Essai sur linégalité des races humaines (French Edition)

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Gobineau was a royalist and despised democracy , holding that revolutions and wars were the result of the degeneration of society in general. In the Inequality of Human Races Gobineau attempted to create a science of history , connecting the rise and fall of civilizations with race. He came to believe that race created culture , arguing that distinctions between the three "black," "white," and "yellow" races were natural barriers, and that "race-mixing" breaks those barriers and leads to chaos.

According to his definitions, the people of Spain , southern France , southern and western Iran , most of Italy , and a large part of Britain , consist of a degenerative race arising from miscegenation. Also he stated that the whole of north India consisted of a yellow race. Gobineau believed that the "white" race was superior to the others.

He thought it corresponded to the ancient Indo-European culture also known as "Aryan," with Germany having just enough of the Aryan strain to revive the white race. He believed himself to be a descendant of Nordic Vikings. Gobineau claimed that ethnicity was the most important issue in history, and that ethnic differences existed permanently from the beginning of human history.

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Gobineau considered the Bible to be a reliable source of history. In the Inequality of Human Races he wrote that "Adam is the originator of our white species," and all other races were not part of the human species. The biblical division into Hamites, Semites, and Japhetites, according to Gobineau, is a division within the white race.

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In the last chapter of the Inequality of Human Races, Gobineau claimed that throughout human history there have been ten great civilizations, all of them started by the white race:. Gobineau believed that civilization appeared as the result of conquest by a superior Aryan race over inferior races.

He wrote that Aryans were brave, intelligent , and strong, but had a weakness in creativity. A small influx of blood of other races, especially Semitic, improved this weakness. However, Gobineau warned, too much race mixing would result in the ultimate destruction of civilization.

Essai sur l’inégalité des races humaines

His study, La Renaissance , was also admired in his day. Both of these works strongly expressed his reactionary aristocratic politics, and his hatred of democratic mass culture.

Le Pen sur l'inégalité des races

Although his racial theories did not receive immediate attention in Europe, it was through the influence of the Bayreuth circle and Richard Wagner that his views became popular, and his anti-Semitic theories developed. Gobineau's work has been continuously republished, most recently by contemporary white nationalist groups. Adolf Hitler and Nazism borrowed much of Gobineau's ideology, though Gobineau himself was not particularly anti-semitic. Gobineau saw Jews as strong, intelligent people who were very much a part of the superior race and who, if anything, stimulated industry and culture.

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As such, when the Nazis adopted Gobineau's theories, they were forced to extensively edit his work, much as they did in the case of Nietzsche 's writings. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

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