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Feb 17, Sarah Mac rated it it was ok Shelves: wtf-lollerskates , reviewed , read-regifted , uber-disappointing , cover-lust-fail , zzz , mary-sue-puke-bucket , trifecta-of-retard , ripper-wall-of-shame , zzz-departed-vintage. This was a smashingly unimpressive book in ways that matter most.

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YAWN again. And seriously, y'all. It was nauseating to read every single character gushing over Felicia's supernatural Mary-Sue beauty.

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  • I also liked that it was set in the late Victorian period, which is somewhat unusual for romance novels in general. But that's as far as I'll go re: positives. Recommended only for collectors of Trainwreck Rippers or those who enjoy the half-assed amusement factor of inept romances. You know who you are.

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    View all 19 comments. Willow Kerrie wrote: "Oh, and I want to add that "smashingly" is such an underused adverb. Dec 29, AM. Every character noticed her skin and hair and body. Every Single Time.

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    Exc Kerrie wrote: "Yikes, Felicia's speshulness reminds me of Whatsherface in. Except for Ethan Allen because he h Amber Fire is one of the first Kerrie Reviews I ever read. Jan 21, Circa Girl rated it did not like it Shelves: telling-not-showing , romance , didn-t-finish , damsel-in-distress , soap-opera-drama , bodice-ripper , meh. This hardly reads like a final draft. It's like an outline of a story. Characters moved from moment to moment like chess pieces with no development or active voice.

    Place : West of the Eastern Palace, in its enclosure Opens : After completing the Eastern Palace Object of the game : Make it to the chest Participation price : - To be won : rupees Consolation prize : none Remarks : Everything is done with the merging skill. Place : East of the Hyrule graveyard Opens : From the beginning, a bomb is required Object of the game : Succeed in reaching the chest Participation price : - To be won : rupees Consolation prize : none Remarks : Place a bomb next to the cracked wall to access it.


    Place : Southeast of the Kakariko Village Opens : After seeing Lorule Object of the game : Make it to the chest Participation price : - To be won : rupees Consolation prize : none Remarks : To access it, from Lorule, enter the fissure to the far south of the Octoball Derby game and exit ot the right. Place : Thieves' Town, house located northeast, with a chest on its roof Opens : As soon as the fissures appear Object of the game : Choose three good chests among the fifteen ones Participation price : rupees To be won : a Piece of Heart, 2 golden rupees and three silver rupees Consolation prize : ingredients for potions, red rupees and green rupees Remarks Place : Southwest of the Thieves' Town Opens : As soon as the fissures appear and if you own the Pegasus Boots Object of the game : Collect as many rupees as possible within 30 seconds you can't go beyond!

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    Participation price : rupees To be won : A Piece of Heart if you find at least rupees and the rupees you've just collected Consolation prize : none if you went beyond 30 seconds Remarks From business event to corporate gathering, Fortune Hotel provides complete services and facilities that you and your colleagues need.

    Have fun with various entertaining facilities for you and the whole family at Fortune Hotel, a wonderful accommodation for your family holiday. If you plan to have a long-term stay, staying at Fortune Hotel is the right choice for you. Providing wide range of facilities and great service quality, this accommodation certainly makes you feel at home.

    While traveling with friends can be a lot of fun, traveling solo has its own perks. As for the accommodation, Fortune Hotel is suitable for you who value privacy during your stay.

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    • Fortune Hotel is the smartest choice for you who are looking for affordable accommodation with outstanding service. WiFi is available within public areas of the property to help you to stay connected with family and friends.

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      Fortune Hotel is the ideal choice for you who are looking for a comfortable yet affordable accommodation. This site needs Javascript.