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The Lord asks us, first, about our desires — for without a desire to become whole the pathway to healing becomes clouded.

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An understanding of the Atonement of Christ teaches us that the power is in the Savior to heal. Yet this account at the pool of Bethesda also shows that in seeking to heal us, the Savior also engages us and probes our desires and our faith and our willingness to act so that we come unto Him for such healing. The Atonement is a phenomenal and wonderful gift to us. It can lift our burdens. It can heal our wounds. We ought to be able to receive the gift of the Atonement.

When we go into the waters of baptism we covenant with the Father through the name of Christ to receive a gift called the Atonement, to shed our sins and be clean.

The Ministry of Healing

It is a gift. Of all the gifts that we might seek to receive at this time of year, this is the most worthy gift, a gift that comes to bring healing and wholeness. How do we receive it? Do we long for it above other gifts? Do we make changes in our lives that might allow us to more fully receive this gift?

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It did not happen to him in a moment. He did not become the Christ of Gethsemane and Golgotha in an instant in time.

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He was born and lived thirty-three years before He was in a position to step forward and finish that particular part of his mission from his Heavenly Father. Even then, we are told that as He approached that time in Gethsemane, that he shrunk because of the ominous nature of that which He had to face Doctrine and Covenants However, it did not happen in a moment.

What I would encourage each of us to remember as we think of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ is that it represents a day-by-day growth experience. We make mistakes. All of us make mistakes—but hopefully we are not making the same mistakes at age forty that we were making at age twenty. Even so, the gospel of healing offers the opportunity for repentance, for learning, for healing—often line upon line. He did not ask for very much, simply for us to come unto Him and walk the paths that He walked, and to follow Him. In other words, to live His teachings.

As we work through our lives and attempt to steer a course back to our Father in Heaven, I would hope that we would learn those things which we need to learn, do those things that we need to do, and when we have made mistakes we should repent of them, shift that burden, and get back on the path of the strait and narrow way and remain there. The call of the Christmas season is the call to come unto Christ.

There is nothing that I know of in all my experience that can heal us more deeply. I hope that each of us might answer the call and the beckoning of the Savior to bring us home, to heal us in His own way and His time, and to be made whole as He promises. Line upon Line. He told members if they are feeling unclean, unloved, unhappy, unworthy, unwhole or incomplete, to remember "all that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Let us answer Him. Let us pray, repent, forgive and forget. Let us love God and serve our neighbor and stand in holy places with a life made clean.

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole? – Part One – The Real Christian Wife

His grace is sufficient and you will not walk alone Wilt thou be made whole? Rise and walk. Deseret News Church News Subscribe. Part of our healing is letting go. We must let go of our expectations of the people who are broken. It is not fair or realistic to ask a broken person to give us wholeness. Sometimes, we must let go of the people who are comfortable in their brokenness and who will not change. Moreover, God does not ask or expect us to do so.

Wholeness can be a shared journey, but wholeness always starts with an individual choice. Wikipedia I remember a discussion where another survivor and I talked about how even when you are healed there are cracks from where you were broken. Our sentiment was that we needed to position ourselves in ways that our cracks were hidden or camouflaged. We just saw the places where we were broken as places of perpetual unsightliness. I knew about kintsukuroi as technique — as opposed to a philosophy — back then; so, I never made a connection.

I completely forgot about it. Maybe it was in a cultural lesson when I studied Japanese in college.

Healing in the Gospels

Maybe I read it somewhere. I am no longer in the place where I was when I had the conversation about hiding my brokenness. I now embrace the philosophy of kintsukuroi. When we let God truly, fully and completely repair us. The Master Potter takes the pure gold of our refining and mixes it with His strength and His Spirit to completely repair us to greater beauty and value. Wilt thou be made whole?