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Theres a miniature black Ford Model T toy on one of the shelves of the antique store, a nod to Lizzie from Cars Boo from Knick Knack is seen at the carnival failing to win a fluff toy. Bonnie's family travels in a "Tri-County RV. Gabby Gabby was conceived, according to the film's director Josh Cooley , as a direct shout-out to a classic episode of The Twilight Zone. But this isn't actually the first time the Toy Story franchise has featured a connection to the classic sci-fi anthology show, with one particular episode anticipating one of the main ideas behind Toy Story.

Fans have noticed these parallels before, which has leading to the long-gestating fan theory that Toy Story actually takes place in The Twilight Zone. The arrival of Gabby Gabby may hint that there's more to that theory than just speculation. It focused on five people: a soldier, a clown, a ballerina, a bagpiper and a hobo. All five awake inside a large, cylindrical and featureless room. None of them can remember where they were before they awoke. They also seem to be functionally immortal, with no need for food or water.

Confused by their predicament, the soldier rallies the group into trying to escape. With all their help, the soldier manages to get out of the top of the room. Keegan-Michael Key 's first of three theatrical films of doing voice over work. Tom Hanks and Annie Potts recorded some of their scenes together so they could fully develop Woody and Bo's relationship. At one point, the film included a visual explanation of Bo's journey from a former part of Andy's menagerie to a tough life of being donated, broken and long stored away before she went childless.

Ducky and Bunny underwent numerous character iterations -- with Bunny at one point becoming a storytelling toy that had a cassette player lodged into his tummy. That character's name was Buster Cottontale. Josh Cooley told The Post of why he stocked the film's antique shop with eerie dummies that follow the orders of "villainous" doll Gabby Gabby. I'm a huge fan [of them] in 'The Twilight Zone' and creepy movies. The first Pixar Film to not feature a short film before the beginning of the film. The first and only film of the franchise to not have any characters voiced by Jack Angel.

It's not outright stated, but the toys' reaction to seeing the mangled remains of a stuffed animal is very much like a group of people discovering a corpse. The second Pixar film to be minutes long, after Finding Nemo Woody refers to his conscience as his "inner voice"; Buzz takes that to mean the literal toy voiceboxes housed inside them, and continually confers with his pre-programmed catchphrases whenever he needs guidance.

During the final act of Toy Story , Woody gets involved in a tug-of-war between Buzz and the dog Scud, in this Woody gets involved in a tug-of-war involving his pull-string that results in his voice box almost getting ripped clean out of his back. This winds up adding credence to the point the cleaner Al had hired made in Toy Story 2 : "You handle him too much, he's not gonna last. Benson the ventriloquist dummies, are dressed and have the same facial expression as Lloyd the creepy bartender, and to a lesser degree, Jack Torrance's final appearance in the Ball photograph, which is when "Midnight, the Stars and You" plays.

Again, the color scheme is reversed: Lloyd wore a black tie and a red jacket, and the Bensons wear a red tie and a black jacket. Producer Jonas Rivera revealed that Tim Allen was actually the catalyst to moving forward with the ending the movie ultimately chose to show on the big screen. Speaking to Tim Allen, he said: "You know, Tim, we never told you this, but we actually used your reaction a little bit as inspiration. When we met and recorded and walked you through the ending, your reaction was like our first [clue], because we realized we were throwing the ball pretty far with that ending.

We were pretty hesitant, even at Pixar, we were going should we do this? When we read it and we were talking to you and we saw him kind of recoil back like, 'OK,' we could tell it hit you. If we could get Tim Allen, like our Buzz Lightyear himself, to sort of sit back and ponder it, maybe we have something there. When Woody and Bo are looking at the ceiling lights at the antique store, a red banner from Monsters University can be seen.

Ariel's necklace from The Little Mermaid can be seen inside the Antique store. When Bo Peep and Woody are breaking into the antique shop, the camera pans to a painting of dogs playing poker. One of the dogs is Dug from Up When Gabby Gabby asks Woody when he was made, Woody guesses sometime in the 's, recalling the Woody's Roundup cartoon that he learned about in Toy Story 2 The Green Army Men are notably absent from the film. This can attributed to the fact that Sarge's original voice actor R.

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Lee Ermey had passed away in However they did appear in two posters for the fourth film. Ducky and Bunny, the mischievous plush carnival prizes who escape their arcade constraints with the help of Buzz Lightyear, there wasn't much question as to which comedian would get to play which stuffed scene-stealer. Dragon the Cat is similar to Scud from the first film, as they both are secondary villains and animals that love to destroy toys. Gabby Gabby's broken voice box may be inspired by how John Lasseter 's Casper the Friendly Ghost doll voice box is broken and hardly understandable.

The second "Toy Story" film not to be directed by John Lasseter , as well as Pixar's fourth follow up film to have a different director from the previous. The distinctly shaped keys to the antique shop closet resembles the signature Kingdom Key wielded by Kingdom Hearts protagonist Sora. Forky received instant popularity in online communities shortly after his reveal, with many people claiming to relate to his personality and insecurities. Margaret antique store owners 's street number for her home is " The opening credits are a montage of Andy - and later Bonnie - playing with Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the other toys during the time periods of all four films in the series, all with the world-famous "You've Got a Friend in Me", unaltered, playing in the background.

Not only is it a loving Call-Back to the first film's opening and the third , it's also a perfect start to what may be the end. When Buzz presses his buttons to listen to his inner voice, is a reference to Inside Out In the interior of the kindergarten classroom and on a bulletin board, flower cutouts are shown similar in appearance to Bing-Bongs flower pen from Inside Out At the carnival there are helium balloons for sale.

Carl Fredrickson from Up was also a balloon salesman in his life and his cart carrying the balloons is also visible on the carnival grounds. Keanu Reeves voices a character who rides a motorcycle, in real life he's also a keen motorcyclist and even co-owns a company that makes custom motorcycles. The minor difference between Woody and Buzz's voice-boxes in this film actually highlight an interesting reversal on the long-lasting appeal of old-fashioned versus newer toys. Namely, Woody's voice box runs on a mini-record and still sounds crisp despite being over half a century old.

Whereas Buzz's voice, which uses an electronic speaker, sounds noticeably aged and distorted after more than two decades of wear. Gabby Gabby's color design pastel, yellow polka dot dress on a light blue floral background is the exact reverse of the Grady Twins in The Shining who wear a pastel blue polka dot dresses and stand in front of a light yellow floral background. The shot when one of the Bensons is chasing Woody is the same shot as the famous, "Here's Johnny! Keegan-Michael Key 's first film to be rated G.

His previous films were rated PG or higher. The chessboard from Geri's Game can be seen behind Bonnie's backpack at the antique shop. Either way, the movie is a needed win for the summer box office after a series of stumbles.

One difference between Toy Story 4 and the previous Pixar titles is that the latter unfurled one week earlier over Father's Day weekend. Is Pixar's 3rd film to release the same day as a Previous Film, with this releasing the same day Monsters University did 6 years prior. The other two having been Coco which released the same day Toy Story did 22 years prior to that, and The Good Dinosaur which released the same day as A Bug's Life did 17 years prior to that.

Pixar's seventh production where a character is recast, in this case, with Bonnie Anderson and Andy in a flashback.

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Some of the prizes at the carnival booth are labeled X a reference to when the second film came out in Bunny the latter's character is taller than Ducky the former's character. Bo began the franchise as a run-of-the-mill trophy for male cinematic heroism: a blond, blue-eyed, delicate, and conventionally beautiful female who existed to be rescued and to reward Woody for his heroic acts with chaste kisses. But in Toy Story 4 , she gets a welcome personality transplant, not to mention a makeover to match. Who knew a shepherd's hook could be such a versatile weapon?

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This fourth chapter, in contrast to the second and third, posits that toys can evade the tragedy of obsolescence, and that a domesticated lifestyle of emotional dependence on a child's whims is essentially a gilded cage. And it's Bo who expresses this idea most clearly. After some years as an unwanted product in an antique store, she escapes to become a "lost" toy free of human attachments--and is transformed into the person she was seemingly always meant to be. Once the Smurfette of Andy's room--the only girl character in a village of men who was only there to do stereotypically feminine things--she founded her own crew of misfit toys, sought to give them a full life, and in the process became far braver and worldlier than Woody.

In the end, he needs her far more than she needs him. The sounds of her ceramic feet running on concrete underscores her courage and independence, as does her shrugging nonchalance when her arm falls off. Her current existence is very possibly precarious, but it's hers to lead. Ally Maki revealed when she first [heard about] Giggle McDimples, "I was like well, you think of Giggle, you think of just very sweet and small. But when I went in and I said, "Well, as far as the laugh is concerned, what do you want? We've heard it.

We want the full Ally Maki laugh. I can do that. I can do that for you. There's something called the VOC-sheet, which is basically a list of different vocalizations that you would need, so they can pull from it any time.

Caterpillar Xylophone

So, it'd be like "small chuckle, big chuckle, surprise chuckle, small laugh, long laugh, big laugh, sigh," you know, every type of different emotion. They have hundreds of those. I want them to make a laugh reel. Fun meals are a parody of kids meals especially McDonald's Happy Meals for kids in that they both contain a toy with the meal and both supply new toys after the previous ones are sold out or discontinued. At the carnies game booth, a stylized flaming target the official art for the Toy Story 4 book shows design of the pizza planet truck in a similar design fashion. References to Pizza planet rocket, at the carnies game booth there's a couple of tiny red and white rockets attached to toy planets with a similar look to the iconic red and white Pizza planet restaurant in the first film.

Scale models of a Muntz bi-plane and the Spirit of Adventure from Up can be seen in the antique shop. While Bo and Woody are loading Duke's launcher onto the shelf, a sign near them reads "Lucky 7", referring to the eponymous lounge inside Pixar Animation Studios. When Woody is trying to escape from the Bensons, he climbs on top of a typewriter which nearly resembles the Adler Eagle typewriter from The Shining Here, the production cycle comes full-circle with Tinny making a cameo appearance in this film. Poultry palace is a reference to Al aka The Chicken Man from Toy Story 2 the second Buzz even says, "funny he doesn't look like poultry.

When it shows that the film is dedicated to Don Rickles and Adam Burke the quotes below their names read: Rickles: We are eternally grateful. Burke: We love you, to infinity and beyond.

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When Buzz is in top of the R. Woody points a pencil at Gabby thinking she means him harm, a reference to the first film when Woody is in Sids room the first thing he picks up is a pencil, before ultimately picking up a flashlight. At the RV Park, Bonnie's mother shown reading a book. While the title is obscured in the final cut of the film, the book she is reading is called "Beyond Infinity: Debuking Theories of a Shared Universe".

Josh Cooley said that they ultimately changed the angle because it became too distracting for the audience, but it is definitely still in there. This is a reference to Woody's nightmare in Toy Story 2 where Andy, who does not want to play with Woody anymore, throws him away through a pile of poker cards into a trash can. This is the only Toy Story sequel in which the entire logo appears at once as opposed to the number appearing a few seconds after the "Toy Story" part. A Captain America shield can be seen inside Bonnie's closet, behind Woody when he's flipping through cards to pass time.

The animators played with and studied ventriloquist dummies so the movements of the Bensons were accurate. The seventh Disney's computer-animated film to have a female main antagonist, after Finding Nemo , Meet the Robinsons , Tangled , Zootopia , Moana and Incredibles 2 In Bonnie's room we has a built in cabinet with a couple of pink birds in the far corner of it a reference to the Pixar short For the Birds Goldberg was in the original traditionally animated film The Lion King as Shenzi, whilst Key was in Live Action Reboot The Lion King as Kamari, both characters being one of the villainous hyenas in the respective versions.

The way Buzz is tied to the wall of the carnival game booth, is similar to Toy Story 2 when the second Buzz Lightyear ties him up and traps him in a toy box. When Bo gets donated at the beginning it happens on a rainy night, a callback to the previous film when Lotso made it back to his original owner Daisy's house on a rainy night but found out to his sadness that he was already replaced.

The third animated franchise to have a 2. Keanu Reeves said he was contacted out of the blue by Pixar for the role, seeking him to voice the part and letting him develop his own riffs on the character. Randy Newman wrote new themes for Bonnie, Gabby Gabby, and Duke Caboom, with the latter's featuring accordions and mandolins to represent the character's memories of rejection. He also wrote a "subordinate theme" for Forky. By casting a replica model of Ed Catmull 's hand, covering it in hand-drawn lines, vectors, and triangles, then scanning it into a computer, the pair created a computer model they could then animate.

The result was the landmark short film, A Computer Animated Hand, and the hand model itself can be seen in the store. One of the prizes at the carnival booth is a balloon shaped rocket with fire behind it, a reference to the rocket that Buzz was strapped to in the first film. When the toys are commencing operation rescue for R. Inside the antique store, a beer sign in the shape of the sticker on Buzz's arm that says 'Light and Tasty' a reference to the first film when Woody called Buzz "Mr.

Light Beer". Giggle Mcdimples was inspired by Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio. Jiminy's role in that movie was the "conscience" of a toy that had come to life. The film also plays around with toys listening to their "inner voice. Without a working voicebox, Gabby is willing to steal one from another toy with little regard for that toy's option, because she has no "conscience" But when she meets Woody, who willingly gives his voicebox up, Gabby starts to become a much more sympathetic and likeable character. Woody gave Gabby an "inner voice" both figuratively and literally.

And many also find it hard to imagine that Disney's wildly anticipated Frozen 2, the sequel to Disney's Oscar-winning juggernaut, which opens Thanksgiving weekend, won't be a strong candidate. The eighth animated sequel to be produced in a 2. This is Disney's first 2. The first animated sequel produced at 2. It's not a coincidence. They deliberately chose a Canadian actor. A Toy Story 5 is a definite possibility, and Hanks has previously said he would return to voicing Woody.

Speaking to LadBible, Tom Hanks said: "I think all of us, we have begun every one of these with a question of like, 'are you sure you guys wanna try? However due to script rewrites of the film a fifth installment will not be possible as Toy Story 4 had been decided to be the last film of the franchise. Carol Burnett 's 2nd Theatrically released animated film. Her first was Horton Hears a Who! The spoon and fork Forky is holding in his teaser poster says Pizza Planet on them. Her brother Jack McGraw does the voice of Andy at the beginning.

Ally Maki is just as giggly as her on-screen counterpart. The "Toy Story" and "Men in Black" franchises have had their sequels released between a few years and several years later. Toy Story 4 will be released in the same year as Men in Black: International It is also the second film of Pixar's to not have a character voiced by Brad Garrett and the only Toy Story film to do so. Josh Cooley 's only Pixar film to be rated G. All the others were rated PG. Carl Reiner 's 2nd theatrically released animated film, after Duck Duck Goose The fifteenth Disney's animated film of s to produced in 2.

Bonnie inscribes her name on the bottom of Forky's feet, similar to Andy signing his name on the sole of Woody's boot. The name of the restaurant the Poultry Palace, which may be a reference to the Chicken Man a. When Bonnie is at kindergarten orientation, a cubby next to hers says 'Anton', a reference to Ratatouille where the food critic was named Anton Ego.

When Woody is walking across the side of a road with Forky , Woody recalls his first encounter with Buzz. After Buzz ends up trapped as a fairground prize, he's introduced to Ducky and Bunny, with Ducky instantly referring to him as "Astro Boy. One of the vacation spots is to a home that looks very similar to the original design for "The Incredibles"' house.

A stall is called Jet Stream, echoing the character alias Strut Jetstream from "Planes": "you're strutting jetstream? Bo presses a 25 cents button on the slot machine to enter the club. The number 25 pops up a few times in the film. This could be a nod to "Toy Story 3" maker Lee Unkrich, who parted ways with Pixar after 25 years in This looks exactly like the sundrop flower from "Tangled".

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The barrel of monkeys helping Woody and Slinky to help rescue R. The way how one of the Bensons fix Forky by reattaching his arm is coincidentally similar to the first film, when the mutant toys fix Buzz by reattaching his arm. Woody leaps onto a typewriter in one scene with the name "Bullock", undeniably a nod to Pixar's resident assistant editor Torbin Xan Bullock.

Woody mistakenly refers to one of Bo Peep's sheep as "Gus", likely a nod to the protagonist of the same name from Pixar's short Partly Cloudy. The head went on a dummy named Charlie McCarthy, which became Bergen's lifelong sidekick. He had created the body himself, using a nine-inch length of broomstick for the backbone, and rubber bands and cords to control the lower jaw mechanism of the mouth.

The opening sequence features a close-up of Woody with the phrase, "You're my favorite deputy! Toy Story features a similar opening. Dinoco, the name of the fuel station where the family stop in their RV and the name on an old unlit neon light in the antique store, is the same fuel featured in the 'Cars' movies. The name is a mixture of Dinosaur fossil fuels and real fuel brand Sunoco,. Initially, the film's antique shop was run by an older couple, named Margaret and Dan -- inspired by the designs of Ollie Johnston, one of Disney Studios' famed "Nine Old Men. Director Josh Cooley figured that Bonnie might not know what a spork is.

A few years ago, Cooley turned to his son, who was 5 or 6 at the time, for a name. The boy's idea? After scouring local Northern California antique malls and stores and studying how vintage objects age, the Pixar art department divided the space into individual set dressing units to handle each neighborhood. It took two years to create the antique store and its assortment of collectibles. On top of that, the sets shading team went to work on aging all of the hard surfaces, particularly metal, glass, and wood.

Micro detail was important for cracks, scratches, sun exposure, fading, and other defining characteristics. And when it came to cobwebs, an animator came up with a software program with artificial spiders that spun a series of intricate webs. For the rest of the dust, they used a simulation software package. When Bo takes Woody to a secret nightclub inside a pinball machine, where she recruits the scene-stealing, Canadian daredevil toy, Duke Caboom. We threw in some dust in there to remind you that this is part of the antique store. Gabby's lair was also an important setting.

She lives comfortably in a large rosewood cabinet with windows from top to bottom and a tower on top. It resembles a fancy apartment building, and is very purposefully situated in the center of the store so that she can see everything," added Karski. While the Pizza Planet truck does not appear physically, it is represented as a tattoo on the carnival worker's leg, seen most prominently as he picks up Buzz.

Interesting animation detail: when Ducky kicks Buzz his head stretches all the way over to the side and passes through his shoulder, the spacing is physically impossible cause theres no gap in the dome room for his head to fit in just hard plastic. An example of clipping from bad video game graphics and happens alot in animation like in Frozen during "Let it go", Elsa braided hair passes through her shoulder. A Dumbo toy can be seen, inside the pinball machine. Josh Coolney confirmed that the Tinny seen in this film is the same one from Tin Toy , meaning his former owner Billy eventually grew up and donated him to the Antique Store this also means that he donated the rest of his toys to Sunnyside, as they are spotted hiding under a table in the Caterpillar Room in the previous film.

Forky is the first toy character in the Toy Story franchise to be made out of hand-craft materials. A Zurg lunchbox can be seen, inside the kindergarten classroom. Ducky and Bunny, Josh Cooley said that while they brought them on to provide some improvised comedy to the film, "they were story motivated which elevated Ducky and Bunny and the film to a level I never could have expected". Another similarity is that they are both fast-food restaurants, although Poultry Palace is just a regular restaurant specialized on chicken, rather than being a space-themed restaurant specialized on pizza.

It is also her first Disney film and first animated film to be produced at 2. Though Monsters University is also part of Disney's animated follow ups, it's actually a prequel. This is the second theatrical film of the s that's a follow up to a theatrical film released earlier in the s that was rated G by the MPAA to have the same rating as it's predecessor, after Cars 3 This does not include Rio 2 which was rated G unlike the first film of the Rio franchise which was rated PG.

Randy Newman , who composed and wrote songs for the previous three films, was confirmed to be returning at D23 Expo Director Josh Cooley said that he hired Newman to return because "[he] can't imagine making a fourth one without Randy Newman ". When Duke is hyping himself up, the Canadian National Anthem can be heard. An older version of Bob Parr from The Incredibles, can be seen sitting at one of the tables at the carnival. Some of the carnival plush toys have the same color scheme as Sully, from Monsters Inc.

Ducky and Bunny botching the famous "To infinity and beyond" Catchphrase brings an episode of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command to mind. Tim Allen and Keanu Reeves are both left-handed. Madeleine McGraw 's second Pixar film, after Cars 3 , 2 years prior. Pixar's fourth follow-up film to change directors, after Toy Story 3 , Monsters University , and Cars 3 Patricia Arquette 's second time voice acting in a theatrical film, after The Wait Both instances were in June, and both Illumination films to release the same month as the respective Pixar film were also sequels.

During the 'plush rush montage' the theme from Taxi Diver when they follow Margaret home. Is this interesting? Stinky Pete. Old Man Pete. Cheese puffs. When she tripped over him. Hanging from a tree. In a box. In the Caterpillar Room. Big Baby. The Caterpillar Room. The Ladybug Room. The Butterfly Room.

The Grasshopper Room. Toy instruction manuals. The bookshelf prison. Spying on toys. The Monkey. Chatter Telephone. He got new batteries. He fell in water. Rex pressed a button. A TV fell on him. The aliens. A landfill worker. Where's My Cupcake. Yo Ho Ho. Animal Families.

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