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Previously, she worked in the cinema sphere in Paris, Nantes, and New York. Sandrine lives in the most bustling part of Manhattan——Chinatown——and is passionate about books, cinema, yoga, gastronomy, and travel.


Life of David Hockney by Catherine Cusset. With a title that nods to the Lives of the Saints, a literary genre that was in vogue in the 17th and the 19th centuries, Catherine Cusset throws herself into an exploration of the life of the famed British painter, presenting his artistic, sentimental, and personal commitments as a model for other artists while never beatifying him.

Expressiveness in musical emotions.

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Psychological Research, 76 5 , Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, , Happy, sad, scary and peaceful musical excerpts for research on emotions. Cognition and Emotion, 22 , Schellenberg, G.

Liking for happy and sad sounding music: effects of exposure. Bigand, E.

A joint future

Cognition and Emotion, 19 , McAdams, S. Perception of musical similarity among contemporary thematic materials in two instrumentations. Music Perception, 22 2 , Influences of large-scale form on continuous ratings in response to a contemporary piece in a live concert setting.

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She was from Haiti, and it is a French name. Maebear Says: T That's a really nice name Will never ever use it but I think it's lovely! Daily Delivery.

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Female Carin. Female Simonetta. Female Sabra. Female Lilibet. Female Mattea. Female Paola. Male Vail.

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Female Vasilia. Female Marine. Female Vashti. Male Jeb. Male Arye.

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