The Cat Years: How My Cat Soulmates Saved Me

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I understand that you removed a harmful ingredient, but the new food is like powdered meat with the consistency of pudding. There is nothing for the cats to chew. Instead, they have to lap the food like milk. I wouldn't feed my cats milk and I recommend that you re-evaluate the change in the consistency of the food. I am so sorry that I won't be purchasing this food anymore. I don't know what I will use for food. I have been giving them ghee and rotisserie chicken instead.

I thought that maybe I imagined that the formula changed but I'm glad to know it isn't just me based on the recent reviews! My cat used to love this food but now not so much. She still eats it on occasion I do have 24 cans to use up , but the color and texture have changed yet the label and name on the product remains the same.

This is worrisome, as it makes me wonder - do they think we won't notice the difference? And what prompted the change? If it was a higher quality product they'd tell us with a new name, tag line etc The new formula has an unpleasant gooey consistency that gets really hard and dried up quickly when mixed with dry food. Disappointing switch. This was always our go to brand. My boys used to devour their BFF tuna but since they've change the recipe, my cats will not eat it.

The new formula just does not compare to the old say my kitties. The amount of food has substantially changed and is waaay less with the gelee form.. With the first delivery of the variety pack my cat ate this one without issue. The most recent delivery he won't eat. He sniffs it and turns aside and tries to bury it -- i. That's alot of money to throw away. I have to agree with other reviewers that the latest version "gelle" is a major change in the consistency of the previous "aspic" of this product. I had not realized that the product had changed and was completely surprised when I opened the can of the new version.

Animal Quotes: Heart & Soul Mates

It is definitely minced and really soupy. I preferred the old version but the cats seemed to like this one as well. We will see if they continue to like it as we progress through the case. In stock. All my other kitties know and have not left my side. That part about the vibration felt when the spirit left?

So, I just stayed with them, like a death doula, holding them, loving them, comforting them. Each time, I knew the moment they left their bodies.

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Zander Ophelia 21 simply slipped away in the sunshine. Blue, his was the hardest—and the first of the three. He was not quite 10, he had kidney disease, and he was my soulmate. So he struggled to get out of his body. I was desperate for his struggling to end, and I knew it had to do with me. I was holding him back somehow.

I begged him to just let go, but he persisted in holding on. Sobbing, I visualized lifting him up to the Universe. My version of God is spirit rather than Being, but for some reason, I imagined hands reaching down toward us. I asked God to please take Blue, and to keep him safe for me. Eventually, I worked up the bravery to do it.

I watched myself place Blue into the larger hands. They paused for a moment, waiting as I withdrew my own, then they rose and disappeared. I felt him leave. I opened my eyes. His body made one last slight convulsion and he was gone. I think I sat there holding him for 15 minutes before I was sure he was gone. He was the most beautiful cat. My heart of hearts. My soulmate. It was so hard to hand him over like that, but I knew it was the only way to free him. Thank you for sharing your experience, Jeanne.

It takes a lot of love and courage to help a beloved cat pass over. I lost my Boo a month ago today. He was fine, then he got out of the house. He was out all night, and the next morning, my daughter went out to look for him. She had tried looking for him the night before, but it was already dark, so she waited until it got light. I think he just stayed under one of the vehicles out back.

She found him under one of the pick up trucks out back. He was fine the day before. The truck he was under had all kinds of stuff in the truck and also under and around it. That night he passed away.

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He was acting strange. Then he let out this awful meow that we had never heard before. My daughter got a sheet, put it on my bed, and laid Boo on it. He then lost control of his bowels and pooped. We both knew he was going to pass away. He let out another one of those awful meows, and then just laid there quietly on his side. I was watching his breathing. He used to stick the tip of his tongue out of his mouth all the time, and he was doing that. I was sitting on the bed next to him, and I leaned over to look at him, and his tongue was now hanging out of the side of his mouth.

My daughter had come back in my room from the living room, because she told me she just had a feeling. She got hysterical crying, and I was trying to keep it together. She picked up Boo, took him in the living room, put him in her lap, and just sobbed. He was HER baby. That was Sunday night into early Monday morning. I had to borrow it.

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I just had a feeling he got into something either in or around that truck and poisoned himself. Sarah, I like what you did with Hedda that last day. It sounded so peaceful and beautiful. So sorry this is so long. Sometimes I helps some to talk about it, but just a little.

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We will see each other some day, and we will never be apart again. What a traumatic way to loose a beloved cat. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. Thank you for a wonderful and helpful series of articles. I last lost a cat at Thanksgiving last year.

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Fortunately for the first time i can recall, i could tell he definitely was ready to go, but did not seem to be in any great pain. It was the holiday so vet not open and i did not want to go to an ER so i just took care of him at home. On TG day i just laid down on the floor beside him and talked to him and petted and told him what a fine cat friend he had been and he passed quietly. I still have difficulty thinking about it. I like the idea of a goodbye ceremony.

I have used a mobile vet one time for a treatment. In the future i think i will have one come to my house if I have to do euthanasia. Too many times in the past I think I have waited too long and went to far with treatment. Advancing age in myself is making me more aware of over doing treatment. But the cats always hate going in the car and having someone come to the house is a better approach.

I always encourage cat parents to consider in home euthanasia — I believe it is so much less stressful for both cat and human, and it makes a difficult experience more peaceful. God bless you and all you did for your loving Hedda. Thank you so very much for sharing. I cried the whole time I was reading your story and am still balling my eyes out. Once again, thank you very much. Thank you for sharing this, Sarah. We said goodbye to our beautiful 18 yr old Russian Blue, Katarina two weeks ago.

I am so grateful that we were able to find a vet who would come to our home. It was a beautiful day, so she was able to spend the morning outside in the sun and grass, eat tuna and sardines and Fancy Feast; her last hour spent in my lap with me telling her many of the things you told Hedda. I swear I heard a little noise, like a low squeak coming from her when her spirit left. I held her in my lap the rest of the day. It was so difficult to let go physically.

She was diagnosed with kidney disease 18 months ago, causing a roller coaster of emotions over that time. The good thing about it was being able to consciously spend so much time with her, have time to say goodbye, and to prepare myself as much as possible. We have been through this many times except no others occurred at home , and we will have to go through it many more times. It never is easy, but this was the most comfortable and peaceful. We are planting a garden for her this weekend. How wonderful that those who are going through this very difficult experience has the resources you have provided.

Thank you again. All these touching , loving stories. How beautiful, my heart hurts for you Hedda is a lovely lady. My sympathies.

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My Lilly had heart attack. I took her to the vet and he suggested to let her go. I asked him to give her fluids and vitaminB. This was in the morning. She died that evening. She was I loved her so much..

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I still see her in the house sometimes. I haver a news kitty, who is a lover. She is not Lilly, though.. Each relationship is so unique, but none can replace another. Thank you Sarah, for sharing with all of us, your final moments with your precious Hedda. She was bless to have such a caring and loving Mom, she had a wonderful Life and now she new it was time to depart!

Her memories will always carry you trough. I have been there 5 times. But time will help the pain. Yes, tears, sadness, and hurt. There is really something wrong with illness and death as a necessary part of our existence.

2 Bonded Siamese Cats Reunited at Foster Home, the Cat Father Never Leaves His Family's Side

Shedding tears of recognition reading this. My soul cat and still much missed, even tho there are now 2 new loved pusses in our home. So sorry for your loss, Sarah, and every other fur parent that has had to face the death of their beloved companion animals. We all eventually must deal with this.

I have several times and the pain is almost unbearable. I try to think of the many years of joy these beautiful beings have given us, and all the love they have experienced because of us as well. Thank you so much for sharing this preparation and ritual…. I will pass it on to friends who might be in need of this in the future.