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Around the world music is a standard of expression.

Brazil's Moreno Veloso follows in the footsteps of his dad, Caetano Veloso

We sing in the car while cruising down the highway. We play our guitars around campfires. We dance to monotonous beats in clubs. The difference is that for these musically gifted personalities creating music may be their go-to channel of emotional expression.

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According to Sloboda, they place incredible value on their engagement with music The connection is a higher dimension than the typical pop song head-bobber. Does she turn to an instrument during these moments? If so, does the instrument portray her emotions? This indicator is very easy to recognize.

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Once you hear your child perfectly couple his emotions to a musical sound you will never forget it. Future musicians often like to be alone with an instrument versus being the center of attention. Unsurprisingly practice requires A LOT of alone time, and this time is primarily driven by self-motivation. If he curiously takes the instrument somewhere semi-private, ignores the rest of the world, and directs his attention fully to the wonderful new music-maker then you are probably looking at a gifted child.

BUT they tend to function from different parts of the brain, and often conflict one another.

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Many musicians have no stars in their eyes, but are labeled that way by society. A socially acceptable look of hidden terror might be the expression you evoke. Curiously enough, most musicians just want to make the music. Even with no formal instruction a musically gifted child can typically play music by ear according to Schroer Often these kids can simply pick up an instrument, and figure it out on their own.

In addition, identifying musical instruments by sound is quite common among the gifted. Listen closely the next time your child comments on the radio song. What exactly is he telling you about it? Is he able to identify the different instruments that make up the song as a whole or simply commenting on the music? These are the ones who will repeat the same piece or line over and over and over until they are satisfied with the level of perfection achieved.

According to Haroutounian , if practice is a time to think and work through problems for your child then you may be dealing with a musical gift. Does your child work at her craft with a level dedication seemingly beyond her years or do you have to bribe her to practice? Is practice time used to escape life or greeted like a welcoming challenge? For a future musician, music is the reoccurring theme in their lives. They always, always, always return back to music.

Sports, academics, and art are all wonderful happenings in which to be involved. Our experiences are what create diversity within each of us, so to support those are to support diversity.

Brass Jazz Jake

Take note to what your child is naturally drawn. A few minutes later the amigos went to check on him. First, they must have thought they were snatching forty winks and riding the dream train. Kagiso was nowhere to be found. Telling on him was a window he passed through for his vanishing act.

The lure of drugs proved to be too strong. Kagiso dropped out at grade nine; like any caring father would Sithathu senior arranged for his son to be home-schooled. But that did not work too as he bunked lessons after three months.

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I got a call from his private tutor and he said my son was high, how did he drive in such a state? We had a fight. I sold the car and used the money to take him to a private rehab. Government rehab centers are full.

3-Year-Old Son of Country Singer Granger Smith Dies After Accident

You could feel, over the phone, the developments around his son was having a heavy toll on him. He becomes psychotic, schizophrenic, he loses his mind. But Jason, who had run-ins with the law in his younger days, has admitted that his famous name has been a burden. It's a total pain," he once said , although it's unknown if he was simply displaying the Starkeys' famous Liverpudlian wit.

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  • The birth of Sean Lennon prompted John to temporarily retire from music, becoming a househusband while Yoko Ono looked after the family affairs. As Sean has often said, he didn't even know about his father's past until a neighbor showed him Yellow Submarine. Because his father was killed two months after Sean's fifth birthday, he didn't learn about music -- or the pitfalls of the music industry -- from John, but rather his half-brother Julian.

    Even if my dad had totally repressed me and not allowed me to play music at all, I would take that over him being gone.

    Dr. Phil’s son can rock! -- STEVE HARVEY

    Lennon said that the first time he met Paul's daughter, Stella McCartney, they spent all night bonding over growing up as the children of Beatles: "In a way, we feel like these weird floating islands. What was it like for you? In , he joined the Japanese alternative group Cibo Matto as a bassist, and became romantically involved with one of its members, Yuka Honda. She produced and played on his first solo album, 's Into the Sun. Since then, he's released numerous records on his own and as collaborations, scored films and has been an in-demand producer and session musician.

    But he didn't release anything on his own until the Available Light EP in Even Dad found it hard living up to the Beatles. I started out playing under an alias because I wanted to start quietly. I felt with the Beatles legacy that there was pressure on me to do music, and while I always loved music and it was always around me at home, I thought about doing other things. I did art, I made furniture. James made headlines in when he spoke in favor of creating a band with Sean, Dhani Harrison and either of Ringo's sons, most likely Jason.

    Since , he's been one-half of Thenewno2, has scored several films and has also released an album as Fistful of Mercy with Ben Harper and Joseph Arthur.