Der Tod des Krämers (German Edition)

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To take full advantage of all of the features on MoMA. Choose your search filter from the categories on the right. Close Close search filters. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Street, Dresden reworked ; dated on painting Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Untitled Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Dancehall Tanzsaal Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Summer Sommer in-text plate, p.

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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Rest Ruhe in-text plate, title page from Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Title page from the illustrated book Das Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Street, Berlin July 23, Der Bildermann , vol. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Goatherd Ziegenhirt Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Cover from the exhibition catalogue Titelblatt Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Martin Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Cover from exhibition catalogue Titelblatt des Alle Landschaften haben So please, do not feel insulted as German-students, nor do we want to say that German is the most difficult language to learn.

The hardest thing about German are most likely the very randomly picked articles, as everything else somehow has not only a pretty constant rule, but also similarities in other languages. Using the Dutch proverb page as a template, the German proverb pages has been ordered in Alphabetic Order. This makes it much easier to find things, and looks under control at last. The early bird catches the worm.

Zweifel talk , 19 September UTC. Kiddycat said 'My dictionary translates "qual" with "dolor" for am. As a native born English speaker, "Dolor" is a new word to me.

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It does not appear in my smallish dictionary. Looking at this dictionary, similar words which may or may not be related, include "Doll" and "Doldrums". Dolls and Doldrums are both lifeless, and go no where on their own, a bit like someone with a lot of choices but unable to make up their minds - they may have to be taken, before they get anywhere. This lifelessness does partly fit the meaning Kittycat is after.

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He who has a choice, has the doldrums like a sailing ship with no wind. He who has a choice, can get dumbfounded like a doll. Wer die Wahl hat, hat die Qual. I updated the headline to include the German version again [The bigger the choice, the harder it is to choose. Or, literally transl. Also: He was in an agony of indecision; he made an anguished choice. My point here is that you don't have to translate Qual closely, since part of the reason it's used in the phrase is that it rhymes with Wahl. Many idioms or soundbites in many languages go for rhyme or assonance, probably to enhance mnemonic value: no rhyme or reason; done deal; too pooped to pop; neither fish nor fowl; true blue etc.

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A redirect remains from the German version. I've also changed the references here and in Finnish proverbs. Correctly: "Wer nicht will, der hat schon. My Opa used it often, mostly in contempt for those esp. Being kinky and placing the omnious translation right above everyone else's opinions: " This too shall pass.

The equivalent "every cloud has a silver lining" is not correct. These two proverbs are actually very different.

It basically says that there are ups and downs, or, more precisely, downs and ups. One incident occurs after the other. The English "equivalent" every cloud has a silver lining , which is widely used in the U. I think it goes without saying that these meanings are very different. I corrected the meaning. Before: "Fear spreads quickly". Show all 10 episodes. Jonas Melzer. Albert Engel. Enno Meske. Gerrit Blum.

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Falko Seeberger. Toni Lehmann. Mark Klingenberg. Christian Mendel. Thomas Egger. Fabian Laurentius.

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TV Movie Karl Berger. Joachim Krenz. Short Herr Uwe. Dirk Brockhausen. Philipp Marenholt. Gunnar Wolff. Valentin Radu. Rene Sattler.