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The recent trend of black artists winning mainstream awards and getting widespread attention correlates with their industries making more money than ever before. This symmetry, paired with complicit fans, belies the fundamental problem with award shows. Despite the clear personal biases, political motives and financial incentives that go into award decisions, many people continue to see these awards as the ultimate validation.

Ultimately, these awards have little intrinsic meaning — music should be valued by how it touches hearts, instead of the number of hearts it touches. Validation after the fact is not any good. Mainstream awards have done little to help aid, advance or evolve black musical forms. Tupac is going to be Tupac, Biggie is going to be Biggie. The satisfaction people feel when witnessing milestones is one of the biggest combatants to pleas made for equal recognition for all black artists. That said, it is imperative that fans see this award not only as a milestone, but as a stepping stone in creating more change.

Jalen Nash is a junior political science major. His music column appears weekly in Pulp.

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Mark properties can be styled using standard value references. In addition, each encode block may include a string-valued name property to assign a unique name to the mark set, a boolean-valued interactive property to enable input event handling, and a string-valued or array-valued style property to apply default property values. Unless otherwise specified, title elements use a default style of "guide-title" and labels elements use a default style of "guide-label". Each legend symbol and label instance is backed by a data object with the following fields, which may be accessed as part of a custom visual encoding rule:.

The following example shows how to set custom fonts and a border on a legend for a fill color encoding. The labels encoding block also make legend labels responsive to input events, and changes the text color on mouse hover. Custom text can be defined using the text property for labels. For example, one could define an ordinal scale that serves as a lookup table from a backing value to legend label text. In addition, one can set the x and y properties for the legend to perform custom positioning when orient is none. Legends Legends visualize scale mappings for visual values such as color, shape and size.

Legend Properties Properties for specifying a legend. Property Type Description type String The type of legend to include. One of symbol for discrete symbol legends, or gradient for a continuous color gradient.

If gradient is used only the fill or stroke scale parameters are considered. If unspecified, the type will be inferred based on the scale parameters used and their backing scale types. See the legend orientation reference.

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Supports encoding blocks for legend , title , entries , labels , symbols and gradient. See custom legend encodings. For numerical values, must be a legal d3-format specifier.

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For date-time values, must be a legal d3-time-format specifier. This property is useful for formatting date-time values for ordinal scales. If specified, the format property must have a valid specifier pattern for the given type. The supported string values are all , each the default , and none.

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For more information, see the grid layout documentation. By default no clipping is performed. A value of 0 or lower indicates a single row with one column per entry. The default is 0 for horizontal symbol legends and 1 for vertical symbol legends. If provided, this value will override any values specified in the legend config. If multiple offset values are specified for a collection of legends with the same orient value, the maximum offset will be used.

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This value corresponds to the height of a vertical gradient or the width of a horizontal gradient. This value corresponds to the width of a vertical gradient or the height of a horizontal gradient. If false , no overlap reduction is attempted. If set to true default or "parity" , a strategy of removing every other label is used. If set to "greedy" , a linear scan of the labels is performed, removing any label that overlaps with the last visible label. This property is ignored if labelOverlap resolution is not enabled.