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A: Why is that, exactly? It seems to me that I am probably more qualified to handle this position than anyone, man or woman. I would need far less training than an American man who grew up here and has never worked outside our borders. Q: Our clients feel more comfortable with ethnic writers. I sincerely believe that being a great writer requires one major skill beyond being able to string sentences together, and that quality is empathy. I think that, rather than looking at my skin colour, your company needs to consider whether or not I can empathize with our target market, and the answer is certainly yes.

Q: Why did you take so much time off from work, and why do you wish to get a job now? But during that time, I really missed working. Fortunately, I kept my hand in the business during those years by consulting for several of my ex-clients. Q: What would you do if you really wanted to hire a woman under you, and you knew the perfect candidate, but your boss really wanted to hire a man for the job?

How would you handle it? A: First, I would try to credit her publicly with the ideas that were hers. However, if the person taking credit for my ideas was my boss, I would tread cautiously. To some extent, I believe that my job is to make my superiors shine.

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If I were being rewarded for my ideas with raises and promotions, I would be happy. A: I work pretty long hours most of the time. When our clients read our reports, I want them to think that no one else could have possibly written them, except for our company. Q: Does a company need B players?

Or is it better off only having A players on staff, and why. A: I believe that a company needs both A and B players. But behind the A players, you need the B players who can hammer out the details of the projects and stick with them on a day-to-day basis.

Having too many A players on the team leads to ego clashes and a disorganized, anarchical way of doing business. Q: This ad agency is a TV shop. But I see from your resume that you have far more experience handling print. A: One thing I learned from these ad agencies is that print and TV are only mediums. The real thing that we offer clients is our ideas.

And a strong, solid award-winning idea will work just as beautifully in TV as in print. Hire me for my ideas, and when you do, I promise you that they will translate seamlessly into TV. A: During my first week on the job, I would ask my boss how she would prefer me to handle projects. Get the latest Google stock price here.

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All the shuttles are air-conditioned, and wi-fi enabled. Not only does it make commuting back and forth to work flexible, but I can even take the bus to [San Francisco] instead of the one home in the evening if I want to go to the city, or the bus to Berkeley to visit friends. Benefits aside, the five-year Googler also provided some insight into why the company's employees experience such high job satisfaction and fulfillment : "I find it really valuable to be at a company where software is built at a massive scale.

We have access to tools, infrastructure, and really smart people that you just can't get anywhere else.

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You feel like you're always learning, and any project has the potential to make a huge impact on the world. Perks Tech Company Work employee. Life is a constant evolution; embrace it, Live The Process.

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That is a really weird story. Oddly enough, I wanted to be an agent from the time I was 19 years old. While in university, I started to gather degrees in fields that I thought would be relevant to this career directing, marketing, and merchandising and was lucky enough to be scouted for a position at Supreme Management right out of school, when I was 22 years old. Being brand new to the city, and working at my dream agency, I took that opportunity and ran with it! Originally, I started as an assistant for a book project about the 25 years of Women Management, and then transitioned to an assistant on the Supreme board.

I suppose the moment where I realized that I could actually have success in this career would be after the spring show season. We were fortunate enough at Ford to have nearly eight brand-new faces debuting at a very high level Irina Kravchenko opening Alexander Wang that season was a huge success story, personally. When I began, I started under the tutelage of Paul Rowland at Supreme Management, which was an incredible schooling in image.

My eye for talent, and my passion, I guess? There is absolutely no way to be an agent without loving this job.

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It is a mad and crazy world, but I cannot imagine doing anything else with my life. Educate yourself; be passionate!

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  7. You have two ears and one mouth: listen more and talk less best advice I ever received! So few young people who start in the world of model agencies have an education beyond their own years, and it is so important to have a reference so you can truly collaborate with clients. Styling advertising campaigns, celebrity red carpet, e-commerce, and I'm a style ambassador for Samsung worldwide.

    I loved what Olivier Theyskens was doing at Nina Ricci, so I reached out to their PR team, which landed me an internship with the brand. Internships can be a crucial step in landing a job in fashion, but it is essential that you go to a house that suits your personality, so that you can thrive. My internship led me to a job as PR Coordinator and ultimately into the world of styling.

    I started styling Leighton Meester at the beginning of Gossip Girl.

    The show was very fashion-centric, which helped in developing relationships with all kinds of designers around the globe. I met Lauren Santo Domingo when I first relocated from LA to NY and she has since played a pivotal role in my career by giving me excellent advice throughout the years. Knowing what part of the industry I wanted to be a part of and taking the appropriate steps to make sure every job or internship I took led me there.

    Know what you want, and work harder than everyone else to get it. Also know that at the end of the day we are dealing with clothing so it should also be fun, and not to be taken too seriously. At the moment my job involves a lot of traveling, and working with some of the best and most creative people in this industry.

    There are so many talented and passionate people in this business, and I love to be around them and collaborate. Thankfully the shoot was beautiful, and the team was incredibly professional. I believe that one of my big breaks would have to be working with Vogue Paris. Eric took his time with me, protects me, and has taught me a lot about myself, especially patience which was never my strong point.

    In this business, it is incredibly important to be true to yourself, stay real, and believe in your talents—otherwise success will always be fleeting or momentary. The most important thing is to treat every job with the same importance and dedication. Your professionalism will be contagious on set. At the end of the day, remember it is only a job and it is so important not to take things personally.

    Also, remember to remain grateful. I started in fashion journalism and I basically targeted where I wanted to work, then harassed the editor until she finally had something for me! It was part-time, for not very much money, but I knew it was important to get my foot in the door. Once I was in, the head fashion writer left for another job.

    That opened up a full-time spot and although I was slightly under-qualified, I was in the right place and the right time! I was so glad I took the smaller position because if I hadn't I would have never been considered later. Having a mentor is everything! It's so important to always have one. At different stages of your career your mentors change. My first mentor was my aunt— I saw her have a big job she loved as a child and that inspired me. Tracy Hayes, my editor at the Dallas Morning News, took a chance on me and she was my first professional mentor.

    My business partner Liz is about 15 years older than I am and I consider her my mentor right now. My experience as a fashion editor definitely helped when opening a store, but Liz has been on the retail side as a buyer her entire career. She's taught me so much about what it takes to run a successful business! Hard work, passion and a willingness to check my ego at the door, to listen instead of talk and to always keep learning.

    Get an education, it's too competitive out there not to and it will enrich your life. Learn the business on someone else's dime! If you do start your own business, choose a partner you feel knows more than you.