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Suzanne was once a pole dancer in San Francisco.

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Mitch invites Suzanne and Evie to his spectacular seafront house, and has sex with them both. When Mitch loses interest in Russell and the record deal collapses, the utopian turns out to be just another underground man, boiling with resentment.

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  • Cline is an astute chronicler with a light historical hand. What might have been dutiful apprenticeship to the available material is instead precocious control. Instead, Cline concentrates on mood, sense impression, detail, garish comedy, elegant satire. I wondered later if this was why there were so many more women than men at the ranch. All that time I had spent readying myself, the articles that taught me life was really just a waiting room until someone noticed you—the boys had spent that time becoming themselves.

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    And, in this respect, it performs to type. They herd everyone into the living room. It can be too brilliant—overwritten, flashing rather than lighting.

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    • Though it often opens the doors of perception, it also closes a number of windows. It is a style hospitable to the senses but not especially conducive to thought, to exposition or analysis.

      Author Melanie Benjamin

      Cline has a habit of reaching for glamorous phrases, even if the glamour blinds the meaning. Every phrase gets a brush of lacquer. One strength of the novel gradually becomes a vulnerability.

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      Trying to reassure Christopher with her eyes. The chub of his hand in hers, his untrimmed fingernails. It looks like tidied-up Joyce a version of stream of consciousness , but it is really broken-up Flaubert: heavily visual, it fetishizes detail and the rendering of detail. The Day-Glo symbols crawling up the side of the barn, clothes on a line ghosting in a breeze. The sentence fragment is suddenly everywhere in fiction today, and increasingly seems an emblematic unit of the literary age. It is vivid and provisional, inhabits the vital moment, and renders the world in a cascade of tiled perceptions.

      The form of a novel is the accumulation of its sentences; in this case, the tempo of the sentence becomes the stammering tempo of the form. It is a style supremely adept at plunging us into the helter-skelter world of , but less so at justifying our belated presence, as contemporary readers, in that world. Recommended Stories. Sign in. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day. Privacy Policy.