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In the end, Sanchez might have sashayed away with the season 2 crown over fan-favorite Raven, but her reign has been anything but peaceful — or flattering to the Drag Race brand — in the aftermath. In the end, Benet got her footing on the right stage at the wrong time, but All-Stars 3 reintroduced her to a new audience. When it comes to picturing a good, old-fashioned drag queen, someone like Chad Michaels immediately comes to mind — at least on the surface. She made a name for herself among the Drag Race clan thanks to her impeccable Cher impersonation, but her legacy carries on thanks to her ability to transcend the realm of mimicry and make each performance — as Cher or otherwise — unique to herself.

Her technical talents are undeniable, innovative, relevant, and vitally forward thinking for a show that so desperately wants to break out of the realm of niche appeal, and she could rightly help push drag into the future for the next generation. Bob might be in the middle on this list, but you know that purse always comes first, honey. She marched into the season 8 fold much like Bianca Del Rio did on season 6: as a clear champion effortlessly strutting her talent as she patiently awaited the inevitable crown.

Early on, Bob connected with Ru and the audience with her comedic skills as well as her infectious personality, winning three challenges and the title as well as the hearts of the Drag Race nation in the process.

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Never one to conform to expectations, Monsoon proudly blazed a trail via her distinct blend of divine old-school inspirations with DIY authenticity, creating an aesthetic that was at once refreshing and new yet altogether accessible. Alaska entered the competition in the shadow of her former lover, season 4 winner Sharon Needles. At every turn, Alaska faced comparisons to her ex-companion, but she emerged unscathed as arguably the funniest queen to ever grace the Drag Race stage.

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And she roared back with a vengeance, stepping up her runway game with a refined mix of camp and glamour missing from her earlier work. As her post-show career reflects, Alaska is a refreshing mix of street and elite — and the crown jewel of All-Stars champions to date.

From the moment she clicked her stilettos into the Werk Room for the first time, it was clear season 6 champion Bianca Del Rio had the confidence and talent to push her through to the end of the competition. Which queen has the biggest charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent? Oops, I should clarify.

Study: If Your Team Has Too Many Superstars, Performance Will Suffer

You're not wrong about Kuznetsov being a superstar, you're wrong because it didn't happen last spring. He already was one. I don't know what people have been watching over the past few years, but in my book, Kuznetsov graduated from very good to superstar a long time ago, it just took the playoff run for most people to notice. Perhaps we have a different definition of "superstar. Heck, Backstrom has been a superstar for years with hardly any recognition at all.

Maybe expectations were high for Kuznetsov given how long Washington had to wait to get him out of Russia and how good he was in the KHL and because of that, people withheld praise. But the fact is he has shown throughout his career, and not just last spring, that he is a superstar. At the age of 22, Kuznetsov had a breakout performance in the playoffs with five goals and seven points in 14 games. We all remember his series-clinching goal against the Penguins, but that was not his first.

He also scored another clutch, series-clinching goal in Game 7 against the New York Islanders in During this year's playoff run, I asked him a question about the Pittsburgh overtime goal and I called it the biggest of his career. He corrected me and told me he still considered the game-winner against Jaroslav Halak and the Islanders to be his biggest.

In only his second full season in the league, Kuznetsov rattled off 77 points to lead the Caps. Yes, there was the year in which he managed only two points in 12 playoff games, but his repeated success to this point in his career shows that postseason was very much the exception and not the norm. So to answer the question, yes, Kuznetsov is absolutely a superstar. It just took awhile for people to notice.

How will the Caps look different under Todd Reirden? Will the Caps suffer a Stanley Cup hangover?

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It is almost time for NHL free agency to begin and the Capitals certainly have needs to fill and a limited budget. Who would be the best fit? Who would be the best free agent target for Washington to pursue? Our experts got together and made a bracket of the 16 best free agent fits. Now we want you to tell us who you want to see rocking the red next year!

Every weekday we will match two free agents up against one another and present a case for each player. Then you get to vote and decide who advances! Louis Blues, 3 goals, 4 assists, 7 points, TOI. Donskoi made the offense better in San Jose in whatever role he was asked to play. He can go up and down the lineup and had a consistency to his game that Burakovsky at times lacks.

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Either way, depth scoring is important and a priority for the Capitals. Donskoi has every bit the Stanley Cup playoff experience as Burakovsky does if that matters to you. Donskoi has nine goals and 12 assists in 50 playoff games and Burakovsky has nine goals and nine assists in 56 playoff games. Not much to chose between the team except Donskoi would be cheaper if Washington decided to trade Burakovsky. The Caps will need a No.

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Both are natural left side defensemen. Going with the kids is an option.