Briefe in die chinesische Vergangenheit (German Edition)

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Geschichte des chinesischen Romans zu Ende der Qing-Zeit. Aus den Chinesischen von Alfred Hoffmann. November Yang Kui — Der Zeitungsbote Chiao Kwan-Hua. Darstellung der Philosophie des Dschuang Dsi. All volumes are out of print. Krott, Martin. Bochum Opletal, Helmut. Additional Publication: Martin, Helmut. Chinesische Sprachplanung [ Chinese Language Planning ].

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Writers and their Short Stories —79 ]. Bucher, Ida. Chinesische Gegenwartsliteratur. A Perspective of Social Change during the 80s ].

Herbert Rosendorfer

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ISBN 13: 9783485004534

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Hase-Bergen, Stefan. Laiyin Forum. Yao-Weyrauch, Wan-Hsuan. Wagner, Eva. Social Criticism between Tradition and Utopia ]. Ito, Setsuko. Liu Weijian. Weyrauch, Thomas. Gasde, Horst Dieter. Additional Publication: Martin, Helmut Hg. Voice of Germany ]. Gescher, Christa. A Selected Bibliography Draft ]. Mo Yimei. Rummel, Stefan. Die traditionelle chinesische Novelle. Hoffmann, Hans Peter.

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Wen Yiduos "Totes Wasser". A Literary Translation ]. Rummel, Stefan M. Buddhist Clergy in 16th and 17th Century Chinese Fiction. With a Complete Translation of the Anthology Sengni niehai ]. A Modern Tragedy ]. Peil, Folke. Bei Dao. Die Kurzgeschichten [ 13, Happiness Street. The Short Stories ]. Heinemann, Anke. A Story from the Year between Ethnography and Literature ]. Melzer, Anke.

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Rosner, Erhard. Studien zur Diglossie des modernen Chinesisch [ Written Language. Studies in Diglossia of Modern Chinese ]. Burkard, Sabine. Mohr, Martina. Portmann, Kai. Der Fliegende Fuchs vom Schneeberg. Die Neuen Sensualisten xin ganjuepai. Wolski, Claudia. Woesler, Martin. Corff, Oliver. Draeger, Caroline. Das Spiel mit dem Absurden. The Taiwanese Author Qideng Sheng ]. Kojima, Sabine. Bilder und Zerrbilder des Fremden. Tibet in a Story by Ma Jian ]. Altenburger, Roland. Mit einem Vorwort von Robert H. Schommer, Sabine.

Richter Bao — der chinesische Sherlock Holmes. Hinz, Blanka. Kauke, Birgit. Hongkongs kritische Jahre. The narrative writings of Shi Shuqing ]. Bo Yang. Lu Wenfu. Der Gourmet [ The Gourmet ]. Lehmann , Christiane. He Yuhuai. Cycles of Repression and Relaxation. Now I realize that there is a stretch of time which the human mind cannot encompass.

Of course you can start counting, one, two, three. I first read this translation in San Francisco in It came back to my appreciative memory recently while I stared at photographs from the Percival David collection of Chinese ceramics at the British Museum. Rosendorfer's novel is made up of the letters this cultivated Chinese gentleman sends via an unspecified "contact point" back to his friend and colleague in the remote past. admin