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If you have any comments or queries please contact us at help pocketmags. This is a great magazine, I'm not sure if it's just the magazines I have but for some reason they all seem to be almost half advertisements, this is one of the first that I have downloaded that is mainly articles with of course a few ads, which is how it should be.

Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This particular magazine though has been written aiming at the more mature ones in mountain biking and has been aimed at providing a sort of counterpart to the ones that are written aiming the younger audience such as the MBUK. Having found innovative strategies in order to reach out to its subscribers and other readers who are passionate about mountain biking, there is no wonder that Singletrack has received so many eminent awards.

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Some may have been set already. Read about our cookies. Please click the button to accept our cookies. Cyclist does a good job at selling the road cycling dream. For a while it floundered around, banging on about sportives like a mag for beginners. Now it seems to have remembered who its readers are: club cyclists.

Specifically, road club cyclists with some years of experience. The racing results and commentary are still there, not just for road events but other drop-bar disciplines like cyclocross.

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In short: improving. Unlike Cycling Weekly, which is for cyclists who race, used to race, or at least belong to a club with racers in it, Procycling is for those who watch racing: the fans. Yet it feels a bit one-note. The pro cycling stuff in Cyclist or Rouleur — a piece on Roger De Vlaeminck and a feature on the Worlds in Yorkshire respectively, in the issues I picked up — feels more well rounded and engaging. The photography is outstanding and Procycling showcases it well by using a larger page format.

New Anthem Advanced Pro 29: Best Ever, Says Singletrack!

A compact size, small enough to fit in your man-bag or musette, Rouleur now comes with a lower price tag that might pass muster outside the metropolis. Rouleur was the first to eschew the traditional magazine formula of buying advice and top tips, and focus instead on thoughtful writing, arty photography, and nice paper.

It still has interesting pro-cycling features. Sometimes the articles are overwrought. Maybe the readership is just older? The UK ride guides are the best in any off-road magazine, and the open-minded bike reviews pioneered by the late Steve Worland are more varied and nuanced than you might expect. The ineffable Mint Sauce cartoon is still there.

Like MBUK, MBR is primarily a magazine for trail riders in travel bike, helmet, knee pads, flat pedals rather than cross-country riders or relaxed rough-stuffers. The gory injury snaps are gone, and the issue pictured features a nice father-and-son bikepacking trip.

Instead it has accounts of largely wheels-on-the-ground riding, both domestic and foreign; off-road routes in actual countryside; factory visits; interviews; trail building; access issues; retro stuff; bikepacking; and more.

Singletrack has a strong online presence and the mag benefits from the division of content between the two platforms. Features, rides, and the main bike test end up in print; news, new products, and reader interaction are online.