How To Find God

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Religion and your god are not the same. It isn't necessary to decide on a denomination to find your god. Consider reading the holy books that are referred to as being or containing the word of your god as penned by prophets and apostles followers of your god, for example, the bible or Qur'an, or the Dhammapada, etc. Change your mind. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged, in the way of finding your god's grace by faith. Don't look to others to get you to your god, but try to express your god's grace with all your heart, to help others, forgive and pray.

Seek the old path. Know that your god loves you who make peace without unnecessary humiliation or cruelty. Give peace to others; pass God's grace forward. You are on right path, if you have faith, you will have doubt too. But in this divine path you don't need someone else's light to lighten your path, you just need is raise your question, ask to God and wait for then answer, you will surely have your doubts cleared in a unexpected way. Yes No. Not Helpful 11 Helpful Think about everything you are grateful for in life.

This gratitude often leads people to God. Not Helpful 6 Helpful That is why we have faith. These spiritual teachings offer a sacred religious truth that God is in all things. The spirit of God is always with us, within us, and around us; in this way, God knows us all. Of course, the essence of this is belief. To put it simply: God knows who we are because we know who we are; because we have souls.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful Because everyone has different points of view and different experiences of Him or of the world or the universe. Not everyone has the same belief system and even the same supernatural beliefs, that's very black and white and not everyone thinks that way. It doesn't mean others are wrong, it just means they think about the whole bigger picture differently from you. Not Helpful 10 Helpful Why do I have to go to church if I can meditate or even pray in my house?

Church is important for meeting with other people of faith and building a sense of community.


Fellow church goers often help each other out, with practical matters as well as matters of faith. It is also helpful to have a church leader that you can appeal to in times of confusion or crisis. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Everyone needs money, some more than most. God helps those who help themselves, so plan to work your way out of this sensibly.

Get some help in putting together a budget, take this to the relevant loans officers and explain how you will pay back the loans. They may offer a loan consolidation at a better interest rate. God will aid you in using your foresight, courage and willingness to tackle the problem head on and with a long-term plan.

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Not Helpful 12 Helpful The answer to this question varies from person to person. God does not differentiate between hearts, however God does wait to know if you want to speak with God or you just want to see what happens if you initiate a talk.

How to Find God

This means, yes, God does speak to people. Not Helpful 16 Helpful Marala Copeland. Read, pray, think, study, and meditate on Genesis 1, especially , and you will see that God did not abandon us, God put us in charge. God lives in us, as Jesus said, "The kingdom of Heaven is within. Get acquainted! Then you will not feel abandoned. Not Helpful 1 Helpful That depends on your faith and how you see the world.

For many people, this questions doesn't even need to be asked, as they answer in the affirmative or the negative without blinking.

How to Find God Through a Meditation

For others, it is a question of a quest, seeking, considering and deciding. Go your own path and decide for yourself. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

What does it mean to find God?

Tips You can find your god more easily than you might expect because your god is also seeking you. You can find your god on a very limited quantity of faith, as small as a tiny mustard seed. If you live near a worship place that offers seeker-sensitive worship meetings, you could start there, but even songs and worship bring 'a message'.

This may either help or not. Some places of worship offer 'meetings' or 'courses' in a neutral environment, some like a religious coffee shop or bookstore, to 'ask some questions about your god'. These courses can help your search, but they may be hoping to lead you in their particular direction. Speak aloud or within yourself, and talk to your god, and receive peace from your god. Your god does not live in wood, steel, or brick and mortar buildings. Your god reveals Your god's self, by your god's love as your god lives in and among you, as you serve one another.

The people are themselves the living temples and churches built of living-stones with beating hearts of flesh, together with whom you agree and worship your god. Your god's energy flows through us all whether we know it or not.

Search within yourself, connect to a higher power of your own understanding to open a path to your god. Anything more powerful than you. The Good News that Jesus came to bring to us is that even though we have cheated on God and cut ourselves off from Him, His love for us has never changed. In His love, He came to bridge the chasm that exists because of our sin. Jesus allowed Himself to be sacrificed on our behalf to reverse the impact of our rebellion and sin.

He paid our penalty, purified our lives, and made a way for us to be united with God again. If you recognize that you have been cheating on God by following your own path and that you feel helpless to find your way across that chasm, tell Jesus. Let Him know that you are going to trust in Him to pay the penalty for your sin and to purify your thoughts, attitudes, actions, and words.

He will do it! This is where faith comes in: by faith we trust that Jesus will do what He promised. Jesus, I am tired and worn out from trying to make my life measure up to Your standards. I have been searching everywhere to know You but there are so many different ideas of who You are and how to live up to Your expectations.

So I have come to the end of what I can do and I ask for You to bridge the chasm between us. I trust that Your death perfectly paid the penalty for my sin, and I am ready to become a new creation, made new by You. I will follow You and trust that You will lead me in every moment of my life so that I can enjoy Your love and Your presence with me always.

Thank You for loving and forgiving me. If you just said the prayer above or similar things to Jesus, or you have questions about having faith in Jesus, let me invite you to use the form below to talk with one of our mentors. There is no cost and I know you will find a mentor who cares about you and wants to walk with you on your journey to Jesus. Please let us know if you've decided to make a commitment to Jesus, or if you would like to talk to someone.

We have a team of trained mentors and we would love to connect to pray for you and encourage you. Once you fill in your name or alias and email, you'll hear back from a mentor soon. All conversations are free and confidential. People think they know what Christianity is all about. admin