thing about gephyrophobia is that it is phobia. That means it's an irrational fear that's largely uncontrollable. Haven't you ever met a big, tough looking person who's afraid of needles or blood?

    Or an animal lover who can't deal with spiders? These aren't intentional reactions played for sympathy, but automatic responses. People who pass out at the sight of blood. Andrews Parish in St. Mary's county, vacant by the removal of Eev. William West, 19 September, Henry, induction to Durham Parish in Charles county, 19 September Matthias, induction to Chester Parish in Kent county, 11 February, Marys county, commissioned Naval Officer of Patuxent, 29 April, Garrett, Amos, commissioned Coroner of Baltimore county, 30 April, William, licensed to preach in St.

    Mary Anns Parish, in Cecil county, vacant by the death of Rev. John Hamilton, 1 May, John, induction to Chester Parish in Kent county, 11 May, John, induction to Worcester Parish in Wor- cester county, 12 June, Mary Anns Parish in Cecil county, 23 June, John Philby, laborer of Baltimore county, pardon for horse stealing, 7 July, Thomas Soper, laborer, late of Ann Arundel county, pardoned and banished for horse stealing, 19 October, John Boyd] 3 December, Marys county, 10 December, Philip, licensed to preach in St.

    Augustine Parish in Cecil county, 15 December, Marys county, 24 December, Marys county 31 December, Contributed by Louis Dow Scisco. In the court house of Calvert County at Prince Frederick neither the office of the clerk nor that of the register of wills has any records entered earlier than All records made previous to that year have been destroyed by fire.

    In the clerk's office is a liber of several hundred pages which contains land papers that were brought in after the fires of to be recorded a second time. The earliest dates of papers in this book are , , and Seven marriage licenses issued in and have also been re-entered. The loss of the ancient records in this county is especially to be deplored because this region was settled in the earlier colonial period and with these lost records has perished much knowledge about people who played important parts in the establishment of Maryland.

    The county of Calvert, honored by bearing the Lord Pro- prietor's own family name, was created in At its begin- ning the county courts and county records were no doubt migratory, as was the case in other colonial counties of the pioneer period. By , however, the existence of a court house is indicated by mention in the provincial records. Battle Town, at Battle Creek, was one of the those points designated by legislative act to be town sites, with the intent that population might be concentrated and that trade might be more easily watched by colonial revenue officers. Here was built the first of the county's court houses.

    There is but slight mention of it in the records. More than a century later there was a vague memory among Calvert County people of a former court house that stood on the bank of Patuxent River. It was probably this first building. In the Assembly, by inquiry in the several counties, sought to learn whether or not the various court houses and records were liable to loss by fire.

    Says the report, some- what incoherently, " The records of Calvert County are kept in a very good court house and distant enough from any other houses, in which no ordinaryes are kept, nor is there any chimney. Hunting Town was ambitious and started a movement for county seat relocation. In the matter was brought before the General Assembly, which rejected the plea. A similar effort in also failed. A third effort was made in This time the legislature ordered that the sheriff hold a county referendum on the question of removal.

    By a new aspirant locality, called Williams Old Fields, about halfway between the rival towns, offered a petition for the county seat and the Assembly approved it. A new court house tract was selected there and was surveyed, as is shown by the certificate of July 4, , now on record. The erection of the second court house was taken under con- tract by J ohn Critchard and William Kidd, but for some reason they found their job an unwelcome one and in , by petition to the Assembly, they obtained an abrogation of their contract.

    The work of completing the structure was then turned over to the county justices. Until this year the new site had kept its prosaic name of Williams Old Fields, but the Assembly now rechristened the county seat as Prince Frederick. In the structure was still uncompleted, a tax being authorized for the finishing touches. Even this did not end the work, for in there was another county tax because it was necessary to reshingle the roof and to " new brick the underworks Mean- while there had been, in , another legislative inquiry about the condition of county records.

    Calvert County's report, un- fortunately, had to be returned to the county for amendment and did not find its way into the legislative journals. On April 20, , this second court house ended its service. The Mary- land Gazette tells of the event succinctly. Wednesday Evening last, a Fire happened in a public House belonging to Mr.

    John Wood at Prince Frederick Town, in Calvert County; which entirely consumed the same, with most of the Furniture: the Fire in the meantime communicated itself to the Court-House, which was adjacent, and could not be prevented from laying that commodious Building in Ashes ; but by the Diligence of the People, the greatest Part of the Records were preserved.

    Calvert County's third court house was provided for by legis- lative act of Promptly when the Assembly session opened in May of that year a petition appeared asking for removal of the county seat to Hunting Town, but it was denied. The Revolution came, and dragged along to a happy ending. The court house is mentioned as a meeting place of the revolutionary county committee. Calvert County experienced some British raids along its southern edge, but the county seat was untouched by hostilities.

    Later came the War of , when things went differently. From here, apparently on July 18, a British force of men marched seven miles northward and burned the tobacco ware- houses at Hunting Town. On July 19 a second force marched four miles eastward to Prince Frederick, where they burned the court house and jail. The raid on Hunting Town aroused the countryside and local militia began to assemble. On July 25 the hostile ships sailed out of the Patuxent to seek harbor at Leonardtown.

    A brief account of this raid was printed in a Washington paper and copied by the Maryland Gazette, whose own news service was very inadequate. The account said noth- ing of the fate of the county records. Not until does the Baltimore Sun, harking back to this long past event, furnish the information that the court house records were removed by the county authorities before the burning. This information of was obtained from Calvert County people. It was specified by these acts that the money should be used for rebuilding or repairing a court house and jail to be located on the lot where the walls of the old court house were standing.

    Under these latter laws a brick court house and a log jail were erected in Thus built, the new structure served the county for more than sixty years, and then perished dramatically. Mysteriously a fire started while they worked. The church was soon in flames, and the parsonage followed. A high wind was blowing. Flaming shingles fell far and near, and soon other roofs were blazing. The brick court house was too close to escape. It flamed up and its floors collapsed. The log-built jail stood intact, its one prisoner, hastily liberated, joining in the fire fighting.

    Prince Frederick at this time had eighteen buildings, one of them a hotel which was the object of some local pride. When the day closed only four buildings were still standing. Since each family had its own frantic struggle that day, it is not strange that the court house records were neglected. From fugitives who came to Baltimore for refuge after the fire the Baltimore Sun obtained some news on this point.

    Somerville Sollers, clerk of the county court, was in his office in the court house, and saved some papers, but with these exceptions all the county records were lost. Every book and paper in the county com- missioners' office and in the office of the register of wills were burned up. In the clerk's office all the original papers were lost, and a great many records, running as far back as , and many papers of great interest relating to the early history of the county.

    These records and papers were invaluable, and their loss will cause inconveniences and expenses that will be felt for many years. A little apart from the village, and therefore spared by the fire, stood an Episcopal rectory which at this time was unoccu- pied. The county authorities leased this building for a tem- porary court house. New records were started, and one term of court was held in the place.

    Nearly four months passed. Then, in the early hours of June 27, the alarm of fire was raised again. Someone had discovered that the rectory was in flames. The Baltimore American received an account from some corre- spondent. The Episcopal rectory which has been used as a court-house since the burning of the court-house in March, was totally destroyed by fire about 2 o'clock this morning. The fire is supposed to be the work of an incendiary as the offices were all closed late in the afternoon and no one remains on the premises at night.

    The real cause of the rectory fire was never learned. After it happened, when unexplained footprints were discovered on the rectory premises, it was remembered that a man recently convicted of some offence had filed an appeal, and a theory developed that his kindred fired the building to destroy trouble- some records of the case. However, nothing was ever proved for this theory and after some heated inquiry the matter lapsed.

    The fifth court house, which arose after a little time, was considered to be a rebuilding operation. The recently destroyed edifice had been well constructed and after the fire its main walls still stood in good condition. A legislative act of March, , authorized a county debt for " rebuilding, enlarging, improving and otherwise repairing the court house and public offices. About , when a newer building took its place it was torn down. The lawn of the present court house now covers its site. The sixth court house, erected in , is the one that now serves Calvert County.

    It is young and its history is still in the making. Henry W. Hoffman My dear Sir : A convention of Maryland has framed a new constitution for the State; a public meeting is called for this evening, at Baltimore, to aid in securing its ratification by the people; and you ask a word from me, for the occasion. I presume the only feature of the instrument, about which there is serious contro- versy, is that which provides for the extinction of slavery. It needs not to be a secret, and I presume it is no secret, that I wish success to this provision.

    I desire it on every considera- tion, I wish all men to be free, I wish the material prosperity of the already free which I feel sure the extinction of Slavery would bring, I wish to see, in process of disappearing, that only thing which ever could bring this nation to Civil War. I attempt no argument. Argument upon the question is already exhausted by the abler, better informed, and more immediately interested sons of Maryland herself. I only add that I shall be gratified exceedingly if the good people of the State shall, by their votes ratify the new constitution.

    Yours truly A. Copy through the courtesy of Mrs.

    May Tlth, The following persons were elected to membership: Associate. Marshall, on April 7th, Henry B. Wilcox, on April 22nd, Mrs. John W. Corbin, on May 5th, Mrs. Rogers, on May 5th, It was reported that the old Peale Museum, to be known as the Municipal Museum, had been opened to the public and the Society was delighted to learn that our fellow member, Raphael Semmes, Esq.

    Henry J. Berkley offered the following resolution which was unanimously adopted : " Resolved, That the Maryland Historical Society extends to the Historical Society of Harford County its heartiest congratu- lations upon the unqualified success which characterized every detail of the exercises on May second commemorative of the crossing of the Susquehanna, in , by General La- fayette leading troops to join those then converging toward Yorktown. It deserves the thorough commendation of all who entertain a high Active. Josephine Baird Mrs. William G.

    Buckey Mrs.

    Press Release

    Edward W. Berry Mr. Paul's was completed. The funds for this work were given by a citizen of Baltimore who wishes his identity unknown. The unanimous thanks of the Society were extended to Hon- orable Albert S. The Eastern Shore Society of Baltimore was our guest. The only matter of business attended to by the Maryland Historical Society was the election of the following persons to membership : Active. George C. Thomas Mrs. Thomas H. Bowles Mrs. George H.

    Preston Mr. Ernest J. Clark Mr. Armstead M. Webb Mrs. Bessie Gray Williams Mrs. Lewellys F. Barker Mrs. Victor Baughman Dr. Thomas R. Boggs Associate. Williard F. Baldwin Mr. William A Robbins Life. Joseph Y. J eanes The meeting was then turned over to the Eastern Shore Society, which Society presented the winners of the Historical Essay Contest with prizes. Music was furnished by Mrs. Virginia Castelle and Mr. Joseph Weidenthal. Sadtler, for a Muster Roll of Captain P.

    Sadtler s Company in the Revolu- tion; and to Pleasants Pennington, Esquire, for a collection of sabres, swords, guns, coins, and numberous miscellaneous items. Dielman reported the purchase of the " Psalms of David " paraphased by the Rev. Craddock, and printed in London for Ann Craddock. We have the only recorded perfect copy of the American edition of the work. The following named persons were elected to membership : Mrs.

    Charles H. Tilghman Miss Grace Nickerson Mrs. James G. Whiteley Associate. Thorn for his most interesting paper entitled : " Captain Lambert Wickes, C. The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved as read. A list of the donations made to the Library and Galley, since the last regular meeting, was read. The following persons, having been previously nominated, were elected to membership: Active. Colt Bloodgood Mrs. Edmund Key Active. Wesley Cole, M. Miss Katherine Scarborough Zachariah E. Morgan, M. Miss Jessie C. Willard Lieut. James Koss Gould Mrs. Korine S. Cronin Mr. Henry Littleton Page Associate.

    Charles G. Elizabeth Swann Carroll Mrs. Estelle Bryan Summers Mrs. Charles Silverson Mr. Eobert S. Franklin Mr. Harry Baldwin Gantt, October 21st, Mr. Henry Furst, October 22nd, Mr. Nathan Billstein, November 1st, Mr. A Judicial Statesman. Bernard for his very interesting and instructive paper.

    December IJfth, A list of donations made to the library and gallery was read. Dielman presented on behalf of the publishers a volume entitled " Women of Maryland " by Margie Luckett. The following death were reported from among our members : Mr. William O. Atwood, on November 10th, Mr J. Arthur Limerick, on November 21st, Mr. Henry Walters, on November 30th, Keyser the President said : u To us, standing to-night in the Keyser Memorial, comes with peculiar acuteness the realization of the loss of one of the longest-in-membership of our Associates and the greatest of its Benefactors : To whom the State and City, as well as the Society are gratefully indebted for the opportunity to preserve their history which is afforded by her splendid generosity and which constitutes a Double Memorial, as well to herself as to her husband : — One that shall endure not for to-day or tomorrow, but for so long as such tribute shall be paid to her memory by successive generations of students seeking to find facts of his- tory and of scholars endeavoring to elucidate and embellish them.

    Keyser has maintained with quiet dignity and with respect for her high lineage, the exceptional position for which she was so peculiarly qualified and which she so worthily filled. James E. Hancock was recognized by the Chair, and presented on behalf of the Council the following resolutions; which being duly seconded, were unanimously adopted: " Whereas, We have heard with the deepest regret of the death of Mrs.

    Peter's Church on the afternoon of December tenth, as a mark of personal respect for their deceased friend and fellow member. Be It Resolved, That the Maryland Historical Society ex- presses its profound sorrow for the passing of one of its most honored members and its most generous benefactress. Keyser its sincere sympathy in its great sorrow. And be it further Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the per- manent records of the Maryland Historical Society as a tribute of respect to the memory of Mrs.

    Keyser for her patriotic citizenship, and in appreciation of the generous gift of our present building which she established as a memorial to her husband. And that a copy of these resolutions be conveyed to the bereaved family of Mrs. Alexis Shriver who announced the founding of a society for the preservation of Maryland Antiquities and invited the members of this Society to join in its efforts to preserve and mark the various places of historical interest throughout the State.

    Henry B. Potter was introduced and gave a most de- lightful talk entitled " Modern Mass Transportation ". A vote of thanks was extended to Mr. Potter for his enlight- ening talk. Marsden, R. Bridges, Mrs. Priscilla B. Washington St. Cain, Mrs. Mary Clough Church Hill, Md. Calvert, Charles Exley 34 Huntly St. Biddle St. Howard, Miss Elizabeth Gray Paul Street. Jeanes, Mrs.

    Robert M. Redwood, Mrs. Mary B. Faust, Central Union Shirk, Mrs. Ida M. John Saulsbury Alexis Belair, Hartford Co. Williams, Miss Nellie C. Alderman, E. Battle, K. Bell, Herbert C. Route, No. Bixby, Wm. Louis, Mo. Black, J. William, Ph. Brooks, William Gray S. Brown, Henry John 4 Trafalgar Sq. C, Eng. Bruce, Philip A. Norfolk, Va. Buel, Clarence C. Washington Ave. Ford, Worthington C. President St. Hersh, Grier York, Pa. Snowden, Yates University of S. C, Columbia, S. Stevenson, John J. Winslow, Wm. Copley, Ph. Wood, Henry C.

    Harrodsburg, Ky. Akers, Mrs. Warren N. Andrews, C. McLean, Ph. Yale University, New Haven, Conn. Applegate, Mrs. Emily R. Baker, Mrs. Baldwin, Willard A. Baltzell, Henry E. Barker, Charles A. Phillip Asfordby Bell, Alexander H. Bell, Edmund Hayes Wyoming Apts. Bell, Mrs. Louis V. Bouvier, Mrs. Henrietta J. Buckler, William H. Caroline Kemper ] f Rutherford Ave. Cameron, Mrs. Viola Root th Ave. Carty, Rev. Arthur S. Catlin, Henry W. Claypool, Mrs. Cochran, Mrs. John E. Cotton, Mrs. Jane Baldwin G Beacon St. Crowther, Mrs. Eliza Lay Leisenring Deford, B. Franklin St.

    Deford, Mrs. Dupuy, Mrs. James T.

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    Winchester, Virginia Flower, John S. Washington, D. Foster, Frederick 84 State St. Franklin, Robert S. Freeman, Bernard Pattison Evelyn Eva Sutton Weems Gaither, Miss Ida Belle j. Elizabethtown, New York "Wayside," 19 3rd St. Florence J. Weir '. Solomon's, Md. Glenn, John M. Burgess Lee Cleveland, Ohio Gould, Lyttleton B. New York City Gramkow, Mrs. Emma Elm Street, Concord, Mass.

    Groome, H. Airlie, nr. Warrenton, Virginia Guilday, Rev. Peter, Ph. Catholic University, Washington, D. Hager, Frank L. Hamilton, Hon. George E. Union Trust Bldg. Hargett, Arthur V. Harrison, Fairfax Belvoir, Virginia Harvey, Mrs. Wallace P. Russel Hillyee, Mrs. George, Jr. Hobson, Mrs. Holt, Mrs. Frank Beverley Terrace, Staunton, Va. Hough, H. Tilghman Hoye, Charles E.

    Hoyt, William Dana, Jr. Hudson, Millard F. Janin, Mrs. Violet Blair Jones, Mrs. Keidel, Geo. C, Ph. Keith, A. Kimble, Miss Pearle B. Kuhn, Miss Florence Calvert Marmet, W. Layton, Mrs. Mary Turpin 7th St. Lehr, Mrs. Louis 34th St. Lesh, Mrs. Britigh Columbia Little, Rev. Francis K. Lyden, Frederick F. Edwin P. Magruder, Caleb Clarke G St. Martin, Mrs. Edwin S. Mohler, Mrs. Albans, W. Monnette, Orra E. Oxford Ave.

    Montgomery, Mrs. Kingsley Chester, Penna. Kenneth 0. Courtney, Jr. Smithtown Branch, Long Island, N. Station, Norton, Miss Lillian A. Owen, F. Buchanan Guardian Bldg. Henry, Jr. Harry W. Pierce, Mrs. Winslow S. Edith Roberts Ranch, Samuel H. Rayner, Mrs. Isidore 18th Street, N. Rayner, William B. Ream, Mrs. Charles Lee Brinckle Ave. Frederick F. Renshaw, Mrs. Alfred H. Robertson, Geo. Domvtlle S. Serrano Ave. Ruley, Capt. Owen C. Portland, Indiana Ruth, Thos. Sellman, John Henry 38 Beechcroft Rd.

    Serpell, Miss Alethea Seth, Frank W. City Sheppard, Mrs. Henrietta D. Shryock, Joseph Grundy N. Silverson, Mrs. Katherine Taney Lakes of Isle Blvd. Sioussat, St. George Leakin University of Penn. Sparrow, Frederick K. Speakb, A. Howard Klingle Rd. Steiner, Dr. Walter R.

    Stephenson, Miss Jean Conard Apts. Stevenson, Geo. Urie Drexel Blvd. Stewart, Foster W. Stine, I. Frederick Fort Collier, Winchester, Va. Stone, Letta B. Strider, Miss Emma T. Sudler, Miss Carolina V. Sumwalt, Mrs. Mary H. Sutliff, Mrs. Dana Shippensburg, Pa. Thurston, R. Ballard Columbia Bldg. Harrison Joseph Brown Vandervelde, Mrs. Holliston Ave.

    Virkus, Fred. Adams S. Dearborn St. Wallis, Leonard G. Wallis, Mrs. Thomas Smythe Cherry dale, Virginia Warner, Mrs. Theodore Wardman Park Hotel, Wash. Watson, Mrs. Alexander Mackenzie f Harrods Creek, Ky. Weaver, Jacob J. Building, Lexington, Ky. Wood, Wm. Wayne St. Where no P. Address is given, Baltimore is understood. Roland T 18 W. Adams, Howard Overhill Rd. Aiken, Herbert C. Albaugh, George W. Albee, Mrs. George Laurel, Md.

    Albert, Mrs. Taylor Dunkirk Road, Govans P. Alcock, John L. Eccleston, Md. Alexander, Mrs. Emma K. Appold, Lemuel T. Armstrong, Alexander 18 E. Eager Street Arrowsmith, Rev. Harold N. Martin's Rd. Atkinson, Matthew S. Paul St. Badger, Mrs. Baer, John P. Charles St. Baer, Michael S. Calvert St. Madison St. Baetjer, Dr. Henry 4 E. Baily, James Park Ave. Bally, Mrs. James Baird, O. Josephine, M.

    Burlington Hotel, Washington, D. Baker, J. Henry Baker, William G. Baldwin, Charles Gambrill Baldwin, Chas. Lafayette Ave. Baldwin, Mrs. Fanny Langden Baldwin, Miss Maria Lafayette Avenue Baldwin, Rignal W. Lexington St. Baldwin, Miss Rosa E. Baldwin, Summerfteld, Jr. Baltimore St.

    Baldwin, Wm. Woodward Banks, Miss Elizabeth Barclay, Mrs. Barker, Mrs. Enoch M.