Truth Seekers: Journalists in Combat Zones

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View more posts. Nice list. Fantastic tv series about the life in the White House and highly realistic according to critics.

Regional Overview

The press Secretary and staff play a major role in the series. Great movie about a woman trying to find her missing husband during the war in Bosnia. She travels with a group of war correspondents.

Reporters At War: Dying To Tell A Story (EMMY AWARD WINNING) - Real Stories

The movie shows us the dangers of media concentration. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! What about Bruno? The gay fashion reporter…….. Article on The Next Web about a Israeli start-up that wants to help celebs getting rid of paparazzi Dutch article about Asthon Kutcher filming some paparazzi with his camera phone.

O ja, Zodiac van David Fincher mag ook niet ontbreken. Superman en Spiderman werken trwns ook allebei voor een krant ;.

Table of Contents

Thanks for compiling this Ernst-Jan, excellent resource. Deadline is, I think, an underrated series about a NY Post style tabloid.

  • She Was There;
  • Journalists in war zones tread a fine line between safety and freedom of speech.
  • Kant et M. de Bismarck (French Edition).

I wrote the script of the only Portuguese film about contemporary TV journalism. Tons of thank you for top 24, but could you please add some new films too.. After ? Also some from Asian countries.. A must see. No Absence of Malice with Paul Newman!? That should be required viewing for journo majors.

Little late to the party, but perhaps The Ides of March would be a good addition to this already excellent list. A movie about the dirty tricks played with the media during a presidential campaign, starring Ryan Gosling, Philip Seymour Hoffman and George Clooney.

Especially the first season focus on the roll of the media in covering polititcs and it paints an overly exaggerated picture of how politics work. You should add the recent release Spotlight to the list. Lou Grant would be a welcome addition to the TV show list. Thanks for doing the work on this great list.

Do you happen to know of a movie about a top news anchor woman who takes a break and is given the green light to take a break to write a book. Matt Damon. The woman had a near death experience tsunami. Matt Damon is a psychic who has given up the trade. Nice list, Ernst-Jahn. I just wanted to say, that your intro-text made me smile. Very true words.

Journalism movies: 61 must-see movies for journalists (and 4 series)

It was one the most talked about movies in our realm last year lectures, debates, workshops in Washington and New York. I second it. You miss some newer here: 1. I am often drawn to tale that portray the race against the clock for truth-tellers. I feel like it came out in the last 10 years or so, but time is going by so fast….

Hello there! What about Veronica Guerin of Joel Schumacher? Barney Miller Season 8 — Obituary — Shows how publishing an erroneous obit causes problems for the still living person. Also shows the reporter pursuing another story. Great episode. Great episode, only hints at how great the series will become. They have quite a few episodes with heavy journalism themes, but two are completely dedicated to journalism, and are two of my favorite episodes. Superb book.

Hey movie buffs, I have a challenge for you, I am looking for a conspiracy movie from the s which I watch as a teenager. To my recollection, in the s there was a movie and at the end that the man walked up to the New York Times and was about to go inside. But this expires when they become adults, at which point many are sent back to their home country — even if they have taken GCSEs and A-levels, integrated into British society and lost touch with their homeland.

They often struggle to start new lives, because their Westernised mannerisms mean they are regarded with suspicion. She now plans to bring a parliamentary debate on the issue, while the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron is to chair an emergency cross-party summit on 10 February to explore how Britain can support future intakes of child refugees.

Many will have integrated into their communities. As he released the figures, Mr Brokenshire was forced to apologise for previously providing the Commons with inaccurate numbers in November that said just 1, former child refugees had been returned to Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya since The Bureau of Investigative Journalism explored the cases of several Afghan teenagers last year as they battled deportation orders. Some who were returned claimed they had been left homeless, chased by the Taliban, kidnapped, ransomed and beaten.

The latest Home Office figures show that in , 57 former child refugees were sent back to Afghanistan, where the Taliban still controls many districts. Removals to the country have now been temporarily halted as lawyers argue that the security situation is so unsafe that no one should be returned. However, earlier this month lawyers for the Home Office argued in a Court of Appeal case that removals should continue. The judgment is expected imminently. The latest figures also show former child refugees have been returned to Iraq since , including 22 last year and 38 in when Isis began to take territory in the region.

Children can apply for asylum when they first arrive in the UK, but the likelihood of getting refugee status at this point is low, and even less likely for Afghan or Iraqi children. The UK Government does not generally deport unaccompanied children — so instead they are given temporary leave to remain, which lasts until they turn and-a-half.

Review of Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa | Amnesty International

At this point, teenagers must apply to extend their leave. Thousands of teenagers are deported after years living in the UK. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

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Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. Then, suddenly, everything stops. Soldiers are recruited and neighbours work to form their own defences. Ministers are assassinated and the country falls into chaos. Fathers disappear.

Documenting Life in War Zones

The banks close and money and culture and life as people knew it vanishes. Foreign correspondents will always need to document and gather evidence to tell their stories, said di Giovanni. But covering conflict can also be slow and indirect. She approached her work with the curiousity of an anthropologist, spending months talking to people, even living with them, and allowing herself time to understand and portray how war, poverty or disease had shaped their lives. Journalists add the context.

They are masters of the written word — printed, posted or tweeted. They give voice to the most compelling stories of our time. They capture and create powerful images — videos, photos, graphic visualizations — that bring issues and ideas to life.