Wir wissen wo dein Auto steht: 40 Jahre mit der Pfeife (German Edition)

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Festplatte auf den 3. Erstellen sie 4 Partitionen in der 2. Installieren sie ihr linux. Wo habt ihr euer Linux installiert, wie die Festplatten formatiert. Auf welchem IDE sitzt eure Platte? Und das sehr stabil. Nachdem ich Xubuntu am laufen hatte, hat die Einrichtung ca.

Probably you forgot about this step:. I installed all libraries, but — probably — only in x64 versions, so I will try to install i versions too. It finally works! Forum Perfekt! Das Thema Homeserver Nachbau Ist mehr als spannend. I hope someone out there could make and upload a VM running small and fast with a hs base project. Ok, this blog has 74 comments now. I think about moving it to a forum, what do you all think? Is there ANYone who did not get this working? If yes, please say so and maybe i can help.

It should work on CentOS x64, i tried. With how many memory did you tried? So — I added some RAM and changed operating system to x64 version. What are the minimum requirements of the Host Linux, what could be uninstalled when the HS is running fine? In order to boot quickly I want to slim down the CentOS. I changed the IP router and tried another: Now it works! But now I get the same issue chris does, project transfer via network stops at Serial transfer works from VM to VM for the initial small project, however any transfer through network stops still at If you register at the gira site free you can download the software.

After downloading you can delete your registration. Has anyone made a vmware image of running HS? Or can someone tell me where i can download the Gira Expert Software?? Or how do i can change the ttyS0 to ttyS1? Can someone pls help? X subnetz: what you need I still have no connection to the EIB. From the HS Linux i can ping the address of the ip router. But when I press any button of a previously prepared action in the websurface there is no reaction. Is it a must to apply a dummy application for the HS as well e. I managed to get the HS up and running. Just add the following parameters in the vmx-file, so you get the right mac: ethernet0.

I was able to transfer a small projects through Serial but any transfer through network stops after Any idea? TargetInvocationException: Er is een uitzondering opgetreden tijdens de bewerking waardoor het resultaat ongeldig is. Controleer InnerException voor details over de uitzondering. WebException: De onderliggende verbinding is gesloten: De verbinding is onverwachts afgesloten. RaiseExceptionIfNecessary bij System. Bandit What parameter for eibd do you use — and what interface? Greets Fireblade. Is there a special way to integrate the partitions in the hs or to activate them?

My Problem is, that experte always says, that the max size of a project is k. But all partitions are MB. I adopted the partitions and it worked like a charme. A real facility server ;-. The number of cylinders for this disk is set to There is nothing wrong with that, but this is larger than , and could in certain setups cause problems with: 1 software that runs at boot time e. Then you have to use. It took me around 12 hours to find out this detail. Now I have transferred a project successfully by serial connection as well as by network connection. This is because the serial connection is very unstable, especially on virtual machines.

If you finally got the project uploaded to the homeserver,.. I tried now to create several partition table with fdisk but no one was working. Iget always the message that Projekt is -xxxxx to big. Maybe somebody can privide me with an empty vmpd file with a working partition table? Hyperterm works, but Experte is not able to connect. It is whether VM or local. Thanx to Roel for making this possible.

If I decide to use it, I will of course buy it from Gira. OK, got the server up and running! Yes I tried with a new project and I still get the same error. I got the messages in the WinExpert that the project is kB to big, the used memory is 0 kB. I am really running out of ideas I have the same problem like Mike and get the same error message:.

I tried several times to create a new hdc with fdisk and mkfs. Experte give a connection time out. The Linuxes gives the hardwareaddress per ifconfig in lowercase out. It seems Debian needs a fully working ifconfig to start its network. Have you installed the lrzsz. This is a ZModem-Protocol to send and transmit data.

This was the problem in my question. Please let us now if you are successfull! The same is by my expert-application. How can i solve this? Do you have any idea whats wrong with my install? As you see i am even using 16MB 3rd and 4th partitions. Use fdisk. Now you only upload THIS project via serial.

All future projects can be uploaded via the network because you give it an IP address here, i suggest you make it the same as your Linux machine already has. If you have Projects of more than 10 or 25MB,. In this world most projects are a few MB. I think it is a problem with the partitions…. Roel can you help us, please??? I have the same problem when sending Images data and voice. So i updated the above text :. Hello, cool Description. Please enable JavaScript to submit this form. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The store is not open, I am testing it and maybe it will open in future. If you need any of the products which I found handy and using , contact me. Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. Did you find apk for android? You can find new Free Android Games and apps. Jopi 29 March at FL you must transfer the first projekt via RS! FL 27 March at Thanks in advance. RichieM 26 March at Cocoon 24 March at FL 23 March at Thank you to all!

FL BF are a wrong make are this mac the mac from the faked ifconfig? What do you think?

FIFA 15 Let's Play Karriere #112 - Der Schiri ist ne Pfeife!!

Thanks in advance! Toti 23 March at What did I wrong? Any other suggestions? Toti 21 March at FL 21 March at Has anybody a suggestion? Cocoon 20 March at Jopi 19 March at Cocoon 18 March at MS 18 March at RichieM 17 March at I am even willing to pay for any assistance in this matter ;-. Mika 16 March at Roel 16 March at Jopi 16 March at Ooops… sorry! I have a physical Notebook with XP running. The Homeserver Expert is installed an the notebook.

My problem is who can I load the first project via serial connection to the Homeserver? Cocoon 15 March at For 30 uploads over IP the HS works fine. But now i have this Problem again: transfer through network stops still at Now i have a error: Network connetion faied , in experte. Hi RichieM go to knx-forum and search hsfusion. RichieM 15 March at Hi and thanks to everyone for finding out this solution! Cocoon 14 March at If yes, please can you tell me the route command i had to write to the ifconfig or maybe easier, i have to put in the expert 2.

Jopi 9 March at Chris 7 March at Roel 7 March at Jopi 7 March at Jimmy best friend 7 March at Jimmy best friend 6 March at Jetzt ist die kiste fertig. Roel 4 March at Just a quick comment because I was called yesterday by: drs. MS 2 March at Okay now it works. New HS Version. Hannes 2 March at Hannes 1 March at MS 1 March at Cocoon 28 February at Hi, I have several problems, because I am an absolute Linux beginner. Cocoon 27 February at Is here a linux user who has a anwser for me? James 24 February at Thank you in advance.

Jetz kann ich endlich mein Projekt testen, bevor ich es scharf schalte;-. MST 22 February at Cocoon 21 February at But there seems to be a problem with the "web" interface. Topfly 21 February at Hi everyone. John 20 February at Cocoon 20 February at Hey John, That 2 things i used. Iam not home. After serial transfer the hs shows this. Mika 20 February at Topfly 19 February at Nice tutorial. MST 19 February at John 19 February at Cocoon 18 February at Irgendjemand eine Idee? Schreibrechte auf hs und Unterordner vorhanden. MST 18 February at Cocoon 17 February at MFG Cocoon.

John2 17 February at John 16 February at MST 16 February at Has someone solved this? John 15 February at Mika 14 February at Cocoon 14 February at Du shows only 1,5GB used storage, dh shows tera and petabytes… Have you got similar problems? Regards, Sadek. Chris 13 February at No more errors! Thanks Roel. Chris 12 February at Hi Roel, Great idea to move this blog to a forum. Remaining errors? Yes, I still struggle with network transfer which stops still at It seems Jopi face the same issue.

Cheers, Chris. Cocoon 12 February at Status here: Mission uncompleted! Roel 12 February at Maybe I forgot about some libraries? Jopi 11 February at Anybody has an idea? Michael 6 February at Jopi 5 February at Michael 4 February at Chris 4 February at After uncountable hours investigating, I still struggle with project transfer via network.

Did anybody faced the same issue or does have an idea? Thx, Chris. Joerg If you register at the gira site free you can download the software. Joerg 2 February at Michael 1 February at Tom o. Jopi 30 January at MST 29 January at I have tried it for a week and it does not work… Thanks, MST. John 28 January at Does anobody have idea what i do wrong? Chris 21 January at Thanks Roel for this great tutorial! Cheers Chris. Koen 17 January at Koen 15 January at Koen 14 January at Firablade 13 January at Bandit 11 January at Thanks Roel!!!

Bandit 10 January at Roel 10 January at Jopi 9 January at Lincoln 9 January at It works! Thanks again! AND Why are the 4 hdc-Partitions not mounted? Jopi 7 January at Mekke 7 January at Mekke 6 January at Got it up and running. Managed to login with client and quadclient. Has anyone been able to connect to the server and display menus, rooms, etc, etc…. Koen 6 January at But does it need to be of a special brand is any controller fine, berker, abb whatever.

And what about a USB controller? Lincoln 4 January at Jopi 4 January at Lincoln 3 January at Tuppo 3 January at Bert 30 December at Where do i have to install a Linux distribution? Haggard and emaciated as recollected loaded in at the same place as where you got off on the lips the same questions still about the first things, the last days or simply just about substances Let us go home You ask me, old man, where are you harbouring what I had in mind? Is it inscribed or was it drowned? I say your doings alone are what remain of me beneath layers, years, annual rings it is yet still engraved Let us go home to yours and mine I sing of our catastrophes intonate the breakdowns I join in each deceptive cadence I extemporize upon your harmonies up to the refrain, to the finale Let us go home Susej We have to make everything work in reverse Susej Climb down from your skull hill Susej back through streets and alleys Susej the rabble and the masses they can go home now Susej Call the astromagic off even the Magi can go home Susej They can all go home All Ajulellah Ajulellah Ajulellah Ajulellah Be transitory!

Total Eclipse Of The Sun. Dead Friends Around The Corner. Everything here is unchanged it looks like everywhere This whole area is out of my way so I rarely come around here Here are those who went and those who were made to leave Here are those for whom I appeared in the last film in flight in free fall Most of them are still very hungry and they don't even have cigarettes so they just cling to the ideas.

There is a place around the corner where your dead friends live Some drift through places and thoughts blind passengers in subways and busses or they simply stand around and wait Even those who couldn't wait any longer here they have nothing else to do Especially at night they are bothered by boredom There is a place around the corner where your dead friends live It is nothing It is nothing I call you by your old names I do not change my tone of voice I let them fall like they always fell now that you are just not visible not touchable and also unassailable It's all still the the same only you are waiting in between not very far you're rather close around the corner so to speak around the corner so to speak around the corner so to speak It is nothing It is nothing It is nothing It is.

Die Befindlichkeit Des Landes. Was ist die Befindlichkeit des Landes? Across the scarfaced terrain slowly disappearing only phantom pain remains Scarcely audible foul laughter seeps out from the red Info Box making some turn quietly in their graves Nothing but future ruins material for the next layer Mela, Mela, Mela, Mela, Melancholia Melancholia, mon cher, Mela, Mela, Mela, Mela, Melancholia floats over the new city and over the land Over the control centres over the stubble fields of concrete over the secret net of bunkers refusing to be wiped out Marlene go home!

What is the lay of the land? X Greatest Hits, Redukt. Der Mittelpunkt, der Zellkern der gesamten menschlichen Zellkultur. Bin ich, ist Ich in jeder Zelle? Immer an der Wand lang, ist todsicher, der Weg aus dem Garten, dem Irrgarten. Kommen da noch welche? Haben die Leichen irgendwas zu sagen? Ausser: Seht! Wir sind die, die ihr erst sein werdet! Wir sind da! Ihr nicht!

Status quo [english]

But death stays hated to all of human nature it tears down hope almost to the ground Redukt! My hands, my arms, my legs, my body and I the immutable, indestructible, self, I. The centre, the nucleus, the entire human cell culture. Am I, is me in every cell? Is there anything redundant, solidified, that can be peeled off, that can be discarded like ballast, sandbags out of a free balloon? Layer for layer, epidermis, mesenchyme and dermis, fibres, muscles, tendons, flesh, capillaries, veins, blood vessels, fatty tissue, nerve tracts, bones, marrow, skeleton.

And where does what remain? And if possible, that too is claimed headlessly. Like cephalophors, with a single stroke, a head shorter Reduct! Always along the wall, dead certain, the way out of the garden, the garden maze. I wander to while away time as if time might otherwise descend on me, like a scavenging beast. We peer into the stream of the perished now being swept down the passage of time, through the delta towards the mouth, out into the gaping cosmic ocean. Are there any more coming? Do corpses have something left to say?

Besides: Look! We are they who you are still to become! We are there! You are not! But death stays hated to all of human nature it tears down hope almost to the ground Reduct! The foundations are in the wrong place, this house should have been set in the heavens, so the gods can die, regularly and in temporally classical proportions.

The golden section through the throat of a venerable celestial body that then, in short thrusts, ejaculates its divine blood into the seraphic summer morning, because it is forever summer, until one or the other, me included, can say: Finally, infinitely, left in peace, but moveable, free to make noise, without guilt! Nagorny Karabach. X Greatest Hits, Nagorny Karabach. The town lies under mist I am up on my mountain in my black garden squeezed in between the heavens in the enclave of my choice where I am hiding in Nagorny Karabakh Once deep forests mountain chains, maybe ice a brass-yellow sun perpetrates a paradise my sys- or diastole and between them the moment borne by the birds about their business here in the enclave of my heart where I lose myself in Nagorny Karabakh I climb down the mountain enter one or another valley flying flags of every colour in Mount Karabakh Two large black ravens devouring the plums in the tree I wonder if the other city cares for me In the enclave of my choice where I am hiding in Nagorny Karabakh Come and pay me a visit I have unlimited time and the view is most lovely over the clouds and the town in Nagorny Karabakh Nagorny Karabakh Nagorny Karabakh.

X Greatest Hits, Salamandrina. How Did I Die? I was in a crater pockmarked fields on either side I was meant to be all safe How did I die? How did I die? Now there is only that sinister brown belt, a strip of murdered Nature. It seems to belong to another world. Every sign of humanity has been swept away. The woods and roads have vanished like chalk wiped from a board; of the villages nothing remains but gray smears where stone walls have tumbled together.

A confused mass of troubled earth. Columns of muddy smoke spurt up continually as high explosives tear deeper into this ulcered area. I filled my mouth with water so the bullet could suceed How did I die? Did I die by my own hand? How did we die? I'm on the run from outraged masses Across the wilderness I came to the end Waiting at the entrance for a long time Dumb and without a plan First there is a storm but you are not carried along Then there is an earthquake but you are also not involved From below I will fiercely pull on the roots until the upper world should move Col de ma ma daqua A whisper light and low A voice of floating silence And if there were tremendous waters I know you wouldn't partake in any more floods Even if it rains meteors today You are just not taking part I will fiercely pull on all twenty two roots Until the upper world should move I raise my voice against it 'till out of the whisper the answer wafts to me.

Lament Kriegsmaschinerie. X Lament, Kriegsmaschinerie. Er wartet. Auf ein einziges, tausendfaches: War does not break out. It waits. For a singular, but thousandfold: — Hurrah! X Lament, Hymnen. Heil dir im Siegerkranz, Herrscher des Vaterlands! God save the King! Krieger- und Heldenthat finde ihr Loorbeerblatt Long to reign over us; an deinem Thron! On Thee our hopes we fix, Heil Christian Dir! Heil Kaiser Dir! Heil dir im Siegerkranz!

Kartoffeln mit Heringsschwanz. Heil Kaiser dir! The Willy - Nicky Telegrams. An ignoble war has been declared very soon I shall be overwhelmed forced to take extreme measures such a calamity European war I beg you to do what you can stop your allies from going too far. Nicky [Kaiser to Tsar This and the previous telegraph crossed.

In this case politics plays no part at all.

Building your own Homeserver III

Willy [Tsar to Kaiser This and the previous telegraph crossed. Beg you to explain this divergency! It would be right to give the problem to the Hague-conference. Trust in your wisdom and friendship. The weight of the decision lies on your shoulders now who have to bear the responsibility for Peace or War. Willy [Kaiser to Tsar] In my endeavours to maintain the peace I have gone to the utmost limit.

The peace of Europe may be maintained If Russia stops the military measures My friendship for you and your empire has always been sacred to me Willy [Tsar to Kaiser This and the previous telegraph crossed. We are far from wishing war. Your affectionate Nicky [Tsar to Kaiser] I wish to have the guarantee from you that these measures do not mean war we shall continue negociating for the benefit of our countries universal peace dear to our hearts.

Our long proved friendship must succeed in avoiding bloodshed Nicky [Kaiser to Tsar] I pointed out to you the way by which war may be avoided. I requested an answer for noon today, no telegram has reached me yet. I therefore have to mobilise my army. In De Loopgraaf. X Lament, In De Loopgraaf. Hoe kan ik dansen in de smalle grachten? How can I dance in the narrow canals? Het is zo stil vannacht It is so quiet tonight De maan is rond en vol The moon is round and full Ik wil I want Ik wil dansen I want to dance Maar hoe kan ik dansen in de smalle grachten?

But how can I dance in the narrow canals? How can I dance? Der 1. Weltkrieg Percussion Version. X Lament, Der 1. Each country is represented by one pipe, the pipes representing the colonial powers UK, Germany, etc. Each day is one beat within a bar. What the time? Fall in line Alright, boys, now take it slow Are you ready?

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  • Theorien der Internationalen Beziehungen: Der Konstruktivismus (German Edition)!
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Very good, Eddie. Alert, gas! Put on your mask. Adjust it correctly and hurry up fast! Get the bloody boys! Get them on the bayonet! X Lament, Achterland. Silence is Sexy Sabrina. X Silence is Sexy, Sabrina. Silence is sexy.


X Silence is Sexy, Silence is sexy. X Silence is Sexy, In circles. All the molecules every single one the atoms their spin their charge their charme in circles All the molecules every single one the atoms their spin their charge their charme in circles in beauty. Grad' gegen seine Apfelfalle hab' ich mich gewehrt, sie wurde gegen meinen Willen trotzdem installiert. Seitdem hat sich mir die Fliegerei um einiges erschwert. Above all his apple pitfall I opposed but against my will it was installed. Since then I find flying increasingly heavy.

X Silence is Sexy, Zampano. Es gibt nur einen Idioten There is only one idiot and through some or other gap through some or other gap he constantly slips inside I can barricade the door in darkness lie in wait for days or more somehow he always catches me somehow he always gets back inside he acts dead when I try to throw him out he acts deaf when I shout at him he resembles me in the mirror somehow he just refuses to leave me alone There is only one idiot There is only one idiot Heaven is of honey.

X Silence is Sexy, Heaven is of honey. Heaven is of Honey and kisses beeswork blossomchannels How do I know? How could I forget? Heaven is in the making a buildingsite a possibillity If there's a glimpse of it In the little dance of tongues As a reminder! Heaven is all remembered is an idea for idiots possessed by gods that just waste space and in case I wake up without a pen I do not want to forget Heaven is of Honey and kisses Royal Jelly for the queenbee in the center How do I know?

X Silence is Sexy, Beauty. You see half the moon, its crescent, and one of the planets, maybe Saturn, maybe Jupiter, in the early night sky over Berlin, through the windows of a taxicab, near Potsdamer Platz. You think: Beauty. No, this is not beauty, maybe not, maybe, this is the rest of it, maybe not, maybe, the rest of beauty, maybe not, maybe, what remains of beauty, maybe not, maybe, what is visible, certainly, uncertain.

Your arms would not be able to stretch as far as necessary to form an adequate gesture for beauty You know that, don't you? So, beauty remains in the impossibilities of the body. Die Befindlichkeit des Landes. X Silence is Sexy, Sonnenbarke. X Silence is Sexy, Musentango. X Silence is Sexy, Alles. X Silence is Sexy, Redukt. X Silence is Sexy, Dingsaller. Anrufe in Abwesenheit. X Silence is Sexy, Anrufe in Abwesenheit. Vinyl Bonustrack: Pelikanol. Peli Just as a reminder: bitter almonds marzipan Pelicanol school glue. X the jewels, Ich komme davon.

X the jewels, Mei Ro. X the jewels, 26 Riesen. Alphabetical one after the other all are giants and all from the same place every single one is the best in his profession all alphabetical D is a doctor B is a burglar in a gathering of the giants he stands behind the curtain and listens while D examines the others to be on the safe side that all will stay giants or become giants except B wants to get smaller P, by the way, is president.

X the jewels, Hawcubite. Die Libellen. X the jewels, Die Libellen. There, where I first saw the stars, in the same section of the sky fighter planes cavorting bombers rolling, plunging or hovering, immobile, waiting like dragonflies in the sky A plane takes off far too low slips out of sight resurges, now above our heads a military transport plane, a giant machine ailing before plummeting, flames licking out first a single scream, then everyone on board it explodes and crashes behind the houses blood is raining The dragonflies are waiting in the passage.

Jeder Satz mit ihr hallt nach. X the jewels, Jeder Satz mit ihr hallt nach. In those nights when everything upends verticals, horizontals every wrinkle becomes a war all of time falls into a single point and me at the bottom all my fault I plummet into the sun for ever now too with her, every sentence resonates with her, every sentence resonates with her, every sentence resonates with her, every sentence resonates with her, every sentence resonates with her, every sentence resonates with her, every sentence resonates my sunspot-troubled head enthroned with eyes aghast upright unasleep.

X the jewels, Epharisto. Robert Fuzzo. X the jewels, Robert Fuzzo. Es ist ziemlich dreckig. Wer den Gang hinunter will, muss durch herunterfallende Hummerkrabben waten. Shoko Asahara von Aum Shinrikyo ist hier, er ist aber schon sehr alt und klapprig. Er kommt und geht, wie und wann er will, schmuggelt sich nach draussen, in die Nachbarwohnung, die neue Mieter hat.

Niemand ist da Sind Sie Robert Fuzzo? Appropriately, the prison is located in a New York apartment building. It is fairly dirty. Whoever wants to go down the corridor has to wade through falling king prawns. Shoko Asahara, of Aum Shinrikyo, is here, but he is already very old and decrepit.

And Tony Curtis, who is quite popular with the guards because he always beats his excrements into firm, solid pats. He passes down a long suite of rooms. Every so often a door on the left opens onto the stairs. At the end is the kitchen. He steals a few credit cards and a couple of small-denomination dollar bills from a handbag sitting on a stool, from here a door leads onto the rear staircase.

Are you Robert Fuzzo? Magyar Energia. X the jewels, Magyar Energia. X the jewels, Vicky. Uuu uur hoo? I explored the corridors and found a brewery, with one of my ex-es inside. Ansonsten Dostojewsky. X the jewels, Ansonsten Dostojewsky. Klarinette Alles, was er sagt, meint wirklich etwas anderes Erwachen entzieht mich der Behandlung Ausgezeichnet, gut, okay Clarinet Everything he says really means tamed dinosaurs So it works, fantastic! A stupid wannabe playboy gangster Aha!

Clarinet Everything he says really means something else Waking up saves me from treatment Fantastic, well, OK Junk and not enough room for a normal grown person "Sangria! Grace and concession Five different children Location-Scout-Team. X the jewels, Die Ebenen. In der Mitte? Unter der Decke? Unter der Haut? The frame boxes have different shapes on each level each layer They are filled with milky yellow fully soaked cell cultures Amassing around the edges is a gelatinous gelatinous mass If scraped off and spread out it remembers the forms and simulates them Only the levels should not must not will not be mixed Is this all happening in my body?

Under the cover? Under the skin? Only the levels should not must not will not be mixed. Am I only Jesus? X the jewels, Am I only Jesus? I am only Jesus. X the jewels, Bleib. I kissed Glenn Gould. X the jewels, I kissed Glenn Gould. Na bei den dreien.. Ich ver Das Erwachen entzieht mich der Behandlung. I attempt to cross the street I attem Waking up saves me from treatment. X alles wieder offen, Die Wellen. Bleibst du jetzt hier? Bleibst du jetzt hier, oder was? X alles wieder offen, Nagorny Karabach. Weil Weil Weil. X alles wieder offen, Weil Weil Weil.

Ich hatte ein Wort. X alles wieder offen, Ich hatte ein Wort. Ich hatte ein Wort ein fremdes, mir sehr widerstrebend Ich bin die fernsten Winkel abgereist auf der Suche nach der Bedeutung, diesem Beweis nach einem Wort das ich nun endlich wieder weiss was ich in mir trug das geb ich nicht mehr preis ich gebs nimmermehr preis I had a word an alien one, most inimical to me X alles wieder offen, Von wegen.

Let's do it a Dada. X alles wieder offen, Let's do it a Dada. Alles wieder offen. X alles wieder offen, Alles wieder offen. Was ist offen? What is open? Endlich sauber. Endlich leer. Ich trinke ein grosses Glas Wasser und warte. Das Wasser findet seinen Weg. Ich lasse es, ein letzter Strahl.

Ein letztes Gas, ein Flatus. Have I got my wherewithal? With two fingers I haul its thread up out of my throat, out of my body. Hanging to it like a charm bracelet are: a heart, my love, a bottle, a house, a coin, a horseshoe, a six, a seven, a shamrock, a fish, a dice, a thirteen, a bell, a padlock, a key, a hammer, a star, a moon, the sun — and at the very end a brush whose bristles pull out the remains, the last couple of lumps. Clean at last.

Empty at last. I drink a large glass of water and wait. What had stuck in and kept me worried is hanging in front of me and drying like old vegetables, desiccated fruit. The water finds its way. I let it, a last trickle. A last gas, a flatus. Me: my shell. X alles wieder offen, Susej.

X alles wieder offen, Ich Warte. Origional Translation Die Kinder schreien: "Anne! Good Morning everyone! Bonjour Monsieur! Bonjour Madame! Konnichi Wa Nippon! Good Morning everybody! Guten Morgen allerseits! Buon Giorno Signori! Konnichi Wa! Ni Hao! The children shout "Anna! Good morning everyone! Good morning everybody! The pigeons on the roof and on the windowsills It sounds like masturbating, a peculiar kind of moaning With each lorry in the street the house starts vibrating And ringtones sent by 2 billion mobile users phoning The planet has advanced along its orbit a little bit more And outside, outside it's raining it's raining galore The night is spent The day strikes Good morning everybody!

Grundstueck: GS1. Origional Translation wir sind der und der und der und der und die und der und die und die die die die die wann kommen die? We are him and him and him and him and her and him and her and her and her her her her her when are they coming? Grundstueck: GS2. Origional Translation wir sind gekommen die geschenke abzuholen. Unseasonable Weather.

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  8. Origional Translation wir bunkern wir bunkern draussen wettern katastrofen megacryometeore alle zeit november wir bunkern wir horten verscharren fuer hinterher wir hoffen uns dann zu erinnern wo der hund begraben liegt. Grundstueck: GS3. Origional Translation Ich wuenschte einige zeitgenossen waeren genau das: genossen, aus der zeit.

    I wish some of my contemporaries were precisely that: conned, temporarily. Der es traegt ertraegt es, doch koennt es zerfetzen aus Wut Es ist ein Totenhemd - Es ist ein business-suit Das Innere nach aussen gekehrt Die Naehte sind frei Wer dies, warum so genaeht hat ist jetzt einerlei Es ist fadenscheinig! Es ist nicht mehr die Welt. Es ist fadenscheinig! The gown is in tatters with the seams beneath clear to see It is stretched so taut, the stitching can hardly hold it The cloth is embroidered with avarice and greed Each single section sewen together with threads of lies It is threadbare!

    He who wears it bears it but could tear it to shreds in rage It is a shroud it is a business suit turned inner out The seams laid bare Whoever sewed it thus and why is it now no matter It is threadbare! We further unstitch the seams Tear out the lining We see what holds the different parts inside together The whole thing is nothing more thana rag It no longer means the world It is threadbare!

    Origional Translation eigentlich hatte ich neun arme vertrocknet im sonnenlicht eigentlich war'n beine wie tentakeln verkuemmert im tageslicht Die Nacht Die Nacht hat schwarze Raender Lenin schaut hinaus Ein Hund verkriecht sich unter dem Bett und neben dem Grammofon Am Haken der Gehenkte bekommt Nadelstiche von einem gemuetlichen Vollmondgesicht Was kuemmerts ihn? Was kuemmert ihn das noch? Vom Balken haengt das naechste Opfer Korsage und rote Struempfe gespreizt, empfaengnisbereit Draussen warten die Voyeure fruehe Paparazzi Wer hat hier das sagen?

    Wer hat die Hand im Spiel? What does he care any more? Hanging from the beam is the next victim corsage and red stockings splayed, ready to conceive waiting outside are voyeurs early paparazzi Who calls the shots? Who has his hand in this? Wo Sind Meine Schuhe? Origional Translation wo sind meine Schuhe? Where are my shoes? Not under my bed Nothing there but the remains of old affairs Lost stuff past stuff The love faxes from those abandoned Relationship remnants The dust of my last days coats the scars Not fresh but still unhealed Anything but my shoes Somewhere surely is also my shirt Somewhere surely is also my shirt Somewhere surely is my shirt I'm sure I came with a shirt In my wardrobe there are plenty But also a dress That doesn't fit me Doesn't belong to me Just to cap it all It will surely be collected soon Unexpected inexpedient Meeting now again Strikes me Bowls me over ouch!

    Where is my heart, please? Tagelang Weiss. Origional Translation Ich geh zurueck zur alten stelle bis ich es alles wieder weiss hier wurden dopamine, endorphine, serotonine ausgeteilt oder vielleicht durch kuesse vollendet zur geltung gebracht Ich konnte alle molekuele einzeln tanzen sehen weiss tagelang weiss was im morast unbezwungener lebensluegen zwischendurch versunken war Ich finde es wieder, find' mich wieder unter einer duennen schicht aus eis es gibt mich unveraendert wieder sie gibt mich unbeschadet preis kein schwarz aus ende abend es bleibt tagelang weiss Ich geh zurueck zur alten stelle bis ich es alles wieder weiss und ich bleibe bis zum morgengrauen zwielicht daemmerung Ich geh nicht mehr weg von dieser stelle bis ich es fuer immer weiss unter der milchhaut fuer immer weiss immer weiss weiss.

    I go back to the old spot until I know it all again Here dopamine, endorphin, serotonine were dealt out or maybe through kisses brought to utter perfection I could see molecules dancing one by one White White for days What in the meantime has drowned In the morass of unyielding lifelong deceit I find it again, find myself again Under a thin layer of ice Reflecting me in unchanged form Revealing me unharmed No black out over evening It stays white for days I go back to the old spot Until it all dawns on me again And I stay until daybreak Twilight dawn I'll not leave this spot Until it all dawns on me again Beneath the skin of milk White forever finally know Forever white always know White know.

    Perpetuum Mobile Ich gehe jetzt. X Perpetuum Mobile, Ich gehe jetzt. Wo ist mein Hut? Red green yellow black rust brown dead red deep raven black is colorful brand spanking new is no more I have lost my vocabulary book Where is the key? Where is my hat? I'm going now Concrete prose or permafrost Melting process or not The deja vu is now historic the mixture remains as ever I'm bleeding It's always something I'm going now I can't even remember the cut I'm going now It will be what it was none of it true Fortuna in captivity Heart jump cross stitch Change of air Cut out the crap and the clamps For hope and for me I'm going now The beast is not yet truly awake But also far from finished off Just now it was tossing back and forth and grinding its teeth in its sleep I'm going now After me the flood After me tornados After me tsunamis and cleansings After me the hardships The cold the drought the heat More than ever since man started thinking It's about time That the earth itself finally spins Transforms and breaks its bonds I'm going now I'm going now I'm going now.

    Perpetuum Mobile. X Perpetuum Mobile, Perpetuum Mobile. Die Traeume sind verunglueckte Zeitreisende. Elevator Taxi Baggage cart Airplane Baggage cart Escalator Escalator Train Airplane bus escalator moving walkway moving walkway escalator baggage cart limousine elevator Perpetuum mobile Perpetuum mobile Perpetuum mobile Perpetuum mobile I check in with my invisible house with garden and my invisible range from Gaggenau They sit beside me in the airplane and later we empty the minibar together Sometimes they stay overnight in hotel storage or travel overnight in the crew's equipment truck My invisible house with garden and my invisible range from Gaggenau From A to B because of love From A to B because of love From A to B because of love From A to B because of love because of love!

    The dreams are wrecked time travellors. Red wine. Is it dreamworthy? Selbspotraet mit Kater. X Perpetuum Mobile, Selbspotraet mit Kater. Origional Translation meistens ist es morgens meine haende zittern mein gesicht es gehoert mir nicht wasser! Ich weiss es nicht mehr ich habe getan was ich konnte die welt zu entzweifeln bis kein tropfen gewissheit mehr uebrig war nicht das in meiner erinnerung etwas fehlt bis mir auffaellt das da eine luecke klafft zwischen den naechtlichen exerzitien und dieser meiner jetzigen agonie Selbstportrait mit Kater zwischendurch war ich bereit zu staunen der grosse treibstoff zur rotation um die eigene achse ich drehte mich um und um und um in meinem taumelnden mittelpunkt dieses geschehens in das es mich hier nun mal verschlagen hatte in einer art von trunkenem universum das unverantwortlich leer und sinnfrei rueberkam in schueben altbekannten grinsenden wiederholungen also nicht alles hier war meine schuld wenn in dieser kaelte schuld ueberhaupt noch denkbar waere -- jawohl!

    Ich treibe Inzest mit den Sternen! Life on other planets is difficult! It's often in the morning my hands are shaking my face it doesn't belong to me Water! What don't I have? What did I say? I don't remember! I did all I could to settle the world's doubts till no drop of certainty was leftover Not that in my memory I feel a gap until I notice that there is a yawning void between my nightly exercitations and my present agony Self-portrait with hangover At some stage I was ready for astonishment The great fuel for the rotation around one's own axis I turned round and round and round the reeling center of this incident in which I had just ended up here in a kind of drunken universe that irresponsibly empty and senseless took hold of me in phases long-known grinning repetitions So not all of this was my fault if in this cothere still could be guilt -- indeed!

    Self-portrait with hangover All the stars were out of the way they were in the sky like pinpricks The night lighted by a moon that seems to be covered by food mold Self-portrait with hangover What I see in the morning has little to do with me I'm decorated with a black line on my lips and that says a lot fusel oil, aldehydes, residual alcohol Maybe I should call the Chinese doctor from across perhaps he should leech my liver or else I am covered by a highly fragile nerve fabric in a highly fragile and even transparent nerve fabric Doris Day!

    Self-portrait with hangover Astronomy has discovered the schnapps in space Someone he or she had hidden it behind intergalactic clouds probably marked for safety by a creative hand so the space cleaning lady will not take delight in it Sometime the clouds will breakup for me and the beautiful women waiting behind feed me with truthful truffles Finally water me with the essence of their heavenly appearance until everything glows ruby red around me I commit incest with the stars!

    I commit incest with the stars! X Perpetuum Mobile, Boreas. Origional Translation tauwetter. Will the dwindling ice bear our weight much longer? When comes the wind that billows our words' sails?

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