The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale: A How To Guide

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So why not do it with other things. Same concept of what Convenience store owners do. They go shopping at the store and get drinks, milk etc on sale and then double or triple the price at their store.

I would do it on occasion and actually have sort of on Listia. Even if you sell your free bottle of shampoo for 1. I know a lady who did this when I was a kid. She wanted to be a sahm and this was her avenue. Our family IS trying to make ends meet week by week and that is why I started couponing and developing my stockpile small one. But I would never sell any of these items. Karen, That is great that you still find the items to donate while you are still amidst the storm! Anything that you buy to resale to make money on has to be turned in.

I have done both…sold and donated. However I also donate heavily to family and friends whenever and whatever they need. But I just do that cuz I am a military spouse and sometimes people forget about the men in uniform!!

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I have only intentionally bought a few items knowing ahead of time that I was going to resell them. Mostly, I get things my family uses or could use.

Are stockpile sales legal?

If I get in a tight spot, I gather items around the house and sell them to get me through the month. Same concept when there is someone in need or they are taking donations for school or church — I go through what I have and donate what I can. I have had yard sales several times in the past year and have sold a lot of health n beauty. We have struggled with my hubby in and out of employment and making an extra My last sale the customer said he would rather pull out a I myself also donate and will even fix up friends some gift bags with stuff.

Also you can send your expired coupons overseas to the Military because they can use expired ones for up to 6 months. Kim, the program is called the overseas coupon program, and the site is ocpnet. I had the idea earlier this week to sell items that I get using coupons and have been going back and forth as to whether or not that is okay to do. After reading your post and the other comments I can give myself permission to do so.

I plan to sell the items that I get for cheap or free on Ebay. You are making money off someone just because you got a good deal? Besides that, it is dangerous to buy products — even the name brands — from strangers instead of the store. Ppl know things that come from stores are clean. I bought name brand shampoo from the internet and got a bad rash.

The scare of the rash from the same product turned me off health and beauty from private sellers forever. Is it wrong for the stores to buy food from a distributor and then mark up the price and sell it to us. I have even had discussions with store managers and they say the same thing. Personally would I do it? Probably not unless I really really needed to.

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I too tend to want to donate it. But to call it fraudulent couponing is wrong in my opinion. If you choose to sell the stuff you get then more power to you. I sell my stuff at yard sales and donate a ton to my church for soldier care packages. The people buying the stuff are so grateful! We even have the same customers as they look forward to our yard sales.

So if you do such a thing at least check into that before you do. But again I am against buying and reselling! Just like those who find and take all the good toys at Christmas to me its just wrong. I was looking at all the salad dressing on the shelves and saying to myself that stuff is going to expire before they could use all that. So I would never sell it myself. I do have a small stockpile though of things we use alot of.

My father never do business with someone who uses a card table for a desk! There are many items at my CVS that have tags on them saying for sale at CVS only if you find this item being sold somewhere else, please call…. I believe the idea behind those stickers is to prevent people from shoplifting the items to resell.

My neighbor and I collect person items such as deodorant, soap,toothpaste, lotion, shampoo, razors, etc. I think it would be great for some of the overage of food to be given to a food bank. Why not help others too? I too agree that people should NOT do this!

This is just plain wrong for so many reasons. Bag them up and give your excess to a shelter. You should report it as tax always. We also believe you should donate first. However, if your family is need of income, we see nothing wrong with re-selling your extra non-perishables. This is a capitalistic society. Not much different than a convenience store, flea market, selling Avon, etc..

Just our opinion. I understand your point about this baing a capitalist country but that applies to the people buying and selling through the proper channels like a store front or business that files and pays taxes. So now, I've started my stockpile and plan to have one at the end of the summer.

Preparing for my Stockpile Garage Sale

Monica, Good luck on your sale! Hello, this site is great. I was starting to panic as I was going through my blog faves trying to remember who had the great garage sale post and when I finally got to yours I couldn't believe my luck that you had posted a garage sale It made it so easy. I had a question about your experience with your garage sale. This is my first one here in Oregon.

I am in Oregon City and was just wondering how much people in this area expect to haggle? I HATE hagglers. I would rather price low and fair and be done with it but in my experience you usually need to price I little high because everyone asks for a deal. Did you run across that here or maybe that was just where I moved from??? If you get a chance please let me know what you think. Thanks so much! Oh and thanks for the Target deals. When I first started I was getting so frustrated with Target because the blogs I was reading were not from the area so when I would go nothing matched up.

It seems as if this Target clackamas is higher than most postings and I don't seem to find the lower clearance prices as some have mentioned. Is that your experience also? I might have to give it another go since you are posting such great deals. Thanks again! Misty mnmzz at msn dot com. I am not alone! I have been having garage sales off of my stockpile each month for over a year now!

I live in GA and even the winter months were profitable!

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I took a break for the last 3 months to stock up for a huge blow out sale! I live in an area where we have what is called "The Dixie Highway mile yard sale" yes the yard sale is actaully 90 miles long and runs straight through my town! I have to agree that advertisment and word of mouth are the 2 greatest tools in a successful sale! I have connections with my local newspapers that allow me to advertise for free with them, I use Craigslist, and I have multiple people hand out flyers for me I even have thrift stores put up a sign for me!

Between the savings at the grocery store and the profits that I make from my yard sales I am able to stay at home. I am not a millionaire by far but being able to stay at home with my daughter is amazing! I also set up a temporary site when I have my sales to let people visualize my madness! This year we are moving and I am getting rid of almost all of my stockpile! My husband is getting laid off from his current company but we have found him a new job in our home town!

You can check out my insanity here! LOL : www. Iam going to attempt to sell half of my stockpile this next weekend. But if your having a bunch of diff bins you cant really tell one price from another esp. Post a Comment. Search Here.

The Couponing Stockpile Garage Sale: A How to Guide [PDF]

Rank Noodle. Click on ''The Coupon Tracker''. Follow My Blog. Printable Coupons Betty Crocker Coupons. Well after several curious readers have asked me ''how do I do it? It is really easy and if you are organized a bit in the beginning it will be a breeze! So let's get started: Here are some guidelines to follow, it will make it easier on you and ''buyers'' to find you! Don't waste time putting your address. I simple wrote: SALE with an arrow pointing them in the right direction.

On signs that are further away from your house put the day's, IE.. Also put an ad on Craigslist about days before your sale or your blog to help promote it.